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    Pc Game to sell 6 days left

    I am looking for a talented game developer to create a PC simulation game with Unity. Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing simulation games - Ability to take my ideas and suggestions and incorporate them into the game mechanics - Knowledge of PC gami...Ability to take my ideas and suggestions and incorporate them into the game mechanics - Knowledge of PC gaming platforms and optimization techniques - Strong understanding of game design and mechanics in order to make suggestions and improvements - Attention to detail and ability to create an immersive and engaging gaming experience - Experience in creating and implementing realistic graphics and physics - Ability to troubleshoot and fix bugs and issues that may arise during development process -Ability to make NSFW game ...

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    Need An Entry Level Python Programmer With Knowledge in Math (Long Term) Need basic research done and Python functions written to solve math equations and physics equations. Python functions should solve various tasks, such as calculating a confidence interval, calculating cell potential in a voltaic cell, etc. Task involves researching particular subject area using ChatGPT and Google to guide research, and writing Python functions (aided by ChatGPT) to make calculations. Very simple task, just requires basic knowledge of Python and ability to use internet and ChatGPT. Each function may take between 5-25 minutes to write. INTERVIEW QUESTIONS (must provide response to be considered for job, you may use ChatGPT to guide your answer, as well as Wolfram Alpha and any online sour...

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    I require a tutor to review my Physics and Maths papers before submission. You will be punctual and experienced, ideally to PhD level.

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    I require a tutor to check over Physics and Maths papers before submission. You will be punctual and experienced. Ideally to PhD level. You will be required to communicate via an alternative to default chat.

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    Needed a Raycast Vehicle physics for arcade game. Specification:- 1) Frame rate independent (The vehicle Should be Exteremely Stable at all frames) 2) Mobile Device Compatible. 3) Static Mesh can be added directly(No need of Skeletal Mesh) 4) Can needed a sepearte function for Throttle, Steer, Brake, drift, nitro 5) Friction can be Customizable.(only float value) 6) Drifting causes smoke 7) accelration should be customizable. 8) Proper Collision for tyre.( should not slip with the obstacle) 9)Sound Cue for engine, drifting, nitro, can be added dirclty

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    Physics Tutor 5 days left

    A physics tutor for solving physics problems

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    Physics related discussion 1 day left

    I need some discussions on the topic mentioned in this link:

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    ...creating casino or gambling apps - Knowledge of roulette game mechanics and rules - Ability to design a visually appealing and intuitive user interface - Understanding of manual payment and balance management systems. Certainly! With the updated requirements, consider the following refined points: 1. **Realistic Gameplay Simulation:** - Develop a realistic roulette experience with accurate ball physics and wheel dynamics. 2. **Multiplayer Functionality:** - Implement a multiplayer option for users to enjoy the social aspect of roulette, interacting with others in real-time. 3. **Variety of Roulette Games:** - Include different variations of roulette, such auto spin timer roulette manual spin roulette 4. **User Account Management:** - Create a secure user account s...

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    This project to @joeyabuki, As discussed, you will convert our javascript game engine made in Unity 4.x to the latest version of Unity using C#. The physics must match the original engine/game.. The project is valued at $500 but if completed fully and handed over in 9 day, @joeyabuki will be entitled to a $200 Bonus and a big Thank you. regards

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    I am looking to hire a writer who is knowledgeable in the field of Radiological Physics and Radiation Dosimetry. The project requires the completion of a research paper according to specific guidelines that I will provide. The intended purpose of this paper is for personal use. I would like the paper to be formatted in APA style. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong background in Radiological Physics and Radiation Dosimetry - Proficiency in academic writing - Familiarity with APA formatting style

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    This is a 41 page mathematical text with 20 figures and many mathematical expression (probably over 100). I want to up load this document as a question on Physics Stack Exchange (not all at once). At a minimum you must know the MathJax program for formatting math expressions. I am guessing that I will have to upload the figures separately but I would like for it to be as easy as possible to upload to Stack Exchange.

