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Business Analysis is a process that helps businesses to understand how their services, products and resources can all intersect to be more effective and functional. It is a practice that uses data collection, strategy, research and market analysis to help businesses uncover opportunities and figure out ways to increase profits. A Business Analyst is able to provide direction, stability and growth within a business' operations. Through the thorough examination of a company's resources and operations, they can provide recommendations on how processes should be managed in order to optimize efficiency throughout the organization and improve performance.

Here's some projects that our expert Business Analysts made real:

  • Developed strategies to improve the customer experience with various products or services
  • Carried out feasibility studies for new projects
  • Designed systems for data collection and analysis such as financial modeling
  • Provided research information for market improvements
  • Assessed the profitability of various products
  • Evaluated the organizational structure of businesses

As you can see, Business Analysis provides companies with invaluable tools in order to increase customer satisfaction and improve overall performance. Through professional insight and data collection, our experienced Business Analysts are able to take your business to the next level. If you're looking for ways to gain control over your operations and resources, post your project in today and hire an expert Business Analyst!

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    i am setting up a craft distillery to produce craft gins, vodkas and rums i will have an onsite shop and sell gift hampers with the products and also run a tasting session from the premises

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    I'm looking for a sales executive in USA to help with the distribution of bulk cotton bedsheets from India. The ideal candidate should have 1-3 years of experience in sales. Roles and Responsibilities: - Develop comprehensive sales strategies for bulk cotton bedsheet sales - Concentrate on direct to retailers and B2B sales channels - Identify and reach out to potential clients in the target market - Build and maintain strong relationships with clients Ideal Skills and Experience: - 1-3 years of sales experience - Proven success in B2B and direct to retailer sales - Strong communication and negotiation skills - Understanding of the US retail and bedding market - Ability to work independently and remotely

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    In order to keep our business operationally efficient and consistently on track, we're seeking an individual with a strong analytical aptitude and a flair for data visualization. Your responsibility will involve: - Update our reports and status - Adding additional data fields to both reports - Updating bar and pie chart visualizations with the new data fields The ideal freelancer should have significant experience in data analysis, report generation, and creative visualization of data using bar and pie charts. The following requirements are a must: - Be communicative and have good internet connection. (We will be communicating regularly via Teams) - Good english skills (if not, Spanish or German would work, too) - Please have Teams and Excel. (that's pretty muc...

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    I need a web expert to help me determine the current market prices for websites. This project involves gathering up-to-date data on website pricing to help me make informed decisions. Key Responsibilities: - Research and compile the latest market prices for different types of websites, such as E-commerce, Informational, and Portfolio sites. - Provide a comprehensive analysis on the factors that influence these prices. - Help me understand how different features and complexities affect pricing. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in web development and design. - Strong research and analytical skills. - Familiarity with the latest trends in web technology. - Prior experience in pricing analysis or related work is a plus. Please provide a proposal detailing how you plan to approach t...

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    I'm in need of a concise PowerPoint presentation for a business topic. This presentation will be relatively short, requiring less than 10 to 12slides. The person should have little knowledge about the mutual fund industry . The topic is PMS ( Portfolio management services) in IFA industry . This topic is related to mutual funds.

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    Company Overview: Tek4s is a renowned team of seasoned professionals specializing in mechanical engineering services across diverse domains such as Aerospace, Automotive, Rail, Heavy Vehicle Engineering, Material procurement, and Manufacturing. Our innovative solutions coupled with cost optimization strategies distinguish us in the market. Catering to a broad spectrum of clientele, ranging from students to startups, MNCs, and government organizations, we excel in delivering top-notch services. Job Description: We are seeking a dynamic and results-driven Business Development Manager to join our team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for shaping and implementing our sales strategy, driving business growth, and establishing strong relationships with clients and companies in the USA...

