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    I am looking for someone with experience in Arduino programming to develop a script for controlling a NEMA 23 motor using a potentiometer. The project requires the use of a DM542T driver, Arduino Nano, LCD1602 with I2C backpack, and a relay SRD 5V. The main requirement for this project is to display the motor RPM on the LCD... There is no specific deadline for this project, so the timeline is flexible. To ensure successful completion of this project, the ideal freelancer should have experience with Arduino programming, knowledge of motor control, and the ability to create wiring diagrams and assign pins correctly. Variables I would like to be able to control in the code are: relay duration (It will trigger a LED flash array of my own design.) and Rotations Per Minute from about...

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    NFT Whitelisting Task Looking for someone with experience in getting whitelisted for NFT projects with good socail skills The purpose of this role is to help me get onto NFT whitelists for upcoming NFT drops. I will provide you the list of projects I need whitelist for . Tasks required to get whitelists ...whitelists for upcoming NFT drops. I will provide you the list of projects I need whitelist for . Tasks required to get whitelists vary from project to project but can involve tasks such as: Talking and engaging in the discord community to level up Helping out others in the discord community Retweeting social media/tagging friends on twitter etc Winning quizzes or games in the discord Winning flash giveaway contests in the discord Various other tasks that vary with eac...

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    NFT Whitelisting Task Looking for someone with experience in getting whitelisted for NFT projects with good socail skills The purpose of this role is to help me get onto NFT whitelists for upcoming NFT drops. I will provide you the list of projects I need whitelist for . Tasks required to get whitelists ...whitelists for upcoming NFT drops. I will provide you the list of projects I need whitelist for . Tasks required to get whitelists vary from project to project but can involve tasks such as: Talking and engaging in the discord community to level up Helping out others in the discord community Retweeting social media/tagging friends on twitter etc Winning quizzes or games in the discord Winning flash giveaway contests in the discord Various other tasks that vary with eac...

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    I am looking for a process design engineer to develop a process control system for my project. The Reactor/Flash Unit Plant in D.E. Seborg, T.F. Edgar, D.A. Mellichamp, and F.J. Doyle III, Process Dynamics and Control, 3rd Ed., John Wiley & Sons, 2011. Requirements: - Experience in PID control, model predictive control, or fuzzy logic control - Ability to understand and meet specific requirements for the process control system Timeline: - Urgent (1-2 weeks) If you have the skills and experience necessary to design and implement a process control system within a short timeframe, please submit your proposal.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can research and recommend a flash unit for my photo booth manufacturing project. The budget for this research is less than $100. Desired Outcome: - I am specifically looking for a product recommendation for the flash unit that includes certain features, fits within the allowed space, can be mounted easily and is affordable. Timeline: - I need the research to be completed in less than a week. Skills and Experience: - Experience in photography equipment and knowledge of flash units is required. - The ideal freelancer should be able to provide detailed information and specifications on the recommended product. - Strong research skills are essential to compare and evaluate different flash units based on my requirements. - G...

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    ...experience in Flash Loan functionality on the Binance Smart Chain. The project requires the following specific features: - Flash Loan Functionality: The software should be able to execute flash loans on the Binance Smart Chain. - USDT Wallet Integration: Integration of USDT wallet functionality is required for seamless transactions. - Smart Contract Development: The developer should be able to develop smart contracts to facilitate the flash loan functionality. The preferred platform for this project is the Binance Smart Chain, so prior experience with this blockchain platform is essential. The timeline for this project is 1-2 weeks, so the developer should be able to work efficiently and meet deadlines. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: -...

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    I am looking for a developer to create an automation system for me to generate flash cards in AnkiMobil on a mobile device by chat GPT. The flash cards should have a basic level of complexity, consisting of a front and back side. I will provide the specific set of data to be used for the flash cards. Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in AnkiMobil development - Knowledge of automation systems - Ability to work with provided data for flash cards I am learning English. these 4 pictures are the examples of my ideal flash cards. IMG 385 and 386 are for writing and speaking IMG 387 and 388 are for reading and listening. I was making these flash card by copy and paste from chat GPT and searching image on the internet. instruction to chat ...

