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    android app 5 days left

    I am looking to build an Android app with a focus on productivity. I do not have a specific design in mind yet, and require assistance in that regard. The app should have basic features with some customization options. This could include tasks and/or reminders, calendars for planning, integration with other apps. Table of Contents: First chapter - description of the software and its features The purpose of the project, the description of the options and the requirements for running the software Chapter two - a guide to develop The departments in the project Application essence and logic diagram Running a session in the application screens Description of department relationships by UML diagram Documentation of departments and operations with the help of JAVADOC ...

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    ...responsiveness of applications, and working alongside graphic designers for web design features, among other duties. The full stack developer will be required to see out a project from conception to final product, requiring good organizational skills and attention to detail. Full Stack Developer Responsibilities: Developing front end website architecture. Designing user interactions on web pages. Developing back-end website applications. Creating servers and databases for functionality. Ensuring responsiveness of applications. Working alongside graphic designers for web design features. Seeing through a project from conception to finished product. Designing and developing APIs. Meeting both technical and consumer needs. UML diagrams and requirement analysis Staying ...

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    I have a C# project that is supposed to be a console application that allows you to add, remove and create a playlist. I also need a UML diagram for this project as well describing the relationships. I have the classes and class descriptions. Reach out for more information. This project shouldn't take long if you are experienced in C# programming. I need this done by tomorrow.

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    Use case and diagram Sequence data flow diagram for template for market from log in to the card for admin and buyer and seller

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    The primary objective of this project is to develop a comprehensive website for an online booking platform for mechanics. The emphasis of this project will be on creating detailed documentation, including UML diagrams, class diagrams, component diagrams, and deployment diagrams. The documentation will be a minimum of 40 pages, double-spaced, and will cover all the necessary diagrams and their explanations. WEBSITE looks like: Create an Online booking platform for Mechanics. Free Open Source Theme Selected Demo URL: Admin ● Manage Technician and their profile details. ● Manage Location. ● Manage Customer ● Manage Bookings. ● Manage Transaction. Technician

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    Need a web app that provides mechanic services.. something similar to uber. A proper documentation with UML Diagrams, Use Case Diagrams,Deployment and Component Diagram and MVC Architecture will also be required.

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    I need the conceptual design, the UML design and the E/R diagram for a simple project of an IOT device management platform, user access for data consultation and back office operator access for management and maintenance. In need the delivery of the job until 3 days.

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    The code is messed up. Can u please fix the code so the game gives a winner every time it plays. Make the code so that it is compatible to the design patterns . Currently AI is detecting the saying it is AI generated. Make sure u make it like it says human generated. Discuss the workings of your application using UML diagrams. ( Use Case Diagram, Class Diagram, Sequence Diagram, Component Diagram)-

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    Skill Requirements: Following are the must have skills to qualify for this position:  Object Oriented Programming Concept in C#.  Sound knowledge of Repository Pattern with Unit of Work concept in C#.  ASP.NET Core MVC and Web API.  Entity Framework Core.  UML: User Case, Class Diagram, Activity Diagram and Sequence Diagram.  Clear concept in RDBMS and normalization theory.  SQL Server: Transact SQL, SQL Procedure  GitHub code repository.  Hosting ASP.NET Core Web API and MVC application in IIS and Linux environment.  jQuery and jQuery UI components.  Bootstrap 4/5 CSS Framework.

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    I am looking for assistance in creating a UML class diagram .

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    ...Time-efficiency and Robustness. Include at least two concrete examples for each quality for each user role. The sign-in and sign-up use cases are excluded from the examples. Top-level and Low-level Software Design, aligned with project requirements: (a) (5+3 Model-View-Controller (MVC) Architecture: Provide the MVC architecture for your application based on the selected web framework. Describe at least three benefits of using the MVC architecture specifically for your application (avoid generic MVC definitions). Design Patterns - Observer and Factory: ● Explain in detail how the Observer and Factory design patterns are used in your specific application. ● Include complete class diagrams for each pattern. ● Provide algorithms corresponding to the important methods...