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    I'm seeking an expert to assist with my comprehensive business operations plan for my school business, which is a large fishery and seafood company in philippines. We run our own private port, operate between 4-6 ships for exporting seafood, and export our products to various countries. Ideal candidates should have a vast knowledge in logistics management, fishery operations, and legal compliance. It would be a great advantage if you have considerable experience in the Asia-Pacific region. Key responsibilities include: - Crafting a strategic logistics management plan for our 4-6 fishing vessels - Implementing an effective fishery operations plan to optimize our production - Ensuring our business operations remain legally compliant The right candidate should have: - Proven experi...

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    I'm in need of an experienced Business Developer who can handle two key aspects of our business strategy: Market Research and Partnerships/Collaborations. Earn: 10000/month + commission + Bonus Key Responsibilities: - Conducting in-depth market research to identify opportunities in our local market. - Complete our mission on time. - Establishing and managing partnerships and collaborations with other companies. Ideal Candidate: - Can speak English. - Patience and Honest is require. - Can work from home. - Ability to search and explore Indian market.

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    As the owner of a vacation rental business, I am seeking a freelancer for a detailed business valuation report. The report should include an accurate overview of my assets and liabilities as well as clear and concise profiling of the revenue and expenditure. Ideal Skills and Experience for the job: - Exemplary competence in business analysis and valuation - An excellent understanding of the vacation rental market - Profound ability to analyze and interpret complex data - Experience using data from will be highly beneficial Please compile a report that: - Details an asset and liability evaluation - Provides a comprehensive revenue and expenditure analysis - Offers strategic and actionable insights based on the findings Your commitment to accuracy, reliability, and transparency are o...

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    I'm in urgent need of a project proposal that delves deep into the complexities of environmental issues. The proposal should not only identify but also analyze the environmental problem with a fresh perspective. Key tasks: - Identify an environmental issue: The chosen freelancer will need to select an environmental problem that is worthy of in-depth analysis. - Detailed Analysis: The main task is to provide a comprehensive and insightful analysis of the selected issue. This should include the causes, consequences, and potential solutions. - Fresh Perspective: I'm looking for an innovative approach to the issue, not just a rehash of existing information. Skills/Experience needed: - Background in Environmental Sciences: A keen understanding of environmental issues is vital for...

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    I'm seeking for a highly skilled professional who can conduct a significant business valuation for selling purposes. To aid you in this process, I'm ready to provide data regarding our annual net profit, cost structure, as well as our revenue trends. I want a comprehensive and objective valuation, which will guide me in setting a fair and marketable price for my business. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in conducting full business valuations - Strong understanding of different valuation models - Previous experience with selling businesses is preferred - Strong communication skills - Absolute confidentiality and integrity is crucial - Ability to work on a tight schedule. Please note: This project does not involve trademarks, patents, copyrights, or any other unique i...

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    I'm looking for a seasoned marketing specialist in the ladies fashion industry to help me draft a comprehensive and effective marketing plan. Our target audience is primarily young adults, so it's crucial that you have experience working with this demographic. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a marketing strategy that primarily focuses on driving online sales - Utilize your expertise in social media, email marketing, and SEO to push our brand forward - Conduct market research and understand the latest trends in ladies fashion to tailor the plan accordingly Ideal Candidate: - Proven track record in marketing for ladies fashion - Prior experience with young adult audience - Strong knowledge and skills in social media, email marketing, and SEO - Excellent research capabilities and...

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    I need a professional who can set up a comprehensive Dashboard that centralizes and visualizes information from various data sources including Excel and Google Sheets. This Dashboard will be used to monitor our operations, finances, and generate graphical reports. Key Data to Visualize: - 'Data of operation': to include Sales and Productivity. It's essential for us to track these aspects to ensure our operation is running smoothly. - 'Financial Information': emphasis on 'Cash Flow'. Understanding our financial standing is crucial for decision making and planning. Qualifications: - Proficient in creating Dashboards and integrating data from different sources - Strong understanding of operations and finance to design a functional Dashboard - Ability to tr...