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    ...implement the vuejs html code on live server for a Corephp travel website I want to design as per reference and redesign the below pages :- This is all the other pages link : (1) New homepage design mobile responsive code is : Desktop : design for the same Reference flash sale page : (2) Flash sale page : (3) Destination Page : (4) Private Charter Page : Checkout - Cart - Payment Pages reference link

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    Mobile app with React Native 1 day left

    ...(getters/setters and similar functionality should not be counted, and only functional tests will be taken into consideration) • Full code documentation on API’s, functionality and harder functions • App is released to google play store and apple store as final 1.0.0 versions with correct definitions. • Both apps are tested and approved by Mainlink engineers Use case 1. User turns on app and sees 1st Frame flash until app loads. 2. 2nd frame would be visible if NFC is not turned on, or app is not granted privileges for it 3. Third frame would indicate if the user is logged in, and would display some helpful documentation to the user. 4. After NFC is turned on user scans water meter, and water meter icon(yellow) is displayed with start button (if it was heat ...

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    shopify add code 21 hours left

    I will need this flash message only shows when the sell-back variant is clicked, please send offers if anyone could help thanks! I am looking for a Shopify developer who can add custom CSS code to my store. The code needs to be written from scratch as I do not have it ready. I specifically want the code to be implemented in specific sections of my store. Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in Shopify development - Strong knowledge of CSS coding - Experience in implementing code in specific sections of a Shopify store.

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    I have created a Post Type where the user can enter the data throug...the user can enter the data through a Form (using JetFormBuilder) such - Top (yes/no), - Flash(yes/no), and - Tries (integer, e.g., 1,2,3,4,...) The information the user enters is shown in a Table (created through the Query and Tables Builder). A user can post information on several pages. All information the user enters is page- and user-name-specific. I want to create a table which shows (1) The sum of Tries as #Tries (2) The number of cases where there is at least one Top == yes appears on a page as #Top (3) The number of cases where there is at least one Flash == yes appears on a page as #Flash by user-name The resulting table should have the structure: user-name; #Tries; #Top; #Fla...

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    ...perform flash of the USDT, as well as the flashed USDT should be transferable from/to unlimited wallets with blockchain confirmations is appreciated. since it is flash btc it must be visible in BTC wallet address for 365 days. There will be no transaction fee while sending from "flash s/w" to "btc wallet" as it will be no confirmations. There will be no limitation for daily transfer for usdt It can’t be tracked as fake transaction. should take normal time to send btc one wallet to another wallet in normal internet connection. 2) These usdt will disappear after 365 days. (negotiable) Note:- There should be some option to select diff timing starting from 10 days upto 365 days based on user input 3) There should be an option to select whi...

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    ...render loop.) (Implement the speedometer as a texture, and the needle as a line. The line thickness must be greater than 1 pixel.) Square-shaped indicator light showing the current gear (the speed at which the car is moving). If the car is in the first gear, the indicator light is red; second gear, orange; third gear, purple; fourth gear, blue; fifth gear, green. The current gear indicator should flash from black to the corresponding color. (Get the gear level by calling the method () in the render loop.) Fuel quantity in the tank displayed as a green progress bar that decreases as the fuel level decreases. (Obtain the current fuel amount by calling the method () in the render loop, and the maximum fuel amount by calling ().) Gas pedal progress

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    Hi MaTGaPa, i need a make copy/clone of network modem, working on Linux ,it has Flash storage NOR ,that copy need to be fully usable to load into another exactly the same modem as source, so basically copy need to be done over network on running system and maybe i will need assistance loading copy to other modem

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    ...developer's answers. - Network Protection 1.1 Question - Describe the network protection controls used by your organization to restrict public access to databases, file servers, and desktop/developer endpoints. - Asset Management 2.3. Question - Describe the mechanism your organization has in place to monitor and prevent Amazon Information from being accessed from employee personal devices (such as USB flash drives, cellphones) and how are you alerted in the event such incidents occur. - Data Governance 2.2 Question - Provide your organization´s privacy and data handling policies to describe how Amazon data is collected, processed, stored, used shared and disposed. You may provide this in the form of a public website URL. - Encryption at Rest 2.4 Question - Describ...

