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    I need a Windows compatible application developed that will automate a manual process a user performs on a third-party website. It needs to accept a text input from the user, then input that text into a box on a website. It should then wait for the website to output some text, copy that text and then input that copied text into a new text box on the same website. It needs to do the same process...

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    Looking for a technical consultation about scraping Google at scale and fast. Need to reduce the amount of 429 errors. Rotating proxies are already implemented but a better provider would be much appreciated.

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    Hello, I need a script that will generate me IPV6 proxies that are accessed from server IPV4:PORT For the server I need Squid no 3proxy!!! Ex: IPV4:PORT -> IPV6 [login to view URL] -> fd9f:f7bd:c672:46d9:f2db:0643:7220:4b14 [login to view URL] -> fd9f:f7bd:c672:e3af:7fc8:7cca:190b:6d5c I have server with /48 IPV6. What the script should do: [login to view URL] me if I want the proxi...

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    Web scraper is needed to fetch data from 8 target websites. I would prefer to have the system done in Node.js using Puppeteer library, but I am open to different proposals. Your job must deliver the following features: 1. the system uses different proxies or other precautions to avoid to be banned by the target websites 2. daily scraping of the ads, data are parsed and uploaded as ads onto our ...

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    I am using this library: [login to view URL] I wish to enable proxies for it. I believe it uses simple-websocket. I would need the proxy to be able to be configured at the class instantiation level.

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    We have a Python web scraping tool that acquires data from different websites. It contains a proxy module that is not working anymore and we need to replace it. Proxies must rotate frequently.

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    Need Script That can do : - open multiple emails at the same time (gmail). - support adding Recovery Email if required - support login with proxies (email:password:recovery:proxy:port) and support also login without proxies (email:password:recovery) - can suport Multiple Browsers - choose actions randomly ( Open Email, Click Link, Add Star, Mark Important, Reply, Add Contact, Archive) - Can ru...

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    I need someone to code a bot that works with the discord application. It needs to notify users when certain sites restock items. I will give you a list of roughly a dozen sites I have right now. If this goes well I have hundreds more I'd like to monitor. The bot needs to run 24/7 and monitor the sites simultaneously. When there are changes on the website, the bot should send a notification t...

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    I need to scrape two (For Now) web pages and download data to an excel sheet. I am not interested in just data. I need the source code to be able to run on my own. It's a small project and depending on your level I would guess it would take a day or two. I roughly need around 200 to 400 items with say 20 to 40 columns of information. Looking at the web site you quickly realize that forma...

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    Need a USA Rotating Mobile Proxy Provider that has quality mobile proxies for better pricing than “normal” (less than $30 per port)

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    $10 - $30
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    Hello, I am looking for a webscraper that can make a list of data that I need from I made an overview how I want it here: [login to view URL] What I want to know from you is: 1. What will it cost to make this? 2. What are the monthly cost for hosting/proxies 3. How many pages can it scan per day? Looking forward to hear from you.

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    Need multithreads script in python3, to scrap products with descriptions and prices, to mysql db, and need function to update changed prices and product by date from sitemap. Need bypass cloudfare protection (dont let using proxies) Control script: [login to view URL] control of script (run, stop, restart, update) from web (wordpress? or such UI), just put buttons 2. Script must be runnig from ho...

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    My room must be on 1 page on top every time . strony freelancer, strony dla freelancerów, strony dla freelancerw, seo, link building, internet marketing, search engine optimization, ruch na, projekt strony, generuj, freelanser strony, freelancerzy którzy robi strony, freelancerzy ktrzy robi strony, freelancer w polsce strony, darmowe strony freelancer, opis strony, budowa strony, pr...

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    flask website which used to track price of certain websites. Send email when prices go below a previously user set price. I do have a running website for private use but it is not up to the standard of production usage. I do think you can reuse some of the codes. Main functions: The customer fill in a URL of certain products, set a demanded price which is lower than the current price. Click the b...

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    I want someone to help me setup my own proxies. The Raspberry PI is connected to my local lan and has 3 x USB 3G E3351 Huawei devices connected with their own sims. The sim provider is using CGNAT. I would like to create seperate proxys for each dongle. It has to be anonymous (should not be detected as proxy), reliable and easy to use (i.e. I can proxy into it using ip:port1 for usb dongle 1, i...

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    Tool will need to be able to login to Snapchat using it's hidden API via program/script and use a function called find_friends, potentially use proxies if necessary (likely). Need to import a contact list from .csv or vCard file types using Snapchat's hidden API, most of which is publicly documented in Github repositories. None of this API is officially documented publicly, and the appli...