    $750 - $1500
    $750 - $1500
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    ...provide a realistic driving experience. Requirements: - Experience in developing mobile applications, especially for driving simulators - Ability to create realistic physics and graphics for mobile driving simulator - Ability to integrate different car models and environments into the simulator - Experience creating a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls for a mobile application - Knowledge of various driving scenarios and road conditions to increase the realism of the simulator - Ability to implement specific requirements and specifications provided by the customer Special Features and Functions: - Realistic driving physics and graphics - Multiple vehicle models (cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.) - Various environments and road conditions (city, highway, off-ro...

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    I have written a paper on Black Holes which I want to submit to a Mathematics and Physics journal. I need a check: 1. The proofs of theorems are correct. 2. The use of physics is logically sound and clearly explained. You need a PhD in theoretical physics and experience of writing research papers.

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    I am looking for a CAD designer who can draw 2D drawings with exact measurements. There are no specific software requirements for the CAD drawings. Skills and experience required: - Proficient in CAD software (AutoCAD or SolidWorks) - Strong understanding of 2D drawing techniques - Attention to detail in accurately reproducing measurements and d...(AutoCAD or SolidWorks) - Strong understanding of 2D drawing techniques - Attention to detail in accurately reproducing measurements and dimensions These are from the books which I have. Those are in the form of scanned images. I want them to be nned them to b e displayed in browser. Can be in pdf are not complex . Those are for understanding concepts. These are from physics, chemistry, biology and Mathematics books.

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    ...large outdoor decorative science model that represents a specific concept in physics. The model should serve as an eye-catching installation that can be displayed in an outdoor setting. Requirements: - Expertise in creating large-scale decorative science models - Strong understanding of physics concepts and the ability to effectively represent them in a visually appealing manner - Experience in designing and constructing outdoor installations - Ability to work with various materials and ensure durability and weather resistance - Knowledge of safety standards and regulations for outdoor installations Deliverables: - A visually stunning, large-scale science model that accurately represents a specific concept in physics - The model should be durable, weather resistan...

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    Project Description: List Compilation for Research I am looking for a freelancer to compile a list of physics equations and calculations used commonly in undergraduate physics introductory course including mechanics electricity and magnetism particle physics relativity and quantum mechanics. Should include short description few sentences and how to use equation with which units. Specific Criteria: - The list should consist of equations related to a specific topic, which I will specify. - The equations should be relevant and accurate for research purposes. Skills and Experience: - Strong research skills - Knowledge of data compilation and organization - Familiarity with mathematical equations and their relevance in research - Attention to detail and accuracy in da...

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    ...shape from the output file and test it under a spotlight to verify the accuracy of the calculations. Constraints: The shapes are not limited to geometrical figures, and you don’t want to manually calculate the equations of these random shapes - the script should handle this. You have a month to complete this project. Please note that this is a complex task that involves understanding of light physics and image processing. If you need help with writing the Python script or any other aspect of the project, feel free to ask!...

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    We need to understand the derivations using video escape velocity √2GMr potential energy -GMm/r Centripetal force Mechanical energy is sum of K.E and P.E. What is the basic meaning of this term? Another question - What is the basis meaning when we say potential energy increases leads to decrease in kinetic energy and decrease in potential energy leads to increase in kinetic energy

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can provide resolutions for math and physics tests at a high school level. The tests cover multiple topics and I need the resolutions immediately. Materials are provided 2 or more days before a test, to help provide the correct answer Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Strong knowledge and understanding of high school level math and physics - Ability to solve problems and provide accurate resolutions quickly - Familiarity with a wide range of math and physics topics - Attention to detail and accuracy in solving problems and providing explanations - Previous experience in tutoring or teaching math and physics at a high school level

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    I am in need of a skilled freelancer to create a scientific paper for me. My research question is already determined though I am open to suggestions for further improvement. This paper should span more than 20 pages with rigorous research, analyses, and conclusions in whatever field is most relevant. Whether that be biology, physics, chemistry, or some combination - I leave it to you as the freelancer to make the most relevant and thought-provoking paper.

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    Demo with the game's initial requirements ready, it includes the game physics and the controller for the ship, as well as some basic menu and points system. The wooden blocks that we saw today are already included, only the rocket asset would be pending.

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    I am looking for a Unity2D developer to create a basic carrom physics setup for a 2-player game. The ideal candidate should have experience in Unity2D and physics simulations. Requirements: - Basic carrom physics setup with strikers and carrom men - 2-player gameplay Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in Unity2D and physics simulations - Familiarity with carrom game mechanics - Ability to create smooth and realistic physics simulations For reference: I need smooth striker movements as in Carrom Gold game from playstore.