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    Expert Needed for Designing a Flashing LED Circuit Project Description Purpose: Seeking a skilled electronic engineer or experienced technician to design a LED circuit for a special project. The circuit, measuring approximately 10 cm x 3 cm, will include 10 LEDs (5 red and 5 blue) and should be capable of making the LEDs flash through a timer or a similar mechanism. LED Type: The circuit will include 10 standard LEDs, with 5 blue LEDs on one side and 5 red LEDs on the other. (horizontally distributed) Power Source: The circuit should be powered by a 12V DC main power source, incorporating reverse voltage protection. It should also include a screw-type terminal block for PCB connection. Specifications: Power Supply: The circuit must operate on a 12V DC input. Design Dimensions:...

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    I'm looking for someone to build an application like FLIX IPTV on both Tizen and WebOS platforms. This application will enable viewers to stream Live TV. I have not provided any existing graphics and so these will need to be...have the skill sets needed, then please submit a proposal. I look forward to hearing from you. Features: - M3U and Xtream-Codes API Playlist support. - Built-in powerful IPTV Player. - Chromecast support. - Supports multiple network protocols: FTP, HTTP, MMS, RSS/Atom, RTMP, RTP (unicast or multicast), RTSP, UDP, Sat-IP, Smooth Streaming. - Supports multiple network streaming formats: Apple HLS, Flash RTMP, MPEG-DASH, MPEG Transport Stream, RTP/RTSP ISMA/3GPP PSS, Windows Media MMS. - EPG support in XMLTV format. - Attractive & impressive layout and ...

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    ...Registration and Authentication: Users can sign in with a one-time OTP or sign up. Existing users can select Group A or B during sign-in. Sign-up includes selection of main group, registration as Business or Individual, name, phone number with country code, and referral ID. User agreement with customizable terms. Wallet system for individual users with manual fund management. Profile Updates: Flash messages for individual users to earn signup bonus points by completing their profiles. Business users must update their profiles before accessing candidate search. Candidate profile customization with different fields for individual and business users. Candidate Search: Limited to business users. Customizable fields visible to business users during hiring. Package for Business User...

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    Develop a website that catalogs and provides access to hundreds of different mini-games. These games should be playable directly in the browser, without the need for additional software downloads. The site should facilitate available for browser play, featuring diverse functionalities to enhance user experience and effective monetization tools. To further refine this project, I'd like to ask for your suggestions on the technology stack that would be most suitable for developing a website with these features and requirements. I would like to add in addition to new games and old ones - Sega, Dandy, old, flash games. !!!!REFS:

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    Power systems studies (load flow analysis, arc flash, short circuit) sessions and explanation. I am looking for a professional who specializes in power systems studies. The ideal candidate should have experience and expertise in conducting power analysis to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of power systems. Software Requirements: - The analysis requires the use of specific software. - The client has specified that they have a specific software requirement for this analysis. Preferred Software: - The client has expressed a preference for using ETAP software. Skills and Experience: - Extensive knowledge and experience in power systems studies. - Proficiency in using ETAP software for power system analysis. Overall, the client is seeking a skilled professional who can ...

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    I am development, particularly in creating applications that integrate hardware components. - Familiarity with payment system integration, specifically with credit and debit card payments. Basic working: When a person pays using their card a 10 second timer will began while showing the photo preview in the background, after 10 seconds a photo is taken with the camera while using a external flash then this image is sent to the printer, the printer prints this image. We will give you all the required component as per your request and you have to travel to Hyderabad for the development of this we will peovide place to stay and a proper work space. If you have the required skills and experience, please submit your proposal along with relevant examples of your prev...

