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    - The output should be as follows: - Save to a file named : public_key;type_of_public_key;r_signature,s_signature,message_hash,transaction_hash,time_stamp Operation: - Multicore or multithreading - Before saving, an verification must be performed to check if r_signature, s_signature, and message_hash match with the public_key. This is a simple task.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me with cleaning up a small dataset in Excel. The specific type of data that needs to be cleaned up is numbers. The formatted to be easily readable (export sheet attached). The main tasks for this project include: - Grouping the data into readable chunks as following columns: [Date] [Asset] [Price] [Bought or Sold] [amount] [outcome] [outcome in $] [% gain or loss] [Profit (loss) $] - bundling trades together, example: In the exported history sheet there is an order of buying 1 bitcoin for 30000, and there is an order selling 1 bitcoin for 31000. I need them to be listed after each other with the calculations done showing how much $ was made or lost per trade ( a trade is the combination of both buy and sell orders for a ...

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    Project Title: Crypto exchange platform Overview: We are seeking a skilled developer to create a crypto exchange platform that supports multiple cryptocurrencies. The platform should have both security measures and trading options. We anticipate needing minimal user support for the platform. Key Requirements: - Support for multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. - Implementation of robust security measures to ensure the safety of user funds and data. - Integration of various trading options, including limit orders, stop-loss orders, and market orders. - User-friendly interface that allows for easy navigation and seamless trading experience. - Seamless integration with popular payment gateways for easy deposits and withdrawals. - Real-time market data and charts ...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to develop an AI API interface that can gather live stock prices and compare them to the Bitcoin hash rate and S&P500 index. - The project requires building a database starting from January 2nd, 2019. - The ideal freelancer should have experience in working with APIs, particularly in gathering and comparing live stock prices. - Knowledge of Bitcoin hash rate and the S&P500 index is also required. - The client has specific stocks in mind that they are interested in tracking, so the freelancer should be able to incorporate these stocks into the data gathering process. - The preferred method of data visualization for this project is through charts or graphs. If you have the necessary skills and experience to develop this AI API interface ...

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    Bitcoin Researcher 2 days left

    ...list of reliable platforms/exchangers that allow the purchase of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using credit cards in the Malaysian market. The research should include at least 5 platforms that accept MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) and 5 platforms that accept USD (United States Dollar). Responsibilities: • Conduct thorough research on various platforms/exchangers that facilitate the purchase of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using credit cards. • Compile a detailed report on each platform, covering the 5 W’s (Who, What, Where, When, Why) and 1 H (How) process of setting up an account, including any necessary verification procedures such as KYC (Know Your Customer). • Provide step-by-step instructions on how to purchase bitcoin, including info...

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    4 bids companies for purchase and their interest in working with clients in the bitcoin and crypto niche. Responsibilities: • Conduct thorough research to identify and compile a list of company secretaries in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. • Rank the company secretaries based on their ratings and other relevant factors, such as customer reviews and industry reputation. • Collect and organize the data in an Excel spreadsheet, ensuring accuracy and completeness. • Initiate contact with the identified company secretaries via WhatsApp or email, inquiring about the availability of existing private limited companies for purchase. • Assess the interest of the company secretaries in working with clients in the bitcoin and crypto niche, and documen...

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    We are seeking an experienced and thorough individual to conduct research on the best Bitcoin payment gateway options, with a specific focus on gateways that support MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) directly as well as USD and other currencies. The research should provide detailed information on the supported cryptocurrencies, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to use the payment gateway both as a merchant and as an end user. Responsibilities: • Conduct comprehensive research on various Bitcoin payment gateways, specifically those that support MYR directly. • Compile a detailed report on each payment gateway, outlining the supported cryptocurrencies and their compatibility with MYR. • Provide clear and concise instructions on how to use the payment gateway as...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a system where it is possible to create a Crypto Wallet dynamically according to the user details etc... I am open to suggestions for the open to suggestions for the preferred API or codebase to use. The main features required for the wallet are the ability to send and receive transactions. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in cryptocurrency development and API integration - Experience in creating secure and reliable wallets - Familiarity with different API options and their compatibility with Bitcoin If you have previous experience developing similar system to dynamically (using api) create a crypto wallets and are confident in your abilities to deliver a high-quality product, please submit your...