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    This opportunity involves a 3-month internship commencing June 2024. This intern should not only possess a strong understanding of entrepreneurship but also demonstrate initiative, creativity, and empathy. Key duties include: • Market research • Competitor analysis • Product development The candidate's application should clearly detail their prior experience, referencing instances that demonstrate their capability. Ideal Skillset: • Superior comprehension and management of new information, • Exceptional interpretative & interpersonal skills • Strong analytical and research skills, • Evidence of being a self-starter and showing creative problem-solving abilities. • Should demonstrate empathy. We look forward to engaging a vibrant int...

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    I'm in need of a comprehensive business plan and financial forecast aimed at securing funding for my retail venture. It must be completed according to the Templates provided to me by my governement funding program. The primary target audience for this business is existing fibre art crafters suchs as knitters and crocheters, with an addittional focus of bringing new artists into the community. I have already compiled 63 Market Research surveys in my local area for use in the business plan, and have researched costs of retail space in my area. I wish to work with a freelancer that does not mind working over phone to establish details. I need help with the project because I am not able to fill out extended questionaires over text/email and being able to talk to my freelancer is an esse...

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    WIN 500$ THE BEST UNIQUE CREATIVE IDEA AND PLAN TO WIN AN ADDITIONAL1000 US$ as and award will be granted upon extraordinary projects. I’m looking at something that is out of those regular workout apps widely spread. I'm in need of a professional who can help me generate low budget, UNIQUE AMD CREATIVE yet lucrative online business ideas in the fitness and training sphere. The business should NOT offer the traditional Personal training, body building, reshaping, and Nutrition coaching programmes! UNIQUE UNIQUE UNIQUE!!! Need an outline and a vision Key Project Points: - Identify and propose new, unique, and cost-effective ideas. -Budget to begin business baby steps: 20,000$ I'm looking for a freelancer with: - Proven experience in the fitness and training industry -...

    $500 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a proficient real estate data analyst to assist me in evaluating properties for an upcoming sale or purchase. Key Requirements: - You should have a deep understanding of the real estate market and valuation techniques. - The ability to interpret and work with property transaction records is necessary. Your responsibilities would include: - Analyzing the available property transaction records and making sense of the data. - Presenting a comprehensive valuation report based on your analysis. Ideal Skills: - Real estate valuation - Data analysis - Market research in the property sector.

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    The project will involve the creation of five interactive dashboards in Power BI, focusing on various aspects of productivity benchmarking at the department, team, and individual levels. The successful bidder will demonstrate expertise in productivity benchmarks and experience in developing user-friendly Power BI dashboards. Project Scope The project will include the following deliverables: 1. **Cover Page Dashboard** - An introductory dashboard that sets the stage for the productivity benchmarking study. 2. **Practice Slide Dashboard** - A dashboard explaining different operating models within corporate banking. 3. **Department-Level Benchmarking Dashboard** - A dashboard benchmarking our Corporate Banking department against other banks based on predefined productivity metrics. ...

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    JI'm in need of an expert proficient in both Excel and Tally to handle financial analysis. The primary focus of this project is financial analysis. Therefore, you should be well-versed in leveraging the capabilities of Excel and Tally to conduct in-depth financial analysis. The ideal candidate will be able to handle tasks such as data entry, data analysis, and financial reporting in both respective softwares. Key requirements include: - Execute detailed financial analysis using Excel and Tally - Accurate data entry and management - Ability to present financial analysis in a clear and concise manner - Understanding of various financial reporting standards Your work will help us make sound financial decisions based on the insights you provide. You should have a solid track record of...

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    Confirmis () is a Singapore-based business information provider specializing in connecting businesses with global capabilities; comprised of industry veterans, Confirmis's business model is designed to overcome perennial lack of data (let alone quality data) to support effective decision-making, particularly in developing economies. As a Site Verifier, you will be responsible for verifying a company’s existence through visual data by conducting a site visit to ensure that we provide reliable and accurate information to our client. JOB DESCRIPTION: • Conduct basic verification with the subject company’s authorized representative, such as line of business, key executives' names, etc. • Take pictures of the subject company and its vicinity per Confirmis&rsqu...