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    I need someone experienced with test case generation to test an existing application that generates UML diagrams. My goal is to generate 1,000 test cases to thoroughly examine all components of this application. After gathering some initial research, I have determined that I need to perform full app testing, encompassing all features and pages of the application. I expect to receive detailed reports of the results of the tests, including any failures and necessary adjustments that should be made. I am looking for an individual or team that can handle this scale of testing in a timely manner, amenable to development feedback. Familiarity with software testing methodology is a must, though specific testing methods are not essential. My team is available for consultation for any a...

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    We can discuss about the website features. You can also recommend what sort of web application you can make. A proper documentation with UML Diagrams, Use Case Diagrams and MVC Architecture will also be required.

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    Se requiere generar un documento para responder un RFP (Request for Proposal), el documento debe contener detalles funcionales y técnicos. Se valorará experiencia en presentación a lici...generar un documento para responder un RFP (Request for Proposal), el documento debe contener detalles funcionales y técnicos. Se valorará experiencia en presentación a licitaciones de países de la unión europea. Perfil Requerido - Ingeniero en Sistemas. - Experiencia en RFQ Response y llamados a licitación. - Conocimiento en propuestas comerciales para la implementación de software. - .NET, SQL y UML. - Generación de Workflows. - Experiencia en ERPs. - Conocimiento de Web APIs. - Conocimientos de implementaciones On ...

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    ...Program needs to include modules and classes. Need to get three .py files, one of each of the two functions and the final program bringing these together. Need a file containing: Instructions on how to run your app; Explanation on what your program is trying to achieve and the final results. Were you able to achieve the desired results? Did it perform as expected? Why/why not? Also, need a UML diagram in UMLet of this program. ...

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    I am looking for someone to help me build an Java project with all Test cases passed. The project will have a short-term lifespan of 1 days. Ultimately, I am looking for a skille...Ultimately, I am looking for a skilled freelancer who is capable of taking on this project. The ideal candidate should have excellent problem solving skills and ability to work independently. Familiarity with source control systems such as SVN, Git, Java,Console based application and Eclipse ,Intellij is desired Before you start, you should read the following (in this order) 1. The manual 2. The UML diagram 3. The spec 4. The getting started pdf file Remembered: you can't do anything outside these four pdf & file be complete all will work on file

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    Need uml, use case and sustem architecture diagrams done today 5 small diagrams

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    I am looking for a talented software developer to create an online action house for me. The technologies will be used are as follows : - ReactJS for website - ...for me. The technologies will be used are as follows : - ReactJS for website - ReactNative for mobile. - Google cloud platform as backend. - Stripe as payment gateway - Godaddy as domain provider. Milestones : - Create business report ( Functional / Non Functional requirement, UML diagrams, Directory structure design, UI design). 200$ - Create reactJS and reactNative UIs as in design 500$ - Create APIs in GCP 200$ - Connect UI with APIs as in design 500$ - Create test report as in design 200$ Project Duration : 3 months Note: While working on project u will b...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can create a detailed UML-State Machine diagram for my project. The purpose of the diagram is to model the system behavior. I require the use of UML 2.x notation and need the diagram to be detailed with all possible states and transitions. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in UML-State Machine diagram creation - Experience in modeling system behavior - Strong attention to detail and ability to capture all possible states and transitions

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    UML - Project Learning by doing Scope: Small UML Diagrams: State Diagrams Purpose: Both system behavior and object interactions I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me with a UML project, which is a learning-by-doing project for me. I require someone knowledgeable in UML Sequence Diagrams, as this is the area that I need help with. The purpose of the sequence diagrams is to illustrate both system behavior and object interactions. I NEED THE FREELANCER TO CONNECT TO MY COMPTER AND DO THE JOB - Ideal skills for the job include: - UML expertise - Experience with Sequence Diagrams - Good communication skills - Ability to work with a team - Willingness to teach

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can create a UML and ERD class diagram for my system. The purpose of the class diagram is to model the behavior of the system and show the relationships between classes. I have existing documentation and diagrams for the system. There are between 10 and 20 classes in the system. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with UML and ERD class diagram creation - Strong knowledge of system modeling and class relationships - Attention to detail and ability to accurately represent the system - Strong communication skills to ensure understanding of the system and project requirements. Purchase Order Requisition This application will be available to employees in a Windows, Web, and Mobile environment to request various items required to do their...