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    ...cryptocurrency exchanges to access real-time market data and execute trades. 2. Strategy Development: - Collaborate with us to define a trading strategy that aligns with our goals and risk tolerance. - Provide suggestions and recommendations based on your expertise and market analysis. 3. Cryptocurrency Expertise: - Have knowledge and experience in trading cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin and Ethereum. - Stay updated with the latest trends and developments in the cryptocurrency market. AI can be employed to analyze market data, identify patterns, and execute trades based on predefined strategies. Here are some key considerations: Algorithm Development: Develop or use existing algorithms that leverage AI and machine learning techniques. These algori...

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    Flash USDT 6 hours left

    ...end-user want to flash. (USDT, BTC and TRX) Compatible with all USDT networks (TRC20 , ERC20 , BEP20 , BEP2 , SOLANA , POLYGON) 4) I want the sending screen to be easy and to show the message easily. 5) VPN and TOR options included with the proxy Blockchain server option 100% confirmed transaction The transaction fee is max, priority for quick confirmation Cannot cancel a transaction with the bitcoin server It works with all wallets Anyone able to do this job send me your best quote + BIG bonus in any form wanted (WU, Amazon gift cards, ect) after delivery and proof of trial! I am open for discussions and We can discuss about more in chat I want good work to be done without problems, Need it today NO UPFRONT IN OTHER PLATFORMS BEFORE DELIVERY!!...

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    We need a sample page to make test payment using bitcoin api in php or goland

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    The project has two (2) parts: Part I - Bitcoin and Part II - Saudi Exchange. We'll need incorporate a 4GBT chat feature for communication and create a price prediction model using 10 years of historical and fundamental data for both. Machine learning will help the bot make better decisions increases the ROI and win rate. The task involves: - Creating interconnected bots that collaborate to make optimal decisions under a central bot. - Designing a primary bot that oversees and learns from the actions of other bots, aiming for the best possible outcomes can certainly be achieved through sophisticated programming and machine learning techniques - Developing a simulation for the Saudi exchange. I require a friendly UI for both mobile web and browser. We're incorpora...

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    Based on the JSON stock price data attached, rebuild the price graph found at in a react.js component

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    Project Description: - Title: Crypto / Token Micro payments platform - Token: Bitcoin - Functionalities required: Payment Gateway - Transaction handling: Instant Processing We are looking for a skilled developer to create a Crypto / Token Micro payments platform that will allow users to make micro payments using Bitcoin. The platform should have a Payment Gateway functionality, enabling seamless and secure transactions. Key Requirements: - Experience in developing Crypto / Token payment platforms - Proficiency in Bitcoin integration and blockchain technology - Strong understanding of Payment Gateway systems - Ability to ensure the security and privacy of user transactions - Knowledge of best practices for instant transaction processing If you have the necessary ski...

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    I am looking for an HTML web designer who can create a website for me. This website should function so that when a customer visits the site, they see a description and then have the option to pay a fixed amount in Bitcoin. Upon successful payment, they will be redirected to a new page. On this page, the customer will receive six random digits along with a unique receipt.

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    Fibo Golden Ratio MA Custom Levels Indicator. - The indicator is intended to show lines (curves, not straight lines) with Fibo levels for the selected average and is intended to be somewhat similar to the existing indicator on the platform called: Bitcoin 350DMA - The Golden Ratio Multiplier. Description: - Name visible on the top bar: Fibo Golden Ratio MA Custom Levels Indicator - MA Type. Drop-down menu with the choice of average type from available: SMA, EMA, WMA, DEMA. - OLHC. Drop-down menu with the selection of the price type on the basis of which the given average is to be calculated from the available ones: Open, Low, High, Close. - Length. An edit field with the option of entering the average length, i.e. the number of backward bars from which a given average is to