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    I'm looking for a skilled Excel professional who can take on two key tasks: data analysis and visualization, and macro automation. The data you'll be working with is investment security data. Key requirements include: - Data Analysis and Visualization: You'll be responsible for creating insightful and visually appealing representations of the investment data for quick assessment. This requires a keen eye for detail and a solid understanding of how to translate data into a simple yet compelling visual. - Macro Automation: I'm looking to automate various tasks within Excel to streamline my work. This will involve creating macros that will help me manipulate, analyze, and visualize the data more effectively. In terms of project delivery, I'm looking for a freelanc...

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    I'm looking for an expert to develop a comprehensive sales plan that can effectively achieve the primary goal of increasing our revenue. This plan should focus on catering to our existing customers, making excellent use of our current line of products and services. Required Skills/Experience: - Proven track record in developing and executing successful sales plans - Strong understanding of customer retention practices - Proficient in making data-driven decisions and strategies for sales - Experience in sales management for similar products or services Overall, the perfect candidate should be able to demonstrate previous success in sales growth, articulate clear strategies to achieve the increase in revenue, and provide an actionable plan that can be promptly implemented.

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    Show us your EXISTING working dashboards and integrate that with our ERP We're looking for a talented freelancer with a pre-built dashboards. This is a fantastic opportunity to quickly boost your income by integrating your existing work into a highly functional project. The ideal candidate will have: - A visually appealing and insightful dashboard focusing on business-critical areas like Sales, Purchases, Accounts, and Inventory. - Experience integrating dashboards with PHP-based / ASP.NET based ERP software (bonus points for experience with Power BI). - A passion for data visualization and user experience. In your proposal, please include: Screenshots or a video showcasing your existing dashboard's functionalities. Are you willing to integrate with our ERP system. what you ...

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    I'm seeking a skilled freelancer with a background in Business Administration to support me with my semester project. Key Responsibilities: - Assist in data analysis, if needed. - Help in writing a paper. - Creating a presentation, if required. Ideal Candidate: - Strong experience in Business Administration and academic writing. - Previous experience delivering high-quality assignments. - Excellent data analysis and presentation skills. Please provide a detailed project proposal in your application.

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    As an investor, I am seeking a market research analyst with specific experience in the Asian stock market. Your task will be to conduct a comprehensive market analysis and provide me with insights and potential investment opportunities in this region. Key responsibilities: - Conduct detailed market analysis of the Asian stock market. - Identify market trends influencing stock movements. - Highlight potential investment opportunities based on the market analysis. Ideal Candidate: - A seasoned market research analyst. - Solid experience in Asian stock market analysis. - Proficient in identifying market trends. - Proven ability to discover investment opportunities. Please include relevant experience and previous works to support your application.

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    I'm an accountant with 17 years of experience, looking to transition into freelance work. I require a talented web developer to create a professional website that reflects my expertise and services. This will be the cornerstone of my online presence and is key to attracting a diverse range of clients. - Objective: To design and launch a professional accountant website. - Target Audience: Small businesses, startups, individuals, and larger corporations. - Required Features: - Home page with a clear value proposition. - About page detailing my experience and qualifications. - Services page outlining the accounting services I offer. - Contact page with a form for potential clients to reach out. - Testimonials section to showcase client feedback. - Blog functionality to share...

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    I'm in need of a skilled marketing professional located in Estonia to assist me with market research. The primary goal of this market research project is to analyze and understand the current market trends. Your findings will be instrumental in informing our future marketing strategies and business decisions. Key Responsibilities: - Conduct comprehensive market analysis specific to Estonia - Identify and interpret current market trends - Provide insights and recommendations based on your research Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in market research, particularly within the Estonian market - Strong analytical skills and attention to detail - Excellent understanding of marketing trends - Proficiency in both qualitative and quantitative research methods - Ability to pr...