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    I'm looking for an experienced person who can help me to find and correctly configure luminati proxies in my gologin browser.

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    Hello, I need a script, which I can run on ubuntu and which automatically creates datacenter proxies out of the IPs from the subnet assigned. The proxies should be the same as those ones: [login to view URL] That means I can choose the username and password in the script, the time thise user have access to those proxies and everything else like they explain on their website. The proxies are aime...

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    We're looking for an immediately available Shopify Developer to join Blank Proxies as early as Tuesday 17th November. About the Job: In this role you'll be responsible for developing the Shopify Plus platform, themes, liquid programming language and corresponding apps. As well as that you'll be our Shopify expert on the project who can install and customise new Shopify themes, G...

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    I want a script that calls on a script file for proxies which I'll provide. It then grabs one, signs up for a free bitco .in account using one of those proxies in a session environment, where the cookies and everything are isolated into that session per signup. I then want the script to go to verify that email using pop3/imap, whatever, that same login/pass using that same session/proxy to ...

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    Hi. I want a script that generates ipv6 proxies from a vps that I have that has a /64 subnet. It need the proxies to only work on ipv6, but to connect via mainipv4ip:port. Each port will have a different ipv6, and I want to have no auth on it. I need something simillar to [login to view URL] The script will need to be written for CentOS 6 or 7, either version is fine for me.

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    I have an application that cleans emails - It tells us if an email is valid or not. 1. I am running into challenges with accuracy. 2. I need solutions on scaling - proxies, etc. I need someone who already has experience doing this type of job

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    [login to view URL] provides affiliate service. if products can be extracted using affiliate platform, its good, else we need to extract complete data using price filder of above thier free purchase values need all categories and sub categories product title, price, stock, gtin or barcodes, (if any) from inspect page section, all bullet points, details featires, sizes (if any), images (zoomed lar...

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    This scripts can do the following: 1. Create 4096 Proxies on 1 single server 2. Add users to use single or multiple proxies 3. Track proxies remaining to allot to users 4. I have it run on multiple servers? Is there any way you can help us?

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    I have a program that verifies email addresses. We need to use SOCKS5 so we can verify each email address. I need someone who is an expert in RUBY and SOCKS5 to help me with email verification list so we can get the perfect SOCKS5 proxies. Program is already written and just needs to be connected and updated to support proxies.

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    I have a free program that verifies email addresses. We need to use SOCKS5 so we can verify. I need someone who is an expert in SOCKS5 to help me with email verification list so we can get the perfect SOCKS5 proxies. Script is in RUBY.

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    i need someone give me way to make lot of proxies

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    I need a simple script that will send a webhook to discord when there is a change on a website page, it need to support proxies.

    $22 (Avg Bid)
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    need proxy finder script to test and filter free working proxies and generate a list of proxies

    $26 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a custom web bot for our business: 1. connect to Proxy 2. Go to specific URL 3. Click on specific button 4. Input specific data 5. Sumbit. 6. Return a result 7. log it to google spreadsheet Its need to have a simple GUI , the option to create a simple database of proxies that ill be able to add remove and choose to which one to log in. Should be able to run in the background and not on my...

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    Look for a max budget of £300.00 Hey I'm basically in need of some help syncing up 600GB (around 15 hrs) worth of footage for a YouTube series, cameras ranging from Sony's to GoPro's and a DJI. I've tried Plural Eyes and other auto-sync options but its just done a terrible job as the audio is sometimes hard to hear so needs to be done manually by hand. I would need all o...

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    I need a script/software to be developed for Windows for creating SMS verified Nike accounts. This script will need to be able to generate mass new accounts that are connected to a different phone number for each account that gets automatically verified through text-verification. 1) SMS verification need to be made using phone provider API: [login to view URL] 2) For local part of email adress I...

    $143 (Avg Bid)
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    1- Hello , can you program me a  Instagram tool , the tool job is to sign in to the account that I put it's information ( username and password ) then it go to the edit profile and then go to change username ,, then it starts checking for usernames from the [login to view URL] list ( usernames list ) And if any username becames available it replace it with the current name  .. for ...

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    [login to view URL] product expertise [login to view URL] design patterns [login to view URL] the code based on high level design and low level design. [login to view URL] in API design, Advanced proxies, Analytics, BaaS , Developer portal. [login to view URL] API design patterns. [login to view URL] in dropbox, Microsoft AD, teams, Clio, skype.