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    Im searching for a Canva Pro designers that can design high level flyers of many styles. Right now I'm looking for Retro style designs. You will be doing Retro style flyers like these: |gamenight+flyer |gamenight+flyer |gamenight+flyer

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    I need a custom PCB that uses: - HDC1080 - nRF52810 - 2450AT42A100 antenna - CR2450 battery (3v) - With holder which will be THT, so you have the components on one side and the battery on the back. I’m going to be using a TC2050-IDC-430 + SEGGER J-Link to flash the device - so will need some pogo pins which can be used to flash the device.

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    xterior and interior high-end Day to Dusk and twilight conversion This package includes: Vertical and Horizontal straightening Lens distortion removal White balance Image sharpening Brightness and contrast adjustment Sky replacement Lawn enhancement Dust spot removal Flash reflection removal Removing pool cleaners Add pool lighting Removing chromatic aberration Remove the photographer's reflection Please feel free to contact me anytime :)

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    Im searching for a Canva Pro designers that can design high level flyers of many styles. Right now I'm looking for Retro style designs. You will be doing Retro style flyers like these: |gamenight+flyer |gamenight+flyer |gamenight+flyer

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    I'm looking for someone that has created flyers like these: Here are flyers that I like that you can mimic in style. Examples: |gamenight+flyer |gamenight+flyer |gamenight+flyer https://www

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    ...looking for a freelancer to conduct arc flash studies in SKM, ideally, holding their own seat license for various size and type facilities. Normal NFPA device types of 100A & 25 hp come under study with facility device counts that range from 20 to 300 (typical). The freelancer will be supplied best available one line diagrams and data complete excel spreadsheets to upload into the SKM tool. The freelancer needs to be well versed in all aspects of arc flash safety, capable of analyzing complex electrical systems using SKM and to initiate the Arc Flash report using the same tool (Including time-coordination curves, short circuit evaluation, and arc flash hazard incident energy output reports). The deliverable includes SKM ready reporting (SC&C, Arc ...

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    I am looking for a skilled and experienced developer to help me with a Yocto project. I need to port the kernel from version 4.9-1.0.x-imx to version 4.17. . The two links below summarize what I want: The first contains the ...setup-environment build and bitbake ipc-core-image-minimal And the second link is where the kernel that must be ported to the project above is located. The project will change from kernel 4.17 to 4.9-1.0.x-imx Note: The build has only worked on Ubuntu 18.04. You will probably need wsl2 or any machine with Ubuntu 18.04. first link: second link: Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - knowledge and experience with Yocto

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    I am looking for a logo for my weight loss gummies brand. I want the logo to be elegant and sophisticated in style. The name of the brand is (FLASH GUMMIES). I have a general idea of the color scheme but I am open to suggestions. Similarly, I have a general idea of the elements or symbols I want incorporated in the logo but I am also open to suggestions. Overall, I am looking for a professional and visually appealing logo that represents the effectiveness and quality of my weight loss gummies. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Graphic design with a focus on logo design - Experience in creating elegant and sophisticated designs - Ability to work collaboratively and provide creative suggestions - Strong understanding of color theory and branding - Portfolio s...

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    Project Title: Flash USDT Software Platform Compatibility: Windows User Interface: Yes, a simple UI Required Freelancer Experience: Expert Description: - I am looking for an experienced freelancer to develop a Flash USDT software. - The software should be compatible with the Windows platform. - It should have a simple user interface to provide ease of use for the users. - The freelancer should have expertise in Flash software development. - They should be able to create a reliable and efficient software solution. - Attention to detail and strong problem-solving skills are essential for this project. - The freelancer should be able to meet strict deadlines and deliver high-quality work. - Previous experience in developing similar software solutions is highly desirab...

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    I´m freelancer for install flash builder 4.6 in MAC and compile my app for install in computer Mac O.S

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    I am looking for a skilled photo editor who can enhance a photo by getting rid of harsh shadows and shiny faces while keeping the natural and realistic look. This photo was taken with a strong flash and I would like it to look like there was no flash used- or maybe just light fill flash. The background should be kept as is. Additionally, some minor retouches may be required. If I end up liking the result, I have a few more images I might like to have you do as well. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in photo editing software (e.g. Adobe Photoshop) - Knowledge of advanced editing techniques for shadow and shine reduction - Attention to detail for achieving a natural and realistic outcome - Ability to make minor retouches to enhance the overall appearance ...

