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    I am looking for a new program in which I have a Node-UI system such as in the given pictures. Please make them nice with shadows, colors, transparency etc. Than I want to be able to add a new node (custom) with a self-defined amount of input-and ouotput nodes. The node itself represents a program that I can specify (an .exe) and the incoming Path should transport data to that program. There should be different input possibilities: Local port, Local network port (switchable adapter) and stdin. The data the comes in should be structured visually (hex editor in which I can colorize and name certain positions) It should be possible to take a specific incoming element into a new outgoing node. Example: I have the string "echo test". I describe the first part...

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    You have talent. Ready to make impact. We know. We also know that making impact starts with that first contact between likeminded people who have the same drive to shape their future. We see you, with your skills, personality and dreams. Now let’s take it to even greater heights by means of one of our talent programs for master’s and PhD graduates. We are Mploy Associates, a talent focused consultancy firm ready to make not only our clients’ teams successful but also you. Your talent, our focus.

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    ...hunting pattern in the game Reference 4-1. Violetta hard version has afterimages. Must be released unconditionally. (Activated when recognized as a simple hunting pattern in the game) 참조 5. Management program The above means that the administrator must directly authenticate each computer to be able to access. Connect remotely (such as Anydesk) with a click from 1 to 100 pc Examples of other game management programs) 6. Automatic sales of equipment Sales of general equipment by designating a set place every set time Press B on the keyboard > Go to Masterville > Find npc > Sell general equipment

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    ...write a program to filter out license plate noise for the above cases. This program needs to be written in c# language, requires the program to work well even with beautiful license plates and bad license plates, because during the operation of the project, the image of the license plate is any, there are It could be a bad license plate (meaning it can't be seen clearly), it could be a good one (meaning it's clearly visible) so make sure the noise filter is working properly in both. In the above case, besides, the noise filtering time for a license plate image is not more than 150 ms(0.15s). I will first send the bad license plate images that need to be filtered here first, during your research, I will add more license plate images that need to be filtered...

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    This page explains the Game Of Life: Can you optimise the game of life in parallel using C and MPI with very high speedups for $20?

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    Create as per reference, project already committed

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    I have a wav example and want a swift code that can convert wav to mp3. I already created a demo project, see project files, but it not working fine, the output mp3 is not like the original wav. You can use lame or another lib ( but don't use any cloud api ). Details: 1) Create a demo project that can convert 16000 wav( single channel ) to high quality mp3. 2) print converting progress.

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    Have a program; can give you the source and just need a slight update? The program is below; it counts the number of data rows in excel files in the folder passed CURRENT OUTPUT python3 /Users/myfolder/ /Users/ej/pandas-output/ : 6 records. /Users/ej/pandas-output/ : 165 records. /Users/ej/pandas-output/ : 139 records. DESIRED OUTPUT python3 /Users/myfolder/ /Users/ej/pandas-output/b1trt.xlsx....................................6 records. /Users/ej/pandas-output/example.xlsx..........................165 records. /Users/ej/pandas-output/example_croped.xlsx.............139 records. is there a way you can see my desktop sand fix it

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    Need Mongo Change stream Python program expert task copy mongodb change events into redshift

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    Hello. İ need a program that similar to Macro Recorder jitbit. İ want it to bypass anti cheats. İt can be a brand new program, or we can use macro recorder program. İ dont have the knowledge, so i need someone to help. Thank you.

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    This page explains the Game Of Life: Can you optimise the game of life in parallel using C and MPI with very high speedups for $10?

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    Hello. İ need a program that similar to Macro Recorder jitbit. My aim is bypass the anti cheat. İt can be a new brand program, or we change the Macro Recorder jitbit source codes. İ dont have the knowledge, so i need someone to help. Thank you.

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    A project should be done in CSP and ASP and then test with 30 instances and running time of them should be compared. Write a Minizinc and an ASP program capable of finding a solution to the following problem. Prepare a battery of 30 benchmark instances. Generate them randomly but prepare some easy/small instances (a couple of running time seconds), some average instances (a couple of minutes) and some hard instances (exceeding timeout). Run both the Minizinc and the ASP encoding on all the instances, possibly exploring different search strategies, with a timeout of 5 minutes for each test (``configuration'' option in Minizinc, --time-limit option in clingo, in both cases you can use linux tricks) In case of COPs, report the best value for the solution found within the ...