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    Ad poster `software I require an automatic ad posting software for Gumtree UK The posting software must have these features: 1. Proxy changer or proxy support. The software should run on any proxy and/or can even change the proxies at regular intervals as inputted by the user. 2. Can record the steps for the first ad posted manually and can redo the same steps. 3. Can select the postcodes auto...

    $500 (Avg Bid)
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    Ad poster `software I require an automatic ad posting software for Gumtree UK The posting software must have these features: 1. Proxy changer or proxy support. The software should run on any proxy and/or can even change the proxies at regular intervals as inputted by the user. 2. Can record the steps for the first ad posted manually and can redo the same steps. 3. Can select the postcodes auto...

    $570 (Avg Bid)
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    Looking for someone with rich experience in networks, and he has to know how to use in selenium and combine all together to perfect script. Also spoofing devices needed.

    $518 (Avg Bid)
    $518 Avg Bid
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    Need a great scraper to scrape various websites 30 million + websites - repeat monthly - you must visit each website we provide and extract things like email, social links, h1 title, platform used (over 30 metrics we provide) - the metrics are standard things that can be detected on any site - email, phone, is ssl installed etc. This is ongoing project. You will need to provide your own proxies ...

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    Hello, For testing purposes for my network and my firewall rules, I need to have a TCP-SYN flood script able to complete Three-way Handshake with the target before the flood. Of course, the script must use socks5 proxies for the source IPs of the packets sent, because with IP Spoofing it is not possible to complete Three-way Handshake. The script must have in argv: target, port, time (in seconds...

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    Hi , i already configured squid private proxy server but i need custom script and details are below. You need to configure WMHCS and make some custom script (probably shell) that will make user authentication at squid server automatically after payment. Script also need to terminate user accounts at squid server if they don't pay for next month (in WMHCS). We want to split 1000 IPs to 500 ...

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    Would need a c.a 20-25 min conversation-consultation with a specialist in the field of computer (and mobile) networks, have some questions about possible solutions, possible recommendations of providers, desktop/mobile solutions on the market, mainly within the field of proxies, servers, compatibilities, what to avoid etc.

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    I am need of a skilled developer, as this is a very complicated project. Every shopify product has different variants for each option available, and I would like to build a program that scrapes shopify sites, searching through it's variants Shopify variants are 11 digits long (38531744963). This program must be able to scrape through millions of results, displaying the product name and if po...

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    more details will be given in the chat here, please check and let me know if you can do this

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    Promote Your Product In High 100,000 Website Worldwide USA Real Traffic Google Analytics Traffic Hello Friends. 100,000 Website Worldwide USA Real Traffic Google Analytics Traffic $5 All traffic come from And Twitter, google and yahoo e-mailing Facebook services. Benefit Of My Service:- ✔ Real guests with extraordinary IPs. ✔ Can you followed by. ✔ Boost Seo Alexa rank. ✔ following connection ...

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    Hi! I'm looking for an estension for [login to view URL] to autocheckout produt that are currently out of stock, when the product goes live the exstension need to cart the product with possibility to add proxies, accounts, choose sizes and do the checkout fast as possible (0,1/0,3 sec) the estension also have to keep refresh on the page product and when product go live with only 1 size in st...

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    In short, we want a nice dashboard which is clear to both the customer and us. - Customers should be able to see their live proxies, proxy tester would also be nice. - We need to be able to enable which subnets can be renewed and that customers can pay for it via the dashboard. - We must be able to remove subnets and ensure that they cannot be renewed. (imagine that a subnet is banned on mesh and ...

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    I need a module That can buy a VPS from my servers with the location that users choose on the checkout page. After the module buys a server it will take some seconds to check the IP of that VPS since it's not directly shown after the payment. Now after the VPS is ready I want to execute some SSH command to this VPS (From the Admin Product module), After that the server will be ready and I wil...

    $195 (Avg Bid)
    $195 Avg Bid
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    Need someone to create a Linux squid proxy script that can extract and create IPV6 proxies from a server that is hosting a IPV6 subnet. Functions include list of proxies, start/stop, and user authentication. I am not looking to pay a lot because I believe this is a very simple project that doesn't take much effort.

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    I need a python scraping expert to scrape business data for us. This will go into an application. We will need Business name address phone website Needs to output into CSV Needs to use proxies. We have the proxies for this.

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    honestly i thought this would be a cute and paste situation everybody seemed to love jim browns configuration on github but seems im out of pratice with the cute and paste since ol myspace isnt what it used to be lol anyway should be simple kinda just wanted to make a friend cuz there is alot of differnt 3d printers with differnt operating systems so alot of bs and option in the config and i also ...

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