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    I'm seeking a skilled professional to carry out a competition audit, focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of our online competitors. The main goal of the audit is to identify the strategies that are working well for them, as well as the areas where they may be underperforming. Key aspects to be analyzed include: - Website design and usability - SEO strategies and rankings - Content quality and engagement The urgency of this project cannot be overstated. I need a freelancer who can deliver thorough and comprehensive findings as soon as possible. The ideal candidate should have: - Proficiency in website analysis and SEO benchmarking - Strong eye for design and user experience - Ability to evaluate and interpret content quality - Fast turnaround time without compromising on the th...

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    I am seeking a proficient Excel expert to develop a highly functional and detailed spreadsheet to optimally manage my business. The chosen freelancer should be comfortable working with complex data and capable of creating advanced Excel solutions. The spreadsheet must comprise the following features: - Inventory tracking - Sales tracking - Payment tracking - Brokerage tracking - Expense tracking - Comprehensive price list These categories should be situated on separate sheets, to ensure a tidy and organized experience. Bear in the mind the need for intuitive navigation between these different elements. Due to the rapid pace of my business operations, I will be updating the data on these sheets daily. Consequently, the designed system should be uncomplicated to update and able to handl...

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    At our small boutique company, we lead innovation, delivering outstanding products and services. We seek an entry-junior level Project Manager to join our team and drive our ambitious projects. Role Overview As a Project Manager, you will ensure projects are delivered on time, within scope, and within budget. You will work closely with teams, stakeholders, and clients. This role includes worldwide travel, meeting new cultures, and travelling within Europe once every two months. Key Responsibilities - Lead project planning and execution. - Coordinate internal and external resources. - Develop and manage project plans. - Monitor and report on project performance. - Travel globally to meet clients and teams. Qualifications - Strong understanding of project management concepts. - Excellent...

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    I urgently need a skilled freelancer with a knack for sales. You will be selling IT technical products. Here's what the job involves: - Focusing on the technology industry. - Managing sales for technical IT products. This could range from software to hardware, and even IT consulting services. - Your audience will vary. You'll target small businesses, enterprise-level organizations, and individual consumers. The ideal freelancer for this job should have: - A proven track record in sales, preferably in the technology industry. - Excellent communication skills. - Ability to navigate varying markets, from small businesses to large corporations, and individual consumers. The above role will require you to be proactive, innovative and well conversed with the latest industry trends....

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    Confirmis () is a Singapore-based business information provider specializing in connecting businesses with global capabilities; comprised of industry veterans, Confirmis's business model is designed to overcome perennial lack of data (let alone quality data) to support effective decision-making, particularly in developing economies. As a Site Verifier, you will be responsible for verifying a company’s existence through visual data by conducting a site visit to ensure that we provide reliable and accurate information to our client. JOB DESCRIPTION: • Conduct basic verification with the subject company’s authorized representative, such as line of business, key executives' names, etc. • Take pictures of the subject company and its vicinity per Confirmis&rsqu...

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    I'm in need of an experienced Business Developer who can handle two key aspects of our business strategy: Market Research and Partnerships/Collaborations. Key Responsibilities: - Conducting in-depth market research to identify opportunities in our local market. - Complete our mission on time. - Establishing and managing partnerships and collaborations with other companies. Ideal Candidate: - Can speak English. - Patience and Honest is require. - Can work from home. - Ability to serach and sxplore Indian market.

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    Seeking an experienced BPR Analyst/Consultant to analyze, design, and implement improved business processes. Must have strong analytical skills and experience in process mapping.

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    As an organization looking to expand our undergraduate study abroad programs, we're in need of a Market Research company with experience in Pakistan and the Middle East. The ideal candidate will be able to help us determine where most people in these regions search for study abroad options. Key Responsibilities: - Conduct extensive market research in Pakistan and the Middle East - Identify the most popular platforms and channels for finding study abroad options - Analyze the main factors that are influencing study abroad decisions in these regions Requirements: - Proven experience in market research within Pakistan and the Middle East - Strong understanding of the factors influencing decisions in the education sector - Excellent analytical skills and the ability to translate data in...

