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    ...programme or web-based quotation system for sales people for photocopiers. A bit like assembling a computer on the DELL Computers site, but with photocopiers about 20 all up with different components. Customer information will need to be added, and all quotes logged to a database for future reference. so the sales people can log back in and review and reprint

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    ...for the script to run are:Windows 98/2000/NT 4.0 , Microsoft IIS 4.0 or Personal Web Server MS Access or MS SQL Database, Write permissions for Logfiles and Images . All the script files are .asp I am having many problems with this server and wanted to move the site to my unix server. I was wondering if the script could be moved successfully since

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    I would like to redesign my web site. Here are my requirements: 1. To have a professional web site matching to what I do. I have some products. My web site should be designed for giving info, demo and selling these products. 2. To be able to view the site in both IE and Netscape. 3. I don’t mind if you want to use existing logo or pattern but ...

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    I need a website design template similar to the design [login to view URL] has. But it needs to be different colors. Its going to be for a site that sells children products. What I like most about the design is the navagtion buttons. I would need to be able to edit the navagtion buttons myself to what I need them to say. Im just looking for the backround

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    ...of the report sent to me. In addition, this information would be stored and be retrievable by the user for later review and editing for up to 60 days. This application would be protected by username and password or be part of a web site section where all components are password protected. I'm not sure if I'd set up people to be able to use it or not

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    ...will review a web site for certain aspects by quantifying a number of factors, allowing the analysis to be extended or constrained to particular sites or parts of sites, and operating without user intervention; and ultimately producing a report highlighting the key findings. There are some existing methods for evaluating various aspects of a web site

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
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    I need 2 banners made. They need to be Sexual in nature, but soft enough to display on basically any web site. The Banners do not need many Frames. Will Give EXCELLENT review to the winning bid! Am on a very tight budget! Will give URL and program it is promoting via PMB

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    1. Aquire domain name and web host services 2. Construct all code, graphics, and layout for site a. develop basic plan on paper or other media to review and revise before work begins b. site must be on with a host having secure server capabilites c. site must be structured to handle memberships with credit card payment methods d. membership term must

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    ...simple and user friendly. Will need the following: basic web site pages, a new logo, a stick man response card "help" image/button, would like you to incorporate these prebought scripts: Freelancers, Equotes, Smart FAQ, Smart Frame, Smart Search, Intellink Pro. (They are already conf. on my site.) Plus, scripting/creating online response card design

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    Were deisigning a web based application that will reduce some of the paper trail in our office.. Were running it on an apache web server using PHP and mySQL.. We currently have some of it working but need help cause its getting to be too big for one person to code.. We are a custom home builder. What we're doing is creating web based version of all

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    ...design and implant the web sites in the attached files. The sites will require extensive design ideas on the part of the bidder. We will rely heavily on their expertise to make the sites functional, easy to use and attractive without bogging down users load times and search times. Bidders must be able to provide specific site they have developed that

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    ...for redoing the whole site in PHP with a nice new look and feel to it, if you are interested in taking over the day to day running of the site please say so. I would like potential bidders for this to please let me know about previous sites you have worked on for me to review and also any ideas you have for CodeArchive.com. The site gets several thousand

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    I would like a data base form like this for a web site that I have. I work for a small non-profit and would ilke to take complaints on my page like this site [login to view URL] I need the part where people can add a complaint and people can review complaints and they can search the complaints. I am not sure what a CFM is

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    I need a flash, php, mySQL guru to build a back-end database for an arts/environmental education web site which enables students to POST and EXPLORE creative writing and artwork. The entire front end is up and running at www.poemation.com. Click on the "wisdom tree" flower and creativitTree leaf to get access. The first thing I need is a system to collect

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    ... is installed so that people can not curcumvent the credit card info and hit the download. I also need the down load page to be randomaly generated. I need self replacating web sites under my URL for affiliates because I am running a fund-raiser for the national PTA, PTO Church and other tax exempt groups. example... "http:[login to view URL]"

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    Review the [login to view URL] site and ask questions to gain sufficient understanding and feel for Mayty's business and desired image. Propose a logo and an alternative to replace the current "Group of People" graphic on the site. The graphic needs to communicate succinctly and visually how Mayty helps people find mates. Your proposal may be a draft quality

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    ...[login to view URL] and NBCL.Net. The .org site is a alpha phase of the new home page. .net is the old site. I need a fantastic site designer to review and propose the completion of the [login to view URL] home page. I would like to keep the general idea of the [login to view URL] home page. The successful bidder could be in for a lot more work on this site. N...