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    ...stars achievements: This can be implemented by designing levels with specific objectives and assigning star ratings based on the player's performance. 2. Engine to make the goals like I want: The game engine can be customized to allow for different goal types and mechanics, such as free kicks, penalties, headers, etc. 3. Smooth gameplay: The developer can optimize the game mechanics, physics, and animations to ensure smooth and responsive gameplay. 4. In-App Purchases (IAP),ADS as admob and unity ads, shop, buy lives: Implementing IAP functionality and a virtual shop where players can purchase lives or other in-game items can be achieved using Unity's IAP system or a third-party plugin. 5. Lives to play: Lives can be implemented as a game mechanic wh...

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    Word Analysis and Metrics Analyzing a Paragraph from "The Feynman Lectures on Physics" Credit Card Number Validation Parsing Industrial Input Files Using Regular Expressions l

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    I am looking for a talented artist who specializes in painting abstract art in large dimensions (more than 36 inches). The artwork will be centered around the theme of quantum art. The ideal candidate should have experience in creating abstract paintings and be able to incorporate the concept of quantum physics into their work. The final artwork should be visually striking and thought-provoking. We are open to different color palettes and techniques, as long as the artwork captures the essence of the quantum world. The artist should have a strong portfolio showcasing their abstract paintings and be able to provide examples of previous large-scale projects.

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    ...focus of each short will primarily be on Serenity at her desk, engaging in mundane activities such as mixing tea, cooking, sipping tea, and other trivial tasks. As a result, there won't be a need for complex animated shots or walking cycles. However, we do want to animate Serenity in an alluring manner, with sensual movements that include a chest bounce during certain motions, utilizing jiggle-physics. Here are some key details about the project: -Number of shorts: 50 -Multiple Slow-Moving camera shots -Duration of each short: Approximately 2-3 minutes, with some exceptions potentially being longer. -Payment: We are offering $500 USD per 50 shorts. (5 payments of $100 x 10 shorts) -Interested Artists/Animators MUST send examples of their previous animations and character m...

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    I am looking for a Python developer with a Physics or Electrical engineering background who can simulate a rotating magnetic field using a magpylib Python package. Magpylib is a Python package for calculating 3D static magnetic fields of magnets, line currents and other sources. However, for my studies i would need to simulate rotating magnetic fields generated by MRI machines. Objective: Develop an in silico (computer simulation) environment for navigating microbots using magnetic fields. 1. Understanding the Background: In vitro experiment microbots are propelled using rotating magnetic fields generated by MRI machines. This propulsion is achieved by imparting a spin on the microbot using an electromagnet, translating the spin into forward motion. 2. Setup the Magnetic Simu...

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    I am looking for an experienced freelance writer to compose a scientific article for an academic audience. At the heart of the article will be research and data that I have already collected. The topic of the article is related to mental health and must fit within one of the fields of science, namely biology, chemistry, or physics. The project requires someone who can research upcoming trends and advancements in the respective field to provide a comprehensive, up-to-date article. Attention to detail and accuracy is of the utmost importance. The piece should also be well-balanced and clearly explain any technical concepts. The writer must be able to communicate complex ideas in an easily readable format. The article should be engaging and stimulate discussion. Accuracy and clarity of...

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    I need experienced teachers online for content creation of my educational website in physics, chemistry, zoology and botany. I can pay per hour. Content creation will be according to our set protocols and standards.

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    I need experienced teachers online for content creation of my educational website in physics, chemistry, zoology and botany. I can pay per hour. Content creation will be according to our set protocols and standards.

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    Project Title: Physics project Area of Focus: Mechanics (how does the surface angle affect the rebound height of tennis ball) Skills and Experience required: - Strong understanding of mechanics in physics - Ability to provide theoretical explanations and problem-solving solutions - Familiarity with high school level physics concepts - Excellent communication skills to articulate complex theories and solutions in a clear and concise manner.

