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    I want to learn how to run cuda MATLAB code.

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    MPI using pthreads -- 2 6 days left

    o Use totally 4 threads on any virtual server gcc myprog.c –o myprog –lpthread ./myprog LENGTH o Parameter LENGTH indicates the string length (Be careful: it could be any number). o Inside the program, randomly generate the string (Let’s use upper-case letters). o Master thread prints out the whole string on the screen. o Master thread may not participate the sorting (up to you) o Thread 3 might receiver a shorter substring o Master thread needs to merge all sorted substrings for a completely sorted string. o Master thread prints out the sorted string on the screen.

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    1) Must be EU based due to nature of the project. Do not apply if not. 2) No agencies. Whatsoever. Freelancers only. • Applied knowledge of IBM z/OS; experience using ISPF, SDSF, JCL and SMP/e (*) • Applied knowledge of Advanced system-level z/OS Assembler (HLASM) Programming skills (*) • Applied knowledge of Advanced system-level z/OS XL C/C++; Metal C Programming skills; including use of POSIX Threads (*) • Advanced z/OS system level diagnostics, problem determination and debugging with experience in the use of z/OS console commands, IPCS and XDC (*) • Applied knowledge of IBM z/OS Assembler Programming – using 24, 31, and 64-bit memory models (*) • Applied knowledge of IBM z/OS Authorized Assembler Services (*) • Applied knowledge of z/OS DFSORT Application Exits (E15,E35) (*) • Demonstrable skills in debugging multi-tasking, multi-address space environments (*) • Applied knowledge or z/series I/O technology and z/OS implementation to include (*): • In-depth knowledge of z/OS DASD and Tape systems configurations • Knowledge of EXCP, Channel Programs and IO traces. • Applied Knowledge of Dataspaces, use of Coupling Facility structures and XCF; IP Socket layer communications including SNMP, SMTP (*) • Applied knowledge of z/OS TSO/E REXX (*) • Applied knowledge of z/OS UNIX System Services (*) • Applied knowledge of z/OS V2R2 ISPF Dialog development (*) • Web Development experience (*) • Strong English communication skills (*) • Commercial software vendor experience

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    cuda parallel programing. i have a school project that runs on visual studio 2010 in c languague. so far i developed the project with openMp. i need to parallel 3 or 2 functions from my code to cuda . i allready started the cuda ([url removed, login to view]) inside the sln project so you can start from there. i attach my project to here. no git copies will accepted and the cuda code should run in the project from the visual studio 2010 . i also attach inside the rar : the input([url removed, login to view]) and the output that should stay the same after using cuda!!! the functions that need to be convered to cuda are: evaluateQM(), calculateDiamisterOfClusters(), assignProductsToClusters()

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    We require a Python coded silent exploit builder to convert executable files extensions to .doc and PDF file extensions that can be opened with any version of MS office Word and adobe reader. Nowadays, organizations set Cyber Security as a major priority. We want to be aware of the vulnerabilities our systems may have, as they should. We want to be steps ahead and have the ability to expose all the vulnerabilities inside a PDF Reader and enhance your our security. Milestone will be created and will be released after you provide the full source code.

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    I am doing Nuclei segmentation with deep learning(Torch7). I have a source code which is working on my test images well. now I want to train the code with my own images. my problem is I can not understand the code in training part and couldn't train the system with my own images. I need help in understanding the code and training the system with my own images. I have the source code, dataset and the paper which described a little. thanks.

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    I would like to check the speedup when performing an interpolation of data in my shared memory. All the required data are available on the shared memory. Just interpolation is required followed by storing them to the global memory.

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    I am researcher in teh field of medical imaging and parallel computing. Ineed help for coding in implementing denoising filter for MR image. The dead line is 30th nov.