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    I am desperately in need of help recovering close to $5000 USD worth of cryptocurrency that was stolen from me in a scam. I have already reported the incident to the proper authorities, however I believe I need additional help to recover my lost funds. I was scammed with a type of cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin or Ethereum, and fortunately I have most details such as wallet address, IP address, and other communication details linked to the scammers. If successful in retrieving the lost funds, I am willing to pay out up to 20%. If by any chance you have encountered this dilemma before, have the necessary skills, or just know where to start, I would greatly appreciate your help. You would be assisting me in recovering my lost funds in an expedited manner. Please reach out as soon a...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can install a bitcoin peer-to-peer (P2P) telegram bot for me. The bot requires knowledge of MongoDB and Node.js. Requirements: - Proficiency in TypeScript, MongoDB, and Node.js - Ability to install and configure the telegram bot according to the provided documentation - Experience with cryptocurrency and bitcoin The documentation for the bot is available, so you will have all the necessary information to complete the installation. I have a specific timeline for the project completion and it needs to be done within a week. If you have the required skills and can complete the project within the specified timeframe, please bid for the project.

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    I'm looking to connect with an AI trading robot expert for Bitcoin and the Saudi Exchange. Below are the expected features: 1. Algorithmic trading capability 2. Advance risk management technique I require a friendly UI for both mobile web and browser. We're incorporating a 4GPT chat feature for communication and price prediction model. Looking to spend between $2000-$4000. Ideal skills and experience needed: 1. Strong background in AI and ML 2. Proficiency in algorithmic trading strategies 3. Knowledge of technical analysis in cryptocurrency markets 4. Experience in developing trading bots and risk management systems It is important that you provide relevant samples along your proposal.

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    ...contracts and decentralized applications (DApps). This article delves into the intricacies of Ethereum, exploring its blockchain technology, smart contracts, and the profound impact it has had on the cryptocurrency space. Understanding Ethereum's Blockchain: At the core of Ethereum lies its blockchain, a decentralized, distributed ledger that records all transactions across its network. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum uses a proof-of-work (PoW) consensus algorithm, but it is in the process of transitioning to a more energy-efficient proof-of-stake (PoS) system known as Ethereum 2.0. The Ethereum blockchain serves as a foundation for a myriad of decentralized applications, providing a secure and transparent environment for users to interact without the need for intermediaries. Smar...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to develop a python code to download Bitcoin candle data for period of 4 years or whenever it is available. Am looking for BTCUSDT and ETHUSDT pairs from either of exchange Binance or Delta Exchange or directly from tradingview.

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a user-friendly Bitcoin Ordinals wallet that will be web-based. THIS PROJECT IS ALREADY ON THE WAY, BUT WE ARE LOOKING TO HIRE A NEW DEVELOPER, AS THE PREVIOUS ONE IS WORKING AT A SLOW PACE WITHOUT THE NECESSARY RESULT DESIRED. Example: WHAT HE HAS DONE SO FAR CAN BE FOUND ON:

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    Project Title: Bitcoin Exchange Platform Website Development Overview: I am looking for a skilled developer to create a website for my Bitcoin exchange platform. The website should have the following features: - Exchange Platform: The website should allow users to buy, sell, and trade Bitcoins securely and efficiently. - Specific Design: I have a specific design in mind for the website. I will provide the design concept to the chosen developer for implementation. - Mobile-Friendly: The website should be responsive and mobile-friendly to ensure a seamless user experience across different devices. Skills and Experience: The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Proficiency in web development languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. - Experience in building sec...

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    I need this developed as an app Back end is ready just do the front end and commect the api Let me know the cost

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    I am looking for a php developer to work on my website. Functionalities needed for the existing website include: 1) Google Translator 2) Add Wallet Account 3) Login with Facebook 4) Login with phone number and otp verification 5) Login with Email 6) Add payment gateways ( stripe and bitcoin) 7) short video upload instead photos The preferred framework for development is CodeIgniter. The project will involve a combination of integrating existing code and building from scratch. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in PHP and CodeIgniter - Experience with e-commerce development - Knowledge of user registration and login systems - Familiarity with content management systems

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    Title: Bitcoin Wallet Synchronization Consultant Description: Dear Developers, I hope this message finds you well. I am seeking a knowledgeable individual to assist me in gaining a better understanding of Bitcoin wallet synchronization. If you have experience and expertise in this field, I'd greatly appreciate your guidance and insights. Scope of Work: As someone proficient in blockchain and related technologies, your expertise in Bitcoin wallet synchronization is of particular interest to me. I'm looking to cover the following specific areas, though they are not limited to just these: Strategies to troubleshoot and expedite the synchronization process. Security considerations during synchronization. Compensation: I am open to compensating you for your...