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    I'm seeking a qualified accountant for a financial audit of my small business. The key tasks for this project include: - Conducting a thorough financial audit of the business - Providing detailed and clear audit reports Ideal candidates for this project should: - Have a strong background in accounting - Possess experience in conducting financial audits specifically - Demonstrate excellent attention to detail and analytical skills. Please note that my business is a small enterprise, so familiarity with the dynamics and specific needs of small businesses is essential.

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    I'm in need of a financial analyst who can delve into my company's last quarter financials. Key requirements: ==== irr cash proft equity multiple profit on cost proft on GDV % ============ - Analyze profitability, cash flow, and return on investment for the specified period. - Present insights clearly and concisely, highlighting key findings, trends, and potential areas for improvement. - Be able to complete the project from Base Quarter 1 to Base Quarter 10. Ideal Skills: - Strong financial analysis background. - Proficiency in interpreting financial data. - Ability to work efficiently and meet deadlines. - Experience with presenting financial insights in an understandable manner.

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    I'm heading into a new venture, starting a product based business. However, the industry for the product is still to be determined, and I need guidance. - Business Plan Creation: Experience in creating comprehensive business plans, including financial forecasting and market analysis, would be vital. - Product Development: I'm looking for someone with adept experience in product development, helping to conceptualize and bring to the market a winning product. - Business Launching: I'd appreciate if you could provide assistance and advice for launching the business. - Project Management: Monitoring the progress and communicating with all the stakeholders would be part of your responsibility. Overall, I need someone who can be a bridge between my vision and the tangible...

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    We are looking for a skilled freelancer to assist in analyzing and improving our company's operations. The consultant will conduct a thorough assessment of our current processes, document procedures and policies, and provide recommendations for efficiency and compliance enhancements. Business Process Assessment | Documentation of Procedures & Polices PROVIDE PROOF OF YOUR EXPERIENCE Maximum Fee $100 Scope of Work: 1. Initial Consultation: - Meet to discuss our company's objectives and challenges, and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for confidentiality. 2. Diagnostic Analysis: - Review our organization's structure, workflows, technology, and compliance measures to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. 3. Business Process Assessment:...

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    I require a diligent freelancer proficient in data mining and Excel to gather company financial statements for all companies within a specified sector. You'll need to present this data in an Excel spreadsheet, ensuring accuracy and completeness of the data. A strong understanding of business finance and familiarity with various financial statements is essential. Key responsibilities include: - Research and data mining for company financial statements - Compiling all findings in an Excel spreadsheet - Ensuring data accuracy and completeness Ideal skills: - Proficiency in Excel - Comfortable with financial lingo and statements - Strong attention to detail - Extensive research and data mining capabilities.

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    I'm on the lookout for an experienced E-commerce expert who can assist me in setting up and managing a dropshipping business. I'll be selling a combination of physical and digital products through Amazon and Shopify, so familiarity with both platforms is a must. Key Responsibilities: - Create a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing E-commerce store on Shopify and Amazon. - Integration with payment processors, shipping and fulfillment services, and email marketing tools for smooth operations. - Manage dropshipping business effectively. - Ensure high level of customer satisfaction. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in setting up and managing E-commerce stores, especially on Shopify and Amazon. - Adept at integrating payment processors, shipping and fulfillment services, and email mar...

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    As the owner of an online exercise business, I am seeking a freelancer well-versed in online marketing to increase our client base from adults to active seniors. - Goals The primary aim is to increase our customer footprint through effective marketing strategies. - Target Audience Our primary focus is adults and active seniors, keen on keeping fit and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. - Our Platform Currently, we execute our business through our website. - Skills Required The ideal candidate should have a profound understanding of user engagement strategies and know-how of leveraging website-based marketing. Experience in the fitness industry is a plus. Please provide references of past projects that targeted a similar demographic. A sense of innovation and creativity will be highl...