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    ...USB host Interface. On-board USB C type connector provision 6. RTC - On board RTC support 7. Microphone: Omni directional Noise cancellation microphone array with > 20 DB SNR at 5m range under wind noise condition 8. Audio Jack: Interface for connecting external headphone (2 in 1 - mic and speaker) 9. Speaker: 2Watt Speaker, appropriate part to be selected 10. Camera Interface: 5MP camera, LED flash, HD video @30 fps" support, appropriate sensor to be selected 11. Digital Input (switch) for Device ON/OFF - 1 no’s 12. Digital Input (switch) for Device reboot - 1 no’s 13. Digital Input (switch) for Volume control (increase and decrease) - 2nos 14. Digital Input (switch) for navigation keys - 3nos 15. Digital Input (Tactile switch for box open/close) - 1nos 1...

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    I am looking for an experienced programmer who can help me develop a project using C and C++. The scope of the project is to integrate data logging in a USB flash drive for existing project which has been written for STM32F407VGT6 microcontroller. The project is written in Attolic true studio. We only need to add data logging into the same. The functionalities expected are to create an Excel file which will be created as per selected parameters from HMI and will store certain important information such as Job Name, and other process parameters. We have a USB OTG Micro A/B connector available on the board for connecting a USB drive via OTG cable. The exact details of the microcontroller are attached for ready reference.

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    ...Dashboard Landing Page Add a Product from Dashboard Search Prodct and add Product incl. Drafts Add Product Basics Specifications Pricing Variants Safety and Compliance Photos and Video Shipping and Pickup Upload CSV Product List Product Details Orders Order Overview Order Detail List Bundles Create Bundle Bundle Overview Discounts Add Discount Add Discount Code Discount Overview Flash Offers Create Flash Offer Flash Offer Overview Voucher Create Voucher Voucher Overview Redeem Voucher Opening Hour Settings Delivery Settings Shipping Overview Invoices Create Invoice Invoice Overview Return Invoice Refunds Create Refund Refund Overview Customers Create new Customer Customers Overview Customer Transactions Customer Transaction Overview Payouts Terms & Conditions Bu...

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    I am looking for a developer to create a 4-page Android app using React Native and deploy to the Playstore. The purpose of the app...developer to create a 4-page Android app using React Native and deploy to the Playstore. The purpose of the app is for e-commerce. I have a specific design of the four pages for the app and I would like the developer to follow that design. The app will only require basic Enquiry form and no other specific features are needed. Backend API is also ready. Backend is in Laravel. Pages are as belows: 1. Flash screen 2. Banner with Small Description 3. Enquiry form 4. Thank You page after submitting the form Skills and experience needed: - Proficiency in React Native - Experience in developing Android apps - Attention to detail in following specific design ...

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    Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn Pinterest Snapchat TikTok Reddit YouTube WhatsApp Tumblr WeChat Discord Quora Flickr Video Formats: 1. MP4 (MPEG-4) 2. AVI (Audio Video Interleave) 3. MKV (Matroska Video) 4. MOV (QuickTime Movie) 5. WMV (Windows Media Video) 6. FLV (Flash Video) 7. M4V (iTunes Video) 8. WebM 9. 3GP (3GPP) 10. H.264 11. H.265 (HEVC) Audio Formats: 1. MP3 (MPEG Audio Layer III) 2. WAV (Waveform Audio File Format) 3. AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) 4. WMA (Windows Media Audio) 5. OGG (Ogg Vorbis) 6. FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) 7. AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format) 8. M4A (MPEG-4 Audio) 9. FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) 10. ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) 11. APE (Monkey's Audio) 12. AC3 (Dolby Digital) 13. DTS (DTS Digital Surround) this is required...