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    I want a perfect project running in Mininet / Opnet, that shows DDoS attack with some attacking tools. The model should consists of 100 nodes, where 35 are attacker PCs and rest are legitimate users. Legitimate users and attackers should be differentiated on the basis of their IP address / MAC address. A list of attackers should be generated. This list than should be used for mitigation of DDoS in future, by implementing a genetic algorithm. I wish to implement either Ant Colony algorithm or a Differential algorithm. Still implementing any genetic algorithm / machine learning algorithm other then the mentioned two is also okay! I want an original algorithmic set up in Cloud environment. Preferable coding is in JAVA and R studio programming is also acceptable. Working model with testbed setup, with documentation about explaining the steps of implementation are mandatory submission with the working project code. I even expect a paper or material the model must have been thought of implementing with a comparative analysis about how the model prepared is better than the other model that is already implemented. The above work in original is expected in 15 days.

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    link a python program and c++ programs involving graphs, creating a random generator that sends input to these programs.

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    This is straightforward assignment to derive secret using Quadratic Residue knowledge. Formula: c = (s ^ r) mod p - s is the secret (an integer) to be encrypted using above formula - r is a random 500-bit number - p is a random 500-bit prime number - c is the ciphertext computed using this formula Above design is vulnerable, because attacker can calculate the value of s if he/she got enough pairs of <c, p> values. There are 3 tasks: Part 1: Later, I will provide a text file of 30 groups of <c, p> values. We only know s is an integer in the interval of [2410, 2459], but do not know which value is it. The mission is to write a Python program to derive the value of s, using those 30 groups of <c, p> values as inputs. Remarks: 1. Hint: you MUST use the knowledge of Quadratic residue. I can provide some reference to explain Quadratic residue if you need. 2. I can provide a short and simple Python code that how c, r, and p are generated. 3. This is not a brute force mission. You cannot simply compute the values from 2410 to 2459 and compare the outputs. 4. After last, write a concise and clear summary of algorithm at comment or in a separate file. Part 2: In part 1, the 30 random r’s were chosen so that s can be identified. Actually, if the 30 r’s are chosen uniformly and randomly, then there is a chance that we cannot uniquely identify s using 30 tuples. The probability of successful identification increases with large number of <c, p> tuples. Based on part 1, the mission is to give the least number of tuples required in order to achieve 99% of success, and explain it. You can write down the answer analytically without writing a new code. Part 3: Same as part 2, but the interval size of s increases into 10^6. The mission is still to write down the answer analytically.

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    Cuda Expert Needed Ended

    Hi. How are you? I need a senior cuda developer needed for ongoing project. Will share Details on PM. Looking forward to hear from you back soon.

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    We need a cryptocurrency miner for GPU with feature parity with [url removed, login to view] Requirements: * Support NVidia CUDA & OpenCL (AMD) * Rest API (for controlling) * Compile and run on Windows, Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) * Clean source code & GIT history, developed from scratch * Similar level of performance (hash rate) compared to Excavator This miner will be eventually be open-sourced (in the near future). We will retain the copyright but will credit you as the author. It'll be a good opportunity for you to build a portfolio too. [url removed, login to view] does not support uploading binaries to contests. Please PM to arrange Bitbucket repository.

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    Hi ThanassisKalv, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Implement Image segmentation using K-means clustering and Region growing algorithm with MATLAB CUDA.(parallel computing/processing)

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    I need the development of a software with its source code that through a webcam can detect the people who are in front of the camera and predict the age, gender and whether or not they smile. If you need more information you can request it.

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    qt optimization c++ Ended

    qt is required c++ is required good communictaion is required having gud knowledge of memory and OS based optimizations gud knowledge of data structures is needed Thanks

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    OpenGL Mathematics project for matrix expression and calculation using C/C++. I'll provide the rest details.

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    We are working on a program for the simulation of mechanisms. We are interested in having a GUI for the program. We want to develop an application-form type of interface for entering the data with simulation results in the form of curves and graphics animations of automatically generated shapes from an established and upgradable database. A developer with both a scientific background and a game programming experience is expected. Knowledge of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) to program shaders that simulate real-life objects moving under the laws of physics is needed. Ability to develop a complete virtual 3D world with terrain, and a dynamic environment that the user can explore and interact with is a plus. High command in Qt, C++, CUDA. Knowledge of MATLAB is a plus.

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    I need some Matlab codes to cypher and decipher information using elliptic curve cryptography.

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