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    Hi Filip M., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. Do you know how to do UML diagrams?

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to help me create UML diagrams for my project. The diagrams required include Use Case Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, and Activity Diagrams. I may have a specific software system or process in mind for the diagrams, but may need help refining it. The level of detail required for the diagrams can vary from high-level overview to detailed with all components. Ideal skills and experience for the job include: - Strong knowledge and experience with Unified Modeling Language - Ability to create clear and concise UML diagrams - Experience with software development processes and systems - Excellent communication skills to understand my requirements and provide suggestions when needed.

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    I am seeking a freelancer to create a class diagram report for system analysis purposes. The ideal candidate should have experience in creating class diagrams and have a strong understanding of UML modeling notation. There are no specific software or tools preferences for creating the diagram.

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    Complete two tasks. The first is a coding task, to be submitted as C# source code files, a UML diagram, and a screenshot showing the program’s output. The second task asks for a written response, to be submitted as a PDF. Also would need Turnitin plagiarism report.

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    You need to apply the state and observer patterns to design, and implement in Java, a simplistic lawn mower emulator. The implementation must be in Java. You may use Swing or AWT, whichever you prefer. The implementation must include a graphical user interface (GUI).At last you will draw At last you will produce state machine to describe the state-dependent behavior of the control software of the lawn mower, UML class diagram and Design class diagram. I will share complete details of software to be developed in a document in chat. New freelancers and low budget will be preffered.

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    Requirements first one)Consider the suggested Spotify class diagram Download Spotify class diagram, your task is to implement the corresponding java solution in the following way: Implement the basic classes needed for this application as suggested by UML class diagram, no aggregations (multiplicity 0..* or 1..*) and no inheritance for the time being. Classes should show attributes, at least one constructor, getters, setters, toString() behavior that returns a String representation of the state of an object If you need a date or timestamp object, use Identify packages and organize the classes in question (1) under these packages. Implement and use at least one enumerated type. Implement SpotifyApp main class that creates few objects corresponding to classes in (1) and

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    Database monitoring tool A database monitoring tool that returns statistics about data availability. The data availability is interesting e.g. in the following form: How often is new data...flow continuously. Background: There are doubts that the sensors always provide reliable data and that the database is always accessible. The KPI's should be generalizable for all possible cases where sensors, software or entire machines should save time series data in databases. -Design of a dashboard with the KPI's, which presents the results of the evaluation at a glance and thus enables comparability with other data collectors. -Design of a possible software architecture with Python, e.g. with modeling tools like UML. -Programming a prototype in Python. Optional: Im...

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    Project Title: Collaborative UML Mobile App I am looking for a skilled developer to create a mobile app for collaborative UML diagramming using peer to peer connections. The primary purpose of the app is for Collaborative Diagramming. The app should support Use Case Diagrams and should be built for iOS Mobile App platform. The reason for using peer to peer connection is to enable users in close proximity to work simultaneously where wifi/internet is unavailable. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with mobile app development - Proficiency in UML diagramming - Understanding of collaborative app development - Knowledge of mobile app design principles and UI/UX best practices Requirements: - The app should allow multiple users to work on the same diagram i...

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    My project is in need of a skilled freelancer to correct a UML Class Diagram for an IT Catalog.

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    I have solved my tasks but i need to check if the diagrams I have created are correct or not. If not then you have to create it according to the context. I have 3 files and each file contains 2 diagrams. Max budget : 10$ Best opportunity for new freelancers

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    ...methods? Why? 5. Difference between String Buffer and StringBuilder? 6. Difference between String class and String Buffer? 7. Can we declare constructor as final? 8. Can we have try without catch block in java? 9. What is try with the resource? 10. Can we modify the throws clause of the superclass method while overriding it in the subclass? 11. What is an association, aggregation, and composition in UML? 12. Difference between final, finally and finalize()? 13. Difference between Vector and ArrayList? 14. What are the different ways to make ArrayList methods synchronized? 15. Difference between Hash table and Hash Map? 16. In Java 8, explain how Hasp Map internally works? 17. Difference between fail fast and fail-safe iterator? 18. Can we start the thread twice? 19. What are the ...