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    ...of 2D fishing game source code for me. The game will be developed for the web platform and will have multiplayer functionality. The interface has been sent to the image, similar to the game source code, I only need the source code Key requirements for the game include: - Realistic graphics and physics to enhance the gameplay experience. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Proficiency in web game development, specifically in creating 2D games. - Strong knowledge of graphics and physics engines to ensure realistic gameplay. - Experience in implementing multiplayer functionality to enable players to compete against each other. If you have a passion for game development and can bring this project to life with stunning visuals and engaging gameplay, I would love ...

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    ...Requirements: - Expertise in iOS mobile app development - Strong knowledge of game development frameworks and libraries - Ability to create a simple yet engaging gameplay mechanic - Experience in integrating in-app purchase functionality Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Swift and Objective-C programming languages - Familiarity with SpriteKit or Unity game engines - Understanding of game physics and animations - Previous experience in developing mobile games with in-app purchases Responsibilities: - Develop and implement the core gameplay mechanics - Create intuitive user interfaces and engaging visuals - Integrate in-app purchase functionality for monetization - Ensure smooth performance and bug-free experience - Collaborate with a team of designers and artists for graphi...

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    Subject Matter Expert I am seeking a subject matter expert in technology with intermediate-level expertise. Specific subject matter expertise required: - Physics, Chemistry , Mathematics, Biology , Finance, Computer Science Qualifications or certifications: - No specific credentials, just proven experience Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience in the technology field - Intermediate level expertise in technology This project requires a freelancer who is well-versed in technology and has demonstrated their knowledge and skills through practical experience. The ideal candidate should have a solid understanding of various technology concepts and be able to provide expert guidance and advice in this field.

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    Hi, I am seeking a physics tutor specialising in advanced/graduate-level physics, specifically in Classical and quantum Mechanics. The tutoring sessions will be held once a week. Skills and experience required for this project include: - Expertise in advanced/graduate-level physics - In-depth knowledge of Quantum Mechanics and Classical Physics - Previous experience in tutoring or teaching physics at an advanced level - Strong communication skills to effectively explain complex concepts - Ability to adapt teaching methods to cater to different learning styles - This is tutoring on a per-assessment basis. I would like to have this starting as soon as possible. I finished the material Wednesday evening. I work on GMT I work with Microsoft Word. I will sen...

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    Project Title: Particle Simulation fo...simulation is for an educational project, aimed at teaching students the principles and behaviors of particles in a dynamic environment. Please contact me for more details. :) Key Requirements: - Strong proficiency in C++ and OpenGL - Experience in developing particle simulation programs - Familiarity with educational projects and their specific requirements - Knowledge of particle behavior and physics principles Project Timeline: - The project should be completed by November 25, 2023. If you are a beginner-level particle simulation expert with a passion for education and a strong command of C++ and OpenGL, we would love to hear from you. Please submit your proposal, including relevant experience and examples of previous work in particle s...

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    ...Advanced level of complexity: The projection calculation involved in this project is advanced, and I need someone with expertise in this area. - Full report requirement: I am in need of a detailed report that explains the entire calculation process. This report should provide a comprehensive understanding of the methodology used. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in mathematics and physics, specifically in the area of shadow projection calculations. - Proficiency in programming languages commonly used for mathematical calculations. - Previous experience in working on complex projection calculations and providing detailed reports. If you have the necessary skills and experience to tackle this advanced inverse shadow projection calculation project and can provide a...

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    I am looking for an expert in quantum physics at PhD level and also an expert in Mathematics. This is to proof read or rewrite my original research papers in the area of quantum physics so they can be submitted to a refereed research journal to be ready for publication. There is more than one paper to proof read or rewrite so they are to be ready for publication in a refereed journal.

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    I am seeking a Blender 3D specialist to assist with our physics research paper. The project involves re-creating a background and various simple asymmetric capacitor models. A sample is included (designed in a vector-based illustration program). Requirements: - High level of detail for the background and capacitor models. But please note that the models and background are actually simplified, so should be easy to re-create. See sample for level of detail. Glow reflection off the "floor" and on the metal plate is probably where more realism and hence detail is required (Blender 3D will do the heavy lifting here), but generally should look like what you see in the sample file. - Specific design and aesthetic preferences for the models. This essentially means a faithful repr...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can convert my Unity 4 (JavaScript) physics game into the latest version of Unity using C#. Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in Unity game development - Strong knowledge of C# programming language - Experience in converting games from Unity 4 (JavaScript) to the latest version of Unity using C# - Familiarity with physics game development Project Requirements: - The freelancer should provide a detailed project proposal outlining their approach to converting the game and any additional improvements they can make. - The project should be completed within 1-4 weeks. If you have relevant experience and expertise in Unity game development and can successfully convert my game into the latest Unity version using C#, please su...