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    Want to run an Amazon Affiliate business, developer can be a partner with me after completion of this project

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    Project Description - The project comprises task will be to read the VCF file skipping the double ## lines containing in the starting of the file, using C program.

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    SNS linkage automatic program development 1Developed for Windows sns auxiliary reservation automatic program Operated by rules that set pre-entered values 2 Android development (App A launch program App B web view option value setting and progress display) In App B, the entered setting values are sent to the server, and in Windows and App A executed Reference Windows installation program C language development experience of at least 10 years

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    We need someone to fix the processes on our zoho program

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    Creates and manages processes according to a job 4 specification file, and must monitor and maintain the status and input/output requirements of those processes.

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    sorting program should work like this: Input: 10 2 4 6 7 2 4 5 6 3 6 4 Output: 14 Note! i want array should without any size or should be empty sorting(research) 1. N = 10 2. N = 1000 3. N = 10000 Note! i want array should without any size or should be empty & make separate function for calculation so i can understand

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    Write a program that performs following tasks: (A menu driven program is preferable) 1. Ask a user to enter two integers and store them in two integer variables, say a and b. Then use a for loop statement to display the 3rd power of all the numbers between a and b with a and b included. For example, if a user enter 2 and 5, then the program should display 8 27 64 125 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Use a for loop statement to produce and display a table of temperature conversions between Celsius and Fahrenheit: =============================== Celsius Fahrenheit =============================== 0 32 10 50 20 ...

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    Have a program that scrapes sports data into a sort program. The program has been written and has worked well for over one year. The site we are scraping has changed something that does not allow us to access data. This site can be accessed over the internet easily to get data, but our goal is to sort date. You can access the program with us on Team Viewer. As I said the sort and hard work is done. Just need to access the data again. For fast turnaround of one day we will double the fee with an equal TIP

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    I need someone who has knowledge in Prolog programming language.

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    Python program 5 days left

    Write python code for word guessing game Budget 3000

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    I have uploaded here a macro enabled file(DUAL SHEET). It is designed to copy specific data from source files in a predefined folder one all files from source folder is processed in this way. However it has been designed to copy data from only one sheet of source file. Now it is required that data from two sheets of source files needs to be copied. The original vba has been modified by me to get the desired result. However it's showing some errors. Hence it needs correction. Another feature needs to be added to same vba program, so that the all the data of result files needs to be copied and pasted as values only, on the same cells. It is required to get rid of unnecessary formula calculations and to reduce the size of result files. Other two files uploaded are samp...

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    Hello , I need develop csharp program which include function : Detail : * Simple Interface : One textbox, One button login , One "embed browser" in form Textbox for inputting Url , When I click button , "embed browser" will display web. "Embed browser" need to have function "profile" as chrome. You can use any third party or open source to implement this. Mean that , my computer only need this C# program without need setup chrome or firefox . This program has to run net frame 2.0 or 3.5 ( dont need high version ) Thank you so much !

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    Hi, I need a simple ARM (arm64) hello world program in assembly. Basically it's an assembly file (with .s extension) that would read a string from standard input and prints out the length of string. Just need it to learn how to code in assembly. You can't use C/C++ functions (except for printf and scanf) and can't use automated tools such as a GCC compiler to turn C into assembly.

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    I have a python code with multiple files and I want to rewrite that code. Skills required Python, Software Architecture ?Mencio from Cardiff , United Kingdom

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    I would like to save the planet When you see trucks n the Roads are they full? - I would like a program to assist and tell me info but not quite sure how to run it

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    C++ or C Program 4 days left

    I want a code that takes a set of quantities and their prices and then u will take two numbers total prices and total quantities and then u are supposed to print the quantities that add up to the total quantities while having the prices that add up to the total prices

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    We need to write a business plan for an IT company to join Google Partner program to become an Authorized Google Partner. An IT company specialized in Web Development Services that we provide such as: - Domain Registration - Web Hosting - Email Services - SSL Certificates - Backup - Web Applications Development - Web Design You can refer to this Google Business Plan template.

