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C# is a well-known programming language from Microsoft Corporation, built within the .NET initiative. There are many commercial projects these days that are built with the C# programming environment. Your business might be developed using C#, in which case it would do well to hire expert freelancer\'s help for coding in C#. An expertC# freelance programmer can help your business quite skillfully and cost effectively.

If you can work under pressure, are an expert at working on C# projects, Freelancer.com supplies freelancers with thousands of projects and clients from all over the world looking to use your expertise to have their jobs done professionally and settling for nothing but the best.

If you believe you can do that, then start bidding on C# projects and get paid with an average of $200 per project depending on the size and nature of your work.

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    Hi all, We need to develop an web application as an extension to Desktop application. We will provide you the Database Design and support. You guys only need to design front end UI, Services , APIs etc.. everything related to Database (ex DB design, creating stored procedures etc.. ) we will do. You only need to mention the input and output, we will develop the stored procedures to handle it. Need a dedicate member or team, for exclusive handling of this project. (Part time freelancer please excuse). This project need to be finished in one month, thats why we are finding people to help. Required Specialisation: C# - [url removed, login to view] - MVC Architecture Please see attached documents Read it fully, then quote ur complete amount and time duration

    $1174 - $2348
    $1174 - $2348
    0 bids

    Require development of in-house HRIS ERP in [url removed, login to view] (Visual Studio) or [url removed, login to view] with added skill in C, C++ (initially window-based front end, later on may migrate to web-based front end) and backend in MS SQL Server, with reporting in Crystal Reports & other latest tools. Should have basic to good domain knowledge of Payroll and HR.

    $6485 (Avg Bid)
    $6485 Avg Bid
    5 bids

    I am looking for a development + support - Kinect + Unity Dressing Room. you can search examples on youtube. One with terminator looks most realistic :). The delivery of this project is within 25 days. so also please consider if you have time in next days to finish this development. Please have a look into the files in upload section for a quick understanding.

    $563 (Avg Bid)
    $563 Avg Bid
    13 bids

    i need a pine-script transformed into a c#-script. it is used for automated trading and the script itselfs isnt too long.

    $110 (Avg Bid)
    $110 Avg Bid
    9 bids

    We are looking for someone with *PRIOR EXPERIENCE* to a deliver on short notice, an E-Appraisal Software on [url removed, login to view] platform (C#, MVC), with MS SQL Server as back-end database. Project to be delivered with source code. The E-Appraisal system should be easy to use and have good functional specs, with appraisal and departmental analytical reports available. If you had done one such E-Appraisal system before, please send the demo/evaluation/URL for our consideration. We may have additional customization scopes to suit our specific requirements. [Please do not bid and ask me for the RS Document. We want to select from bidders with pre-available functions to offer us.]

    $890 (Avg Bid)
    $890 Avg Bid
    20 bids

    Modify NOMP cryptocurrency mining pool code, coin daemon code, and a crypto mining client as needed to achieve successful block mining of html hybrid coin blocks on mining server. This coin is a hybrid coin with segwit using the double sha256 algorithm. Since I will be paying for this, I obviously don't want the code posted or shared online anywhere such as on github. I currently have a server up and running and am able to mine with successful shares, but I get an error when submitblock rpc call is made. I will share what I have so far with whoever I choose to work with. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank-you!

    $452 (Avg Bid)
    $452 Avg Bid
    14 bids

    I need call 1 url with soap request in simple console aplication. I need you write this simple app for me urgent! Please bid only if you be true professional and have expirience!!! Thank you!

    $63 (Avg Bid)
    $63 Avg Bid
    9 bids

    I have 5 asp:gridviews with some C# code behind that I need converted to Telerik RadGrid grids and the C# Code behind updated to work with RadGrid.

    $24 (Avg Bid)
    $24 Avg Bid
    7 bids

    Display notifications on bootstrap modal Pop up when ever sql job runs.

    $99 (Avg Bid)
    $99 Avg Bid
    16 bids

    1) Click [url removed, login to view] 2) Enter: Input a string of characters to create a name 3) Press: Continue 4) Complete / bypass Robot Test Then repeat

    $18 (Avg Bid)
    $18 Avg Bid
    4 bids
    Simple API program -- 2 6 days left

    there is site called : [url removed, login to view] , this is trading site for currencies... i need program that i can input into it that i want to sell/buy when price reach specific amount..and make loop into it. ex. USD/EUR : .5 , i need application to buy EUR with my USD if price go to .4 , and then sell USD again if price up to .6 ... details of API available on : [url removed, login to view]