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    I am looking for a coder who already has a product ready for a job site but can customize to our requirement or the clone of [login to view URL] I am not interested in buying the ownership but I want tohave a right to modify source code. Also, I need a web site design. Applicant Menu - registration required including login/password Post Resume Search

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    Before I get into the project requirements, please review the following project requirements. This particular project is very important to our business, and we simply cannot hire a programming student or hobbyist. The person we select to work with us must be very experienced, very professional and very willing to be a team player. We need programmer

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    ...Program will work in 2 parts for the backup. The user will be given the option to use FTP or Web (http). It will prompt for ID & passwrod OR "skip" whenever protected files are encountered. Backup Part 1: All The directories and files will be listed for review such that the User can "check" any they wish to be skipped or ignored. Backup Part 2: the files

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    Wanted Entrepreneur with highly successful track record and very strong reputation/contacts/knowledge (specialist in hi tech, “old” economy sector) is seeking established web specialist(s). MUST HAVE very strong design, DATABASE PROGRAMMING and online publishing skills. Prefer London-based, with demonstrated e-commerce experience and skills. The

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    Site: Online community site with resources, news articles and information. Please note programming & functionality skills more important than design. Please review [login to view URL] before bidding. Don't need 50% or more of these features. Need ability to set up this kind of layout. Most imp part of project. Have current host. Suggestions welcome

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    ...kind of overwhelmed with the number of bids that I have received. Therefore, I am going to clarify and redefine what I'm asking for and what is most important to me. I will review the bids and choose someone within one day and will want to start as soon after as possible. 1) If it is going to be coded in PHP from scratch, I would like for the class libraries

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    ...visitors to your web site. 2. Real Time Traffic Monitoring - Monitor your web site traffic in real time. Track what pages customers visit, where they come from and how much time they spend on your site. 3. Web Based Administration - View statistics, add accounts or modify features from anywhere in the world using a standard web browser 4. E...

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    ...putting up my web site and need it to be implemented in Flash / HTML / (ASP/php maybe?) What it is is I have already seen a design compnay and they have made me a template and I have written out my site map. With these two pieces of information can you give me your ideas and timescales and quotes. The site map and the template. Only the site map is fixed

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    ...One banner will be for the general website the other for an intented shop at [login to view URL] Ideal would be to quickly generate a few banners that would be send for review and than we pick two banners to finalize the result. Or you send me examples of your banners and I will tell you what style I like or dislike. You are free in designing

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    I need a cgi or php programmer who can help develop an interactive web site that will access an sql database based on input from a visitor. Database will contain up to 5 options with the selections determining the returned information from the database. If client selects result, they will be asked to add to a shopping cart, check out and at that point

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    This site will have many members. They need to register with the web site and pay dues. They need a login and password that htey choose. They will need to have exclusive access to parts of the web site. They need to be able to edit their information. There needs to be a "back door" to edit everyone's information. I need sections just for members an...

    $555 (Avg Bid)
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    ...Shareware Download Archive Script I want a new website designed using PHP (or Perl) and MySQL, that will allow software developers to submit their programs. Visitors to our site should then be able to browse, search different categories and download programs. If you been to: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL]

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    I need a membership web site. The web site is based upon a business opportunity product associated with making money buying and selling real estate. The purpose of the web site will be to help people who are trying to make money in this market by offering them: 1. List of resources (links to helpful sites) 2. Audio recordings 3. Real Estate forms 4

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    ...consultancy services, business management and process re-engineering servicesalong with ongoing support and review, Consultants in Action need a clean and fresh Corprate ID that can be used in all customer facing inventory. To Include: Web Site Stationery Brochures Business Cards etc. As an idea, purple blue and white would be selected as the standard

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    A clone of [login to view URL] is needed for a Gaming site. I will not say exact, but I want the same functionality as WorldWinner.com. This includes: * Account registration (user name, password, etc) * PayPal linkage for both fees and payouts * System for tournament based games (ie. four random players play the same game on their own - winner takes

    $210 (Avg Bid)
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    ...each User of the site. The Customer Portal permits Web Hosting Companies as well as Web Site Owners to add their Web Sites to the system, automating the collection of information from their servers. Using a reseller model, the Portal is able to accommodate both Web Hosts and Site Owners. The key difference between the two being that a Web ...

    $304 (Avg Bid)
    $304 Avg Bid
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    The "Web Site Development 101" project involves using "Visual [login to view URL] STANDARD Edition" alone (i.e., ONLY the Microsoft version that costs about $90 can be used for this project, no third party controls or features, no other languages) to develop a working business web site capable of receiving data entered by web visitors. The ...