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    ...campaigns with their friends and family on social media and other platforms. This will help you to reach a wider audience and raise more money. **5. Integrate multiple payment methods.** Your users should be able to donate to your crowdfunding campaigns using a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. You should also integrate crypto wallet payments, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. **6. Implement a QR scanner for crypto deposits.** A QR scanner will make it easy for your users to donate to your crowdfunding campaigns using crypto wallets. **7. Implement P2P trading.** P2P trading will allow your users to trade cryptocurrencies directly with each other without having to go through a centralized exchange. This can be useful for users who want...

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    To create a code that creates all bitcoin private and public keys and addresses and sort them and to compare with A list and keep only that are the same With countdown timer and the number of addresses remaining One condition the code create all private and public keys and addresses in 10 days or less With a test on server I speak arabic language better than English

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    I am looking to develop a market making bot to be used on the Biconomy, Toobit, and Azbit exchanges. The bot will use a market making strategy and be designed to perform multiple trades per minute. This bot will require a strong understanding of various market making strategi...traded on each of the exchanges. The goal of this bot will be to generate profits by taking advantage of price discrepancies between the various exchanges. The code should be well structured and easy to maintain. The bot must be able to handle large amounts of data and perform rapid calculations to execute trades quickly. The bot must also be able to handle any type of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, etc. Lastly, the bot should be able to handle the high volume of exchange traffic...

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    I’m looking for a freelancer to help me create an awesome explainer video for my Bitcoin ATM business. I would like to use 2D animation for this project and the length of the video should be between 1-2 minutes. I have a script ready for the video, so there’s no need to create one. I’d like someone who has a creative approach to designing graphics and animation, while keeping the requirements of the video in mind. If you’re passionate about helping me create a professional, eye-catching explainer video, please get in touch! Thanks!

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    I'm looking for a talented freelancer to create a Telegram bot that verifies users' crypto balance before allowing them into a chat, and then removes them from the chat if that crypto balance goes to 0. Specifically, the bot should verify Bitcoin, Artha Dao, (0X73EE3488113D6567FA98A29943CF21FF48D0658C) an Ethereum token. In the event that a user's Artha balance goes to 0, the bot should remove them from the chat, and notify me of this action. Optionally, the bot could notify me when multiple users are removed at once. If you believe you have the skill set to handle this project, please get in touch. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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    I’m looking for an experienced freelancer to help build an exclusive crypto trading bot for me that can effectively buy low and sell high. The targeted cryptocurrency for trading is Bitcoin, though I am open to Ethereum or other options. My trading strategy is already established, and I am operating at a high risk tolerance level. I need assistance in developing a bot that can execute this strategy automatically. Ideally, the bot would be able to monitor market sentiment and stay ahead of the curve so that I don’t miss any profitable trading opportunities. If you have the skills and experience to build such a bot, I would love to hear your ideas. Thank you!

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    Collect 10-minute snapshots of limit order books for BTC, ETH, LTC, ZEC, and other cryptocurrencies at 50 price levels across various exchanges in different countries (e.g., US, UK, Europe, and Asia) in 2020. Attached is a sample of Bitcoin 10-minute orderbook snapshot data in USD from the Gemini exchange on January 1, 2020.

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    Create Coin Illustration I am looking for an experienced illustrator to create coin illustrations for my project. The ideal candidate should have a strong portfolio showcasing their ability to create realistic, ...Illustrator or Photoshop - Strong understanding of different illustration styles and the ability to adapt to the desired style - Experience creating illustrations for digital assets or cryptocurrencies - Attention to detail and the ability to accurately depict the chosen cryptocurrency - Ability to work within a specific timeline and deliver high-quality illustrations Project Details: - Type of coin: Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies - Number of coin illustrations: 1, 2-5, or more than 5 (to be determined) Please provide samples of your previous work in your...