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    I want to make a UML diagram for a scenario

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    I am looking for an experienced Java developer to help me with design patterns. Specifically, I am looking for a designer who can help me determine the best set of creational pattern. I want to design a KWIC project in which there is a code already exists, where I want to add some more features to it on top of that the specific program has to satisfy different patterns. Please accept my project only if your expert in Java, Design patterns, Software engineering principle and UML diagram. I have added a detailed description in the attached pdf. Please have a look before contacting me. The project will be simple if your expert.

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    Hey just need a quick program created that will encapsulate the attached file. Don't worry about going crazy with the move command prints, it can be as simple as: Robot moved left Robot moved Sawtooth Robot moved right and just print 4/5 of these commands. Thanks!

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    I need 8 Structured Scenarios, 8 Sequence Diagrams, 8 Low Fi Prototypes, 3-5 class diagrams and a package diagram for a case study. Please place your bids. $50 for this task.

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    I am looking for someone to draw up some UML class and activity diagrams for a project. The successful freelancer should include any relevant past work in their application. The requirement is to develop 1-3 diagrams in total. Familiarity with UML class and activity diagrams is paramount. I am looking for someone who can deliver a professional product to complete the project on schedule and within budget.

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    My project involves to be change the previously existing code and by implementing six new changes according to the description that I am uploading in files. The main requirement is that the project need to be satisfied creational patterns such as Abstract Factory Pattern, Builder Pattern and Singleton Pattern. And some instructions too.

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    I have project related to make diagrams and report of given case study. Only expert in documentation and programming.

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    I have project related to make diagrams and report of given case study. Only expert in documentation and programming.

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    I need 8 structured scenarios, 8 sequence diagrams, 8 prototypes, a package diagram and 3-5 class diagrams done for a case study. I would like to pay $60 for this. Please place your bids.

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    It is a desktop application which could be described as a 'marriage between a graphics calculator and a spreadsheet' for data science projects. Synchonizing data into the internal database with external tools with or by writing custom Java code connectors that download data from the network. Creating new calculation re...results by writing custom Java code batch formulas. Managing complex workloads and computationally-intensive tasks with internal indexes and job objects. Experimenting with deep learning. Visualizing all data with 3D plots. - all in Java(FX)! You just have to provide a sustainable 'data-agnostic' framework for years to come and do not need to know about all the details of data science. UML component diagram and UI mockup proposal...

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    Need one expert in object oriented design who can make UML and ACtovity diagrams

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    Hello, I'm looking for an experienced UML and sequence diagram expert to help with a project I'm working on. I need both UML and sequence diagrams created and am looking for someone who has plenty of experience crafting them. I do not have any existing diagrams which need to be used, so the right candidate should be comfortable creating diagrams from scratch. In terms of estimated time, I'm expecting the task to be completed in less than 1 hour. If you believe you are the right fit for this project, please let me know. Thanks!

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    US Medical Lab is a first-class network of certified testing labs that are duly accredited and registered by the Illinois Department of Health. We offer Rapid & PCR C... UML Appointment or Application Request Request Test Kits - US Medical Labs Rapid Antigen & PCR COVID Testing Services Career - US Medical Labs

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    ...Urgent Task to make description. Design: a) Overview of techniques and solutions b) show complexity involved in design, development, integration of requirements into the webapp c) architecture elements, main components, involved actors, detailed data flows d) I think it makes sense to start with a diagram with boxes and then describe the function of each box e.g. one box is algorithm, one storage one graphical user interface one user management one api and to show how requirements are related to each box and how they are meet and what technologies are used e) I think typical uml diagrams should be here Performance General: a) Major technical basics must be included b) knowledge obtained for this angular, django project must be documented c) Assumptions, desi...

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    ...things you would associate with a Bank Account, and these can be used to design an Account class. What things will an Account need to know and what will it need to be able to do? I have a design in mind, but have a quick think before progressing to the next page. Account Class First Design Ok, hopefully you had some good ideas. The way I see this, we are going to need a Program which creates Account objects. The Program will then perform some operations on the Account (such as withdraw and deposit), and also ask the account to print its balance. When building software, you want to work in small steps. So rather than trying to get all of this working in one go let’s focus on getting part of the account working. Here is the UML Class diagram that shows wh...

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