    $55 (Avg Bid)
    $55 Avg Bid
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    The business intelligence platform must accomplish the following general objectives: 1. Multilanguage solution that will ensure a business intelligence platform to be roled out in several markets/ countries that allows: a. Data entry in a front end environment; b. Data processing based on defined indicators and metrics; c. The production of standardized communication and management reports. 2. The BI technology solution must ensure the connection and communication of data in a distribution network environment: a. NSC will have access to the global and individual data of dealerships, and should be able to search and get structured information through query`s in the system: i. by region; ii. by skill; iii. by proficiency level per each skill, defining breaks; iv. by business performance indicators; v. by level of gap`s identified; vi. by the functional sector; vii. by functional role; b. Have access individual data through a report. c. The added value of the platform is to allow the identification of key skills gap`s and business gap`s to improve performance through on time management measures and corrections. 3. The two layers of information, and their reports, are derived from the quarterly assessment of human resources and from the crossing of data through defined metrics and indicators with business data, which will produce a second layer of information to be reported. 4. The users of the front end - to be made available - will be professionals with low or medium technological literacy, so a friendly and intuitive environment must be ensured so that resistance to the introduction of data in a timely manner is not created. 5. The BI solution must ensure the possibility of entering data offline, processing them as soon as it finds a connection point to the server where the information will be stored. Expected Results User-friendly smart BI technological tool. Deliverables • Proposal for the BI solution to best cover up the TOR`s need´s – with advantages and disadvantages analysis and the total cost of ownership analysis. • BI architecture drawing • Development of the BI platform • BI platform testing More information will be given has needed. Project value is negotiable.

    $5167 (Avg Bid)
    $5167 Avg Bid
    3 bids

    I have a contact page that needs to send an email. However, I do not want to post back the page. I require the following: When user clicks the send button, make an AJAX call to the web API to send the email and return a confirmation to the user. Note: All the UI is there. Previously used C# code is also commented at the bottom of the [url removed, login to view] page for reference in case it helps. This C# code was used to do the same jon in [url removed, login to view], so it may well be copied to the api if it helps. The broject is 38mb and too big to attach here

    $22 (Avg Bid)
    $22 Avg Bid
    21 bids

    Hello, I need an API (JSON, http post) into a loan network. Integration guide available. I have 2 which need doing. but start with the first API. No time wasters. Please only bid oyu know API requests etc for an application FORM. Thanks

    $699 (Avg Bid)
    $699 Avg Bid
    29 bids

    This app has to disable native Android screen lock. All types of screen lock have to be addressed: pattern, fingerprint, numeric, etc. This app must work on Android 7 (Nought) and Android 8 (Oreo). Finished project - working app on Android 7+ and the source code.

    $125 (Avg Bid)
    $125 Avg Bid
    11 bids

    BE-CAREFUL!! PLEASE READ ALL DETAILS BEFORE YOU BID THIS PROJECT. - C# or [url removed, login to view] Windows Form Application. - Full Application ready for use with keygen / activation modules. - Capture photos / Record to database only over/less than the limit. - Can adjust the speed limit (More or less) in km/h - easy menu to adjust and draw calibration any environment and any ONVIF camera. - Support RTSP Live Streaming (High bit rate) without any lagging problem and auto refresh video if it has any unexpected problems. (Will be high bitrate from LAN and Internet Sites) - Support MP4 / AVI files with playlist function. - Show the list / Double click to show the captured evidence - Detect License plate and capture with the best photo (no need to read as text our staff will read it manual) - Evidence will be 2 photos with highest resolution (Same as the file attached with better photo beautiful and keep 16:9 ratio) - Interface like this : [url removed, login to view] - Having Web Interfaces that's show the lists of overspeed vehicle and show the lastest car. - Error not more than 2km/h (will test with Lidar before Milestone released.) - This project will use as REAL LAW ENFORCEMENT. (May request Calibration Certification in the future.) - Another function that's needed for this project. Condition before you bidding : - Milestone will upload after you have been selected - Milestone will released after you sent us the debug files and we've checked (with Lidar Ground test and software performance tested.) - Send the Source code after Milestone was released without full files with any library. - Support after 1 month. - Project completed all within 20 days. - Checker process / Edit the issue must completed within 30 days.

    $2928 (Avg Bid)
    $2928 Avg Bid
    14 bids

    WILL SIMPLY NEED TO REWRITE OR MODIFY SSIS PROJECT - MANY THINK IT WILL BE SIMPLIER TO REWRITE THE SSIS PACKAGE - 6 CSV FILES INTO 6 TABLES - *********** MUST BE ABLE TO WORK AND COMPLETE IN NEXT 24 HOURS ***************** I would estimate (6-10 hours of work) depending on your experience / level MUST BE A SSIS PROFESSIONAL MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH [url removed, login to view] WE are missing data in our websites not sure why - you will have to debug and trace where those issues are at and fix the situation. SSIS PULLS FROM TXT / CSV FILES and imports into SQL Server 2012 - we are missing data

    $189 (Avg Bid)
    $189 Avg Bid
    10 bids

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