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    ...performance, we recommend the following design considerations: All features mentioned above built-in natively to the blockchain No support for smart contracts, virtual machines or turing complete languages If a trade-off is required, always choose speed and simplicity over fancy features. Mining & Consensus A blockchain where all native tokens are pre-mined

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    ...performance, we recommend the following design considerations:All features mentioned above built-in natively to the blockchainNo support for smart contracts, virtual machines or turing complete languagesIf a trade-off is required, always choose speed and simplicity over fancy [url removed, login to view] & ConsensusA blockchain where all native tokens are pre-mined, there

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    Define a type 0 grammar that simulates a Turing Machine computation to accept the language (w w | w ∊ (0 + 1)*} The calculation can be done in three stages: For example, on input 10111011 Stage 1: Place an end marker at each end of the string: $10111011$ Stage 2: Move the end markers inward till they meet in the middle and mark the middle:

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    I need some graphic design. Turing my picture into cartoon illustration

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    It is to Construct a Turing Machine. Will provide details later.

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    It consists of 4 questions with sub questions. You need to be able to read and write context-free grammars, pushdown automata and Turing machines. Price is negotiable.

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    The question sheet includes, A. Automata (Pushdown and Turing Machine). B. Matrix Proofs C. Norms and Distances D. Calculus proofs (Limits). E. Probability ALL QUESTIONS MUST BE ANSWERED WITH WORKINGS!

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    Trophy icon Polygonized Faces Ended

    We are creating "futuristic money bills" designs. As part of our idea, we are looking to polygonized several famous faces, starting from Alan Turing. Do you think you can get this done for us, in the style and spirit we are looking for? Attaching a sample of Turing's face, and another design with a polygonized animal face in the spirit of what

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    Turing, PDA, CFG, will explain in chat

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    Write up a proposal, on how you plan to achieve this, and the goal below. Goal: To bring used and implemented, one must know it first. Video concepts: 1) Ethical & Empathy 2) Perceptual Empathy -> Imaginative Empathy 3) Bottom-up approach 4) Ethical Turing Test 5) Mirror neurons 6) Empathy over Efficiency 7) Context Dimension

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    Construct PDA and Turing Machine diagram and Computation of PDA and Turing Machine

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    I need you to develop some software for me. It is to build a scanner and parser for subset of turing. I would like this software to be developed using C. More instructions will follow.

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    This project is in two part: 1) build a scanner for a subset of turing. 2) build a parser for the subset of turing. More details will follow...

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    Help with Turing machine, which can run rules from the file.

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    I am looking for a Brand Creation.....Are you able to put together a quote/options? our company is called "Babbage, Turing & Co. Ltd." We are an I.T. company specialsing in Automation. We help companies deploy tools like [url removed, login to view] We are looking to develop our brand. We'd like something with a professional feel; like you'd

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    ...can also be an uploaded photo/photo link.(with layer control for turning off) User will have the ability To outline "Farms" and "Fields" within farms (with layer control for turing off) Users will have the ability to export pdf files, with current map selection on screen and a selected list of annotations to be printed. Back up will be important,

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    If you are professional in computer science please let me know. This is more about regular languages and related to nfa ,Dfa Turing machine Decidability. So these are all related to regular expressions

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    I have an idea for a crowd sourced Turing test web service for Twitter bots. The service does two things: first, it lets you submit links to existing twitter exchanges for evaluation. Second, it shows judges example exchanges, scraped of identifying information but formatted as a familiar twitter thread, and asks the reader to judge of each participant

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    ...Nonregular Languages 2. Context-Free Languages 2.1. Context-free Grammars 2.2. Pushdown Automata 2.3. Non-context-free Languages 3. Computability Theory 3.1. Turing Machines 3.2. Variants of Turing Machines 3.3. The De nition of Algorithm 7. Time complexity (NP-completeness, example NP-complete problems, and reductions) ...

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    ...Automata Nondeterminism Regular Expressions Nonregular Expressions Context-Free Languages Context-Free Grammars Non-context-free languages Computability Theory Turing Machines Variant of Turing Machines The definition of algorithm Time complexity (np-completeness, example np-complete problem, and reductions) 1) Undecidability - Post's Correspondence

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