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    I need a professional market researcher to carry out comprehensive competitor and market segmentation analysis in the retail sector of Iraq. The focus will be on: 1. Competitor Analysis: Understanding competitor's pricing strategies, and their approach to marketing and sales. Ideally, the candidate should have a background in retail, with prior experience in competitive analysis. 2. Market Segmentation: In addition, I need insights into the market segmentation of the retail space in Iraq. The candidate should be skilled in data analysis and familiar with market segmentation strategies. Your detailed findings will inform our strategic business decisions as we seek to understand our competition better and carve out a niche in the market. Experience in Middle Eastern markets will be c...

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    Iraq Market Research : I'm looking to understand the latest product trends in the retail industry, with a focus on consumers' purchasing habits. This research will be integral in shaping our company's future product development and should be thorough and data driven. I'm seeking someone who has: - Extensive experience in market research, specifically in the retail sector - A thorough understanding of current retail product trends - Proven ability to analyze and interpret purchasing habits data - Flawless communication skills for clear and concise reporting of findings Your responsibilities will involve: - Tracking and analyzing current product trends in retail - Studying consumer purchasing habits related to these trends - Providing a comprehensive report on these fin...

    $10 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    As an avid investor in Bitcoin and Ethereum, I require a talented market analyst specialising in cryptocurrency. The main aspect of the job will be providing daily reports on: - Market Trends: Delving into these cryptocurrencies, I need an expert who can decipher the change in investor attitudes, market movements and other macro factors that may be coming into play. - Trading Volume: Understanding the buying and selling quantities of these cryptocurrencies in the market on a daily basis is crucial for my investment decisions. To thrive in this project, you will need a strong understanding of cryptocurrency market analysis and can work with a daily reporting schedule. With your analytical skills, you can help me make well-informed decisions.

    $33 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    22 bids

    I'm in search of a highly experienced stock market analyst to assist me in creating sound investment strategies and keeping track of market trends. Key Responsibilities: - Crafting investment strategies: I need you to craft comprehensive and effective investment strategies that align with my financial goals and risk appetite. - Monitoring market trends: Being an expert, I trust you to keep a close eye on market trends and make timely recommendations that can help optimize my investment decisions. Ideal Candidate: - Expert level experience: I'm looking for someone who has a proven track record of success in the stock market. - Highly analytical: You should possess strong analytical skills and the ability to make strategic decisions under pressure. - Excellent communicator: ...

    $138 (Avg Bid)
    $138 Avg Bid
    18 bids
    Weekly Stock Market Insights 5 days left

    Produce a detailed weekly report analyzing current stock market trends, significant movements, and potential investment opportunities.

    $24 (Avg Bid)
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    18 bids

    I am in need of a professional freelancer who can help me create a compelling acquisition proposal for a service-based company. The primary goal of this proposal is to acquire a talented team and add a new business startup.. Key Requirements: - Experience in creating business acquisition proposals - Proven track record in the acquisition of service-based companies - Strong understanding of the service industry

    $5 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking a market research specialist to analyze the feasibility and market fit of a forthcoming automated legal contract generator, tailored specifically for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Key Research Objectives: - Identify the target market segment: The primary focus of the research should be to pinpoint exactly who faces the challenge that this product aims to address. - Determine the timing: Understanding when these potential customers encounter this problem will be crucial for our marketing strategy. - Assess the impact: I need insights into how this problem impacts the daily operations of the target market, and how severe the consequences are. - Gauge the severity: It's vital to determine the level of seriousness of the problem this product aims to solve. Resea...

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    $446 Avg Bid
    50 bids

    Position Overview: We are seeking an experienced and motivated Property Manager to join our dynamic team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for overseeing the daily operations of residential and commercial properties, ensuring they are well-maintained, efficiently run, and in compliance with all applicable regulations. The Property Manager will be the primary point of contact for property owners and tenants, handling all aspects of property management with professionalism and excellence. Key Responsibilities: Tenant Relations: Serve as the primary point of contact for tenants, addressing inquiries, resolving issues, and ensuring high levels of tenant satisfaction. Property Maintenance: Oversee and coordinate maintenance and repairs, ensuring properties are in optimal condition and...

    $415 (Avg Bid)
    $415 Avg Bid
    14 bids

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