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    Implement existing HTML design - make it funcational - integrate with backend Website framework is Corephp, fromtend html jjss 4 Pages | Flash sale page

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    I'm looking to set up a Ubuntu NUC system. I'd like it to be running the 20.04 LTS version of Ubuntu. I don't have any specific hardware or software requirements, but I would appreciate some recommendations. My intended use will be a media center. If you feel you can help me, I'd love to get started. I have teh flasdrive and NUC i5. I need to format the flash drive and load Ubuntu onto the i5. I would love assistance.

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    i will Improve breadcrumbs (not with a "current" parent object, but with a parent object gathered from store by additional parent attribute); I guess there is a library for that. , Change current store Vuex to Pinia. , Streamline Axios, e.g. adding reroute to login screen + flash message to interceptor when 401 is returned. , When the user is not logged in always reroute to login screen. Make suggestions for further optimizations (like not separate variable assigning when loading views).

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    I need a développer to flash my binance Wallet with btc/usdt

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    Hi Renante V., My name is Alex and I am with CompuWeigh Corp. We had worked with you back in 2013 when you converted our web site from Flash to WordPress platform. Well, we are at it again, but this time we have a new web site in the works, which is about 80% complete and we are looking for a professional who could finish it up for us. Are you still working on developing WordPress web sites? We can discuss any further details over chat.

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    We need banner ads created for AdRoll targeting ads. We will need banners for all the sizes listed below. The photos uploaded can be used in these ads. I've included many to work with. For design colors. Look at our website Phrases that could be used: Celebrating 10 Years 50% OFF SUPERCAR TOURS GOLDEN COLORADO 50% OFF SUPERCAR RALLY TOURS 1/2 OFF GIFT VOUCHERS 50% OFF GIFT CARD FLASH SALE 10th ANNUAL SALE 50% OFF HOLIDAY SALE: 50% OFF TOUR PACKAGES 5 STAR TRIP ADVISOR - COLORADO'S #1 RATED OUTDOOR ACTIVITY I need Banner ads created in the following sizes: 160x600 300x250 300x600 320x50 728x90 970x250 600x315

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    Hello! I am looking for someone to show me how to flash a Tuya Zigbee Module ZT3L. I have intermediate experience in this area, but I would like to learn more in order to complete a specific project. I have the necessary equipment and look forward to learning from an experienced professional. Please let me know if this project interests you and we can discuss further details. Thank you!

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    Need the Urgent order status to flash red so it stands out among the various statuses. Also, can we remove the All order status. Thanks

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    We're seeking an experienced developer to create an Ethere...accurate gas price prediction algorithms. Design a user-friendly bot interface. Ensure 24/7 reliability. Enforce strong security measures. Required Skills: Deep Ethereum and DeFi understanding MEV bot development experience Proficiency in Python, Solidity, and JavaScript [login to view URL] and smart contract expertise. Ethereum mempool & transaction tracking MEV, sandwich attacks, arbitrage, flash loans. Project Milestones: Research and Planning Core Feature Development Gas Price Prediction Interface Design Testing and Debugging Security Measures Final Testing and Deployment Applicants must demonstrate technical prowess and similar project experience. An NDA is mandatory. Submit your proposal with timelines an...

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    I've simplified my code to its bare essentials, yet I'm still encountering a HardFault_Handler error when trying to erase a single FLASH page. I'm seeking assistance from an experienced STM32 engineer to help diagnose and resolve the issue.

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    **Animator Opportunity for Our Upcoming YouTube Channel** We're excited to invite talented animators to showcase their previous work, which is instrumental for our selection process. Find the inspiration and essence of our project from the document linked here: [Animation Project Details]() **What We're Looking For:** 1. Mastery in 2D animation tools. 2. Exceptional storytelling paired with visual articulation. 3. A collaborative spirit with unwavering dedication to deadlines. 4. A creative mind backed by keen attention to detail. 5. Timely communication and prompt responses. Successful candidates will be entrusted with scripts and voiceovers for episodes released bi-weekly. Kindly factor this frequency when proposing your best rate per animation minute.

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    I have a python model that is generating a photo, but it still contains the flash and I want to remove it

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