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    Create Coin Illustration I am looking for an experienced illustrator to create coin illustrations for my project. The ideal candidate should have a strong portfolio showcasing their ability to create realistic, ...Illustrator or Photoshop - Strong understanding of different illustration styles and the ability to adapt to the desired style - Experience creating illustrations for digital assets or cryptocurrencies - Attention to detail and the ability to accurately depict the chosen cryptocurrency - Ability to work within a specific timeline and deliver high-quality illustrations Project Details: - Type of coin: Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies - Number of coin illustrations: 1, 2-5, or more than 5 (to be determined) Please provide samples of your previous work in your...

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    I'd be happy to provide you with a 1000-word article about Bitcoin. Here it is: Title: The Evolution of Bitcoin: A Decade of Digital Disruption Introduction In the world of finance and technology, few innovations have caused as much buzz and controversy as Bitcoin. Since its inception in 2009 by an anonymous figure known as Satoshi Nakamoto, this cryptocurrency has reshaped the way we think about money, transactions, and the concept of decentralized currencies. In this article, we will delve into the history, mechanics, impact, and future of Bitcoin, exploring the factors that have propelled it to global prominence. The Birth of Bitcoin Bitcoin, often referred to as digital gold, was introduced in a whitepaper titled "Bitcoin:...

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    Project Title: Analytical and Thought-Provoking Bitcoin Story I am looking for a talented writer who can create an analytical and thought-provoking story about Bitcoin. The main theme of the story should convey success and wealth, while also exploring the concepts of technology and innovation, as well as financial freedom and decentralization. I do not have any particular characters or events in mind for the story, so I am open to the freelancer's creativity. I believe that their unique perspective and storytelling skills will bring the story to life in a captivating way. The preferred style for the Bitcoin story is analytical and thought-provoking. The writer should be able to delve into the complexities of Bitcoin, exploring its impact on the financial...

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    ...of the Bitcoin network and Lightning Network protocols. * Coding Proficiency: Proficient in relevant programming languages such as Python, C++, or other applicable languages. * Problem-Solving Skills: Ability to troubleshoot and resolve complex issues related to Lightning Network integration. * Collaborative Mindset: Work seamlessly with cross-functional teams to achieve project goals. Furthermore is a MUST the experience on: - Taproot - Lighting Network aligned LND - Shroud tool References: Taproot Assets - Builder's Guide If you're ready to take on this exciting challenge, please send your resume, portfolio, and a brief cover letter detailing your experience with Lightning and Bitcoin networks

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    24 bids

    Project Title: Crypto Predict Description: I want a website similar to , the user enters the site, buys a ticket and pays with a crypto wallet, in the ticket he predicts the price of bitcoin for a certain hour, if it is correct, he receives an amount as a bonus, this process every hour It appears

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    15 bids

    I am looking for a German native crypto content writer to provide daily content on various areas of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins. The ideal candidate should have excellent writing skills and a deep understanding of the crypto industry. Specific requirements for the project include: - Writing daily content on cryptocurrency topics - Generating engaging and informative articles - Conducting research to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and news in the crypto industry - Ensuring all content is well-structured, grammatically correct, and plagiarism free Therefore, the ideal candidate should be creative and able to come up with engaging content ideas. The content will need to be delivered on a daily basis, so the writer should be able to ...

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    10 bids

    Project Description: I am looking for a skilled freelancer to develop a Tred for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency market. The primary purpose of this Tred will be to provide investment analysis for Bitcoin. Skills and Experience Required: - Strong knowledge and experience in cryptocurrency market analysis, particularly with Bitcoin - Proficiency in data analysis and financial modeling - Familiarity with investment strategies and risk assessment in the cryptocurrency market The Tred should focus on providing detailed analysis of the Bitcoin market, including: - Historical price trends and patterns - Volatility and risk assessment - Investment opportunities and potential returns - Market indicators and technical analysis The ideal freelancer for this project should...

    $12 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $12 / hr Avg Bid
    1 bids

    Project Description: I am looking for a skilled writer to create educational content on the rise and evolution of Bitcoin. The purpose of the content is to educate readers about the decentralized revolution that Bitcoin represents. Target Audience: The target audience for this project is intermediate level individuals who have a basic understanding of Bitcoin but are looking to deepen their knowledge. Content Length: Each piece of content should be between 500-1000 words, providing enough depth and detail to engage the audience without overwhelming them. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong understanding of Bitcoin and its historical context - Ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and concise manner - Experience writing educational content on crypt...