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    Hi, I am looking for a physics tutor who specializes in advanced/graduate level physics, specifically in the area of Classical & Quantum Mechanics. The tutoring sessions will be held once a week. Skills and experience required for this project include: - Expertise in advanced/graduate-level physics - In-depth knowledge of Quantum Mechanics - Previous experience in tutoring or teaching physics at an advanced level - Strong communication skills to effectively explain complex concepts - Ability to adapt teaching methods to cater to different learning styles - This is tutoring on a per-assessment basis. I need this starting as soon as possible. Finished material Saturday evening. I work on GMT I work with Microsoft Word. I will send over any data you require...

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    I have ongoing work related to our previous project 'blender physics animation'

    $10 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    physics expert required. Place bid if you are available after 15 hours. This is an online task with limited time frame.

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    I am looking for a content writer who can create engaging and informative educational content for IITJEE/NEET preparation in the subjects of physics, chemistry, math, and biology. Subjects: - Physics - Chemistry - Math - Biology Topics: - The content should cover all topics related to IITJEE/NEET preparation in these subjects. Length: - The desired length of each piece of content is not specified. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and understanding of IITJEE/NEET syllabus and exam pattern. - Excellent research and writing skills. - Ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and concise manner. - Experience in creating educational content or tutoring in these subjects. - Familiarity with the specific requirements and expectations of IITJEE/NEET aspirants.

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    ...this realistic rendered video. Need to be on a field or industrial area. I am looking for a highly skilled 3D animator who can create a hyper-realistic 20 second animation of a truck crashing with cargo on the back. Skills and Experience Needed: - Proficiency in 3D animation software such as Blender or CGI - Expertise in creating hyper-realistic animations - Ability to accurately depict the physics and dynamics of a truck crash - Attention to detail to ensure the cargo and truck are realistically rendered Project Details: - The animation should be 20 seconds in length - The focus of the animation should be on the truck crash and the impact on the cargo - No specific references or examples are available, so the animator must have a strong imagination and creative vision - Th...

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    I am seeking a Tutor who can teach my child STEM and English for year 8 & 9. The child need one to tone tutoring via an online software Century tech to improve proficiency in English, maths, physics, chemistry and biology subjects. I have a specific curriculum/method that I would like the tutor to follow. I am looking for tutoring sessions for 6 hours per week. That is 1.5 hours daily. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in teaching STEM and English to intermediate level students - Familiarity with year 8 & 9 curriculum - Ability to follow a specific UK curriculum - Strong communication and teaching skills - Patience and adaptability to cater to the child's learning needs

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    I will teach a child age 13 STEM (physics, chemistry, maths, biology) subjects. I will also teach the child English for years 8 & 9 according to the UK standard curriculum.

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    ...visualizations needed for this project. Depending on the type of numerical data, the candidate should be able to construct a variety of graphs, including line graphs, bar charts, scatter plots, and histograms. For the aim of data analysis, the graphs should appropriately depict the data and draw attention to any trends or patterns. The dataset is several thousand datapoints resulting from complex physics computations. Each datapoint contains several numerical properties (different energy terms). The resulting graphs should represent the positions of points in 3D in a clear fashion to help visual understanding of the data. The axis selection (from the present different energy terms) should be done easy and on the fly. The result should be scientific grade, thus no missing points ...

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    ...required for the job. The freelancer hired for this project will need to come up with design drawings from scratch that are tailored to my specifications. They must ensure that the design is suitable for the application and is easy for a third party to create. I am looking for a creative and knowledgeable freelancer who can provide unique and robust designs that take into account the materials and physics involved. I am also looking to receive advice from the freelancer regarding any innovations which may prove beneficial to the design. This project will require the freelancer to think critically and produce results that meet the needs of the intended demonstration. Successful completion of the project will be based on the freelancer's ability to generate efficient desig...

    $164 (Avg Bid)
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    21 bids

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