    $320 (Avg Bid)
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    ...To fully review the design document.  To provide advice, assistance and understanding the requirements.  To provide a detailed specification for the database design.  To provide a detailed specification for page design and navigation (excluding graphics colours etc.)  To deliver a secure database and web site using the

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    ...Company is creating software that tracks and blocks Web, IM, IRC, etc. access to a set of sites. We need an easy to use ActiveX to plug into those applications that allows us to instantly find out what site request is being made and optionally prevent it. The response data must also be available for review in case we wish to prevent some of the response

    $992 (Avg Bid)
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    We'll supply or you will find lists of Adult Web Sites TGP's for us to post [login to view URL]'ll need check to see if the tgp site is already listed in our database and if not then review the rules page of these sites and enter specific information into our database ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well

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    ...looking for someone to set up a frontpage website for a small internet business that I am developing and perhaps review the site weekly. The page would be a one page web with several links to other pages. I have frontpage, already have a site and a url. If you'd like to see it, it's at www.spoofsters.com. I will write all the content Paul ## Deliverables

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    ...an E-Commerce Web site suitable for selling Appleton Appliances as listed below: Manufacturer Model Price Refrigerator G.W. IC280 $689.95 G.W. IC560 $925.95 Kool-Air RF380 $609.95 Kool-Air RF390 $749.95 Stoves G.W. HT280 $619.95 G.W. HT450 $829.95 Cooking-Aid EL582 $499.95 Cooking-Aid EL 584 $649.99 Kool-Air ST 250 $479.95 This web site should cover

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    ...adding the actual site content using Front Page 2000 once the website template is completed by you. This is a very simple project and there will likely be many others in the very near future. Please review the project requirements and let me know if we can do business now and in the future on similar projects. ## Deliverables Please review the attached

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    . You have been asked to review and analyze a web site for its authors, and suggest improvements. Because your online report is going to the authors, you will need to give good reasons in all cases. You met the authors when they visited NJ, and luckily for you, you know they have just read Gregory's Mind book, and read the CIS270 lecture notes, so you

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    MORTGAGE SITE SPECIFICATIONS AND INFORMATION Need a professional looking, interactive web site that provides the following: NO FRAMES NO FLASH Online Application Form that delivers information to my email and auto responds to the applicants email upon delivery Mortgage Treasury and rate tickers Online calculators Will have paypal option and two other

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    ...to administrator for review/removal. [login to view URL] a JavaScript to the vote page to help prevent people from stealing users pictures. ************************************* *** FOR THE ADVERTISERS*** Continued from the top…. I will also need a section of the website set up for the advertisers who will buy advertising to display their web page. All Campaigns

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    ...the actual scripts and pages upon selection of the coder. Thank you for your bids. Description I am seeking a programmer to assist in merging an online campus program into a web portal system. Both systems are ASP and would involve combining two existing Access 2000 databases. The portal is UltraApps portal enhanced. Information on UltraApps is located

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    The Realty site is to provides an answer to the public's demands for time saving and convenience while searching to buy or rent a house or business structure. As a comprehensive resource for a renter, a buyer, or the seller, the apartment, homes , land and business properties are listed by country, city, model or type structure and price range. Detailed

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    ...space. It would be similar to Scriptlance.com. However, instead of Programmers and Webmasters, it would feature "Buyers" and "Sellers". I would need a search feature for the site. I would need it set up so that a "buyer" could be searched for space for sale (such as banner ad, classified ad, link, by dollar amounts, size of space, and length of ad term

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    Database-driven PHP/mySQL web site to be hosted on Unix. Coder to design, build and test mySQL database, web site/database interaction and design web pages (including navigation) from specification provided. We will perfrom user-acceptance testing, review database design, documentation and site functionality. *** MORE INFO *** Site likely to ...

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    I work for a company (BrencoQBS)whose web site is at www. brencoqbs.com. We would like to have a link from this web site to where customers can place orders and/or review order status. These pages would be customized to meet our specifications as far as information needed. Once customer places an order, an email is sent to individuals at my company

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    ...Proposal ("RFP") is being issued by ATX, Inc. a tax software company located in Caribou, ME. ATX is looking for software development services to provide a program conversion of a web-based exemption certificate management system ( the "System") using the Oracle 8 database to an exact functioning replica of the system using MS SQL Server Version 7. ## Deliverables

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    I need to redo my website ([login to view URL]). The current website uses a Microsoft Frontpage Theme. Using frontpage, it is very easy to maintain the site. However, I want to spice up the looks a bit. ## Deliverables I need help in the following two tasks: 1) Design the new look. A little use of graphics and artwork is okay. You must create the

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