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    $15 / hr Avg Bid
    44 bids

    ...straightforward, secure, and cost-effective manner. Our groundbreaking Proof of Performance consensus model sets us apart, encouraging network nodes—referred to as Farmers—to contribute vital infrastructure such as networking, CPU, and memory. Our vision is ambitious: to facilitate 1 trillion transactions per day at just 10% of the infrastructure costs associated with leading blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum. We are proud to have some of the most advanced blockchain specialists in the world on our team, making Litheum a prime location for learning and professional growth. Next Steps for Litheum: We are on the cusp of exciting developments, including initiating our first funding round, expanding our team, launching a media campaign, applying to top-tier crypto inc...

    $7 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $7 / hr Avg Bid
    26 bids course developer to create a cryptocurrency training course targeting intermediate learners. The course should specifically focus on the topic of trading and investing in cryptocurrency. (Please see attached course summary) Requirements: - Positive attitude and energy - Expertise in cryptocurrency trading and investing - Clear and pleasant English-speaking voice - Strong knowledge of Bitcoin and Blockchain - Experience in creating video courses - Ability to create engaging and informative content - Proficient in video editing software - Familiarity with the cryptocurrency market and altcoins - Time management skills to deliver a course that is less than 2 hours in length If you have the skills and experience required, please submit your proposal with examples of...

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    28 bids

    I am looking for an experienced developer to implement a Bitcoin payment option to my Wordpress website. Timeline: - The implementation should be completed within two weeks. Bitcoin Wallet: - I am not sure whether we should integrate an existing Bitcoin wallet or create a new one. Payment Method: - The Bitcoin payment option should be added as an additional payment method to the existing ones on the website.

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    80 bids

    ...Python - Ability to develop and deploy a new blockchain from scratch - Familiarity with security protocols and encryption techniques - Knowledge of consensus algorithms and smart contracts Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience in blockchain development - Understanding of decentralized systems and peer-to-peer networks - Familiarity with popular blockchain platforms such as Bitcoin - Ability to troubleshoot and debug blockchain-related issues - Strong communication skills and ability to collaborate with a team If you are a beginner with a passion for blockchain technology and a desire to learn and grow in the cryptocurrency industry, we would love to hear from you. Join our team and contribute to the development of an innovative blockchain for our new cry...

    $21 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $21 / hr Avg Bid
    39 bids

    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a payment gateway for my crypto service. Here are the details: I need to create similar service of Cryptocurrency Integration: - I would like to integrate Bitcoin into the payment gateway. Payment Gateway Software: - I have a preference for using a wallet as the payment gateway software. Implementation Timeline: - I need the payment gateway to be implemented within 2 weeks. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in cryptocurrency integration, specifically with Bitcoin. - Experience working with payment gateway software, preferably with wallet integration. - Ability to work quickly and meet tight deadlines. If you have the necessary skills and experience to create a seamless payment gateway for my crypto service, please

    $829 (Avg Bid)
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    100 bids

    I am looking for a skilled photoshop editor who can remove an object from an image and replace it with a new one. The deadline for this project is within 24 hours. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Photoshop - Strong attention to detail - Experience with object removal techniques - Ability to follow instructions accurately and efficiently I need the bitcoin logo to be removed from the image and replaced with the Binance Smart Chain logo. The colours should remain the same.

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    $20 Avg Bid
    59 bids

    I have a company that sells educational videos on stock trading and analytical reports on Bitcoin. I need a core staff to run a blog, 2. manage various communities (such as publishing regular SEO articles with GPT), 3. referral marketing, 4. affiliate marketing, etc. on an hourly basis. ( ex $200 for a total of 100 hours ) mandatory! mandatory! share your PC and count your hours via screen share).

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    19 bids

    I need help from someone knowledgeable in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to assist me in tracking multiple Bitcoin addresses related to a romance scam. This investigation is crucial, as I've been a victim of an online romance scam and have lost a significant amount of money. You must provide proof that you have knowledge of this field and proof of previous work regarding bitcoin tracking, otherwise you WILL NOT be hired. I have multiple bitcoin addreses and need to understand where the money has gone and if there is a common link between them all.

    $170 (Avg Bid)
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    2 bids

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