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    Write down basic program based on shell which allow students make a simple mathematical quiz, store the answer in array and give the points. Array must include student name, password results. More details in attached file.

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    This nearly works but the programmer did not finish (was paid) and communications were sporadic. The file describes what it is and what needs fixing. Probably very little needs fixing. This is for somebody familiar with MS Visual C/C++ and driving COM ports under Windows. Target is win7-64 or higher but it would be nice if it runs under winXP. I have also uploaded a free com port emulator but I don't think this will be needed. I think the errors will be obvious.

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    Java program 3 days left

    Building Huffman using java. (find details in attached file)

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    Hello! I’m looking for a Snapchat Python Program I want it to…. -extract every sent message on the account (Accounts that i provide) -save the messages in 2 separate folders on my desktop (with date and time sorted by recently sent) -able to do this on multiple accounts that i provide Let me know if you have any questions :)

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    We would like to build a peer to peer marketplace which has the following functionalities: Calendar Ability to add friends and follow other users (these are separate functionalities) ability for users to create shop fronts integration with payment system (stripe or paypal) ability to upload images, listing data and categories intuitive, attractive UI ability to use pixel for retargetting tracking blog pages about us, + 5 other somewhat static pages

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    We would like to build a peer to peer marketplace which has the following functionalities: Calendar Ability to add friends and follow other users (these are separate functionalities) ability for users to create shop fronts integration with payment system (stripe or paypal) ability to upload images, listing data and categories intuitive, attractive UI ability to use pixel for retargetting tracking blog pages about us, + 5 other somewhat static pages

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    Hi Md. Manik S., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Training program reflections 3 days left

    Describe my training at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town in small paragraphs. Only high-level academic writing will be accepted. Before granting a scholarship, a previous written report must be submitted to evaluate the author's writing level.

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    excel program 3 days left

    this program will take a set of numbers and their value and it is required to print the numbers that add up to a number given and a value given

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    to answer a set of questions with small paragraphs about my training in Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town. high academic writing level writing only will be accepted. Required: to submit a previous written report to evaluate the writing level before granting

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    Require leads to be generated for distance MBA program offered by one of the premier management university in India. We work as their admission partners for all the programs offered by them through distance / online mode. Campaign would be ongoing process round the year based on the quality of leads and conversion

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    We are looking for an experienced construction manager to build construction programs for our business

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    We are offering a Fintech training program to senior BFSI professionals. We are looking for people with excellent communication skills to call the leads and convert them for the program. We will offer fixed remuneration + incentive for every conversion made and monies paid by the customer for the program. Senior professionals from BFSI industry with minimum experience of 7-10yrs join this program to up skill themselves. Lots of start up entrepreneurs join before embarking on building their venture. our leads are generated organically, hence the leads is a qualified lead. Our competition is the premium business schools on india and abroad. This is a weekend program for 6 months. To those who are considering please note that already 3 batches are com...

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    Computer Graphics Project 1 – The PPM Format C program, accordingly the the requirements says in documents provided by the client.

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    API Program build 2 days left

    Hello, we are with patient data in a health care setting. Our goal is to be able to have a program that will be able to allow us to import an excel spreadsheet with patient data such as name, date of birth, and medical ID number and then connect to the third party system and get back "out of pocket cost" per patient. I believe the "out of pocket cost is a single column on the third party system. We desire the program to be written in C# if possible. We are working with this third party team and if you choose to help us, you will be expected to be on at least 1-2 phone calls with the third party company we are working with to gather whatever information you need to make the API program work properly. Once the program is complete, we w...

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    support and help with the motion programming of a cookie packer

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    customer support program 2 days left

    I want to create a website that when the client needs support go there and click on products write the issue with the equipment specification and submitted then system send us email for support

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    Hello, Experience required on past projects before starting C++ we will be talking further in discussing

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    A Java Program is required to fetch the weights from weighing scale and display them on the screen. The values are read by for more details.

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