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    Construction draws 6 days left

    Draw up series of sketches related to construction works

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $20 / hr Avg Bid
    7 bids
    Character design 6 days left

    I need to design animal character called (Rammol) it is a Arabic name for oryx ghazal The “Rammol” character is a super hero who is helping others from the bad guys. I need this character to use in comics story after I accept the character. If anyone knows (Majed magazine) he will know the concept what I need by taking a look at “gambol” character.

    $107 (Avg Bid)
    $107 Avg Bid
    32 bids

    Hi there, I need a logo designed for a new podcast called "Community Theater Heroes". About the Podcast: Community Theater Heroes (CTH) is a new podcast that interviews theater companies, directors, actors, playwrights, and other theater artists in the Pacific Northwest (Portland, OR & Seattle, WA) with the hopes of branching out to more national audiences and theater companies. REQUIREMENTS: - Size: 1400x1400 - Design it for scalability. (I.e. It is still clear and eye catching even if it is shrunk down to 125x125 pixels) - JPG and PNG versions - Eye-catching, but, not overly complicated. It should be easily printed on a black T-Shirt for example. - Use the name "Community Theater Heroes" or abbreviation "CTH" - Even though it is a podcast, I would prefer that the logo was more ambiguous and did not include a microphone or anything to indicate that it is a podcast. Just in case we are to use the logo anywhere else. IDEAS FOR INSPIRATION: - Theater lights/spotlights - Silhouettes of performers/actors - Theater seats - A stage(s), curtains, fly-rail (ropes) - Cool Typography I am attaching several graphics that I find eye-catching and/or interesting. Maybe they can serve as some sort of inspiration? I am not really sure what I am looking for but, I am hoping the graphics I am attaching will help give you an idea of the types of logos we like. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I will always respond within 6-12 hours at the latest. Thanks so much!

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    $50 Avg Bid
    63 entries

    I need drawings made of human body I can use for both brint work and also on website. The purpose of the drawings is to use the images of the human body to show pressure areas. I want a drawing of a mans arm from behind, so showing the elbow. I want a drawing of a mans chest and abdomen area. I want a drawing of the back of a woman I want a drawing of a womans legs from both the back side (including the butt) and another of the front side. both of these should show the feet. As you can see from the samples, it is a very natural looking person.

    $180 (Avg Bid)
    $180 Avg Bid
    42 bids

    I need some graphic design. For my mobile game app

    $100 (Avg Bid)
    $100 Avg Bid
    13 bids
    draw something 3 days left

    need someone who can draw and colour well to draw something like a bed...

    $83 (Avg Bid)
    $83 Avg Bid
    26 bids

    I am a children's book author looking for an illustrator to help create characters, scenes and bring words to life.

    $166 (Avg Bid)
    $166 Avg Bid
    67 bids
    Trophy icon Angel themed horse line drawing 3 days left

    I need a line drawing of your version of a horse as an angel theme. The horse itself will be the angel, not 2 separate entities. Just need a line drawing, no need for significant detail. The design chosen will be the rendering for a small die-cast silver charm. Not possible to do too much detail in the molding. Very simple: a line drawing, no color necessary of what you see as a horse as an angel. Enter as many times as you want! The one I like the most wins. No need for edits. Give me your best idea! EDIT: I seem to be getting different variations of the same pose. At this point, it will be the person who does something different that stands out enough to win. Be creative! EDIT: 2 OF THE FIRST 3 ENTRIES WERE TAKEN FROM STOCK IMAGE SITES. I WILL BE SEARCHING TO MAKE SURE ENTRIES ARE NOT COPIED WORKS. IF YOU SUBMIT A COPIED WORK, YOU WILL BE REPORTED! HONEST ARTISTS ONLY!

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    $50 Avg Bid
    51 entries

    Logo Brief Please design a HAND DRAWN Logo with 2 variations for a brand of baby clothes made in France. I need 2 variations of the logo : - A small one for the website , clothes labels, etc (just the name and simple graphic image) - A bigger one with a lot of details in the image, name and slogan. - to be printed on the gift boxes (A4 size) and also printed on tote bags. (Both logos have to be similar.) Brand identity: -Made in France -High end product -High quality -Sophisticated but playful -Modern Colors : -Please have a look at the color schemes I provided as examples. I’m open to other color schemes as well; these are just examples of what I like. -No pastel colors, no super bright colors, we are creating a modern and sophisticated brand of baby clothes! -Has to unisex -Please provide both logos in black and white and color. Style : Hand drawn Please have a look at the PDF for examples of what I like and don’t like! Components of the logos: -The brand name : Bébé Français ( Accents and cedilla are important, please make sure you include them even if you use capital letters) -For the big logo please include the slogan : Fabriqué en France -Graphic image ( hand drawn style), I like “skylines” of France, illustration of villages, etc as you will see in the PDF. Have a look at the logo that I made ( last logo on page 2) you can use this as an inspiration but make it better. I would like the logo to be enclosed in a shape like a circle or an hexagone. Exemples of 2 variations: - For the small logo : a basic skyline, just the outline of the buildings - For the big logo : same skyline but with a lot of details in the buildings, patterns, etc ( it will be printed in A4 size) Font Hand drawn style. I like capital letters but I’m ok with cursives too. I am currently using a font called Metafors with all capital letters but you are free to create or use another one (FONT : [url removed, login to view][]=10&l[]=1&text=B%C9B%C9+FRAN%C7AIS) TO SUM UP : -Focus on the Made in France, sophisticated, modern aspect of the brand. Please include 4 variations : -Small logo black and white -Small logo color - Big logo black and white -Big logo color Please include a lot of details for the big logo. Feel free to submit different entries if you have different ideas and don’t hesite to send me a message if you need clarification on some points. Good luck!

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    $50 Avg Bid
    10 entries

    Hi...i need small building line art drawing done quickly..i have a budget of 10 for this only bid if you are okay with the budget for this

    $10 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $10 / hr Avg Bid
    13 bids

    I am getting rings for me and my girlfriend. I want them to be custom made puzzle matching rings. You put the rings together that make one picture. On ring has half of the picture to other has the other half of picture. That being said I want our logo to be of half Winnie the pooh and have mickey. I can't draw and this is surprise for her. I need someone to draw the logo.

    $60 (Avg Bid)
    $60 Avg Bid
    2 bids

    I'm looking for part time help to paint some designs on terracotta pots for a part-time business. Work will be at your own time and from home, we just need delivery once or twice a week. We will pay a fixed cost per pot so the take home wages depends entirely on your capacity.

    $21 (Avg Bid)
    $21 Avg Bid
    7 bids

    We are looking for a sketch artist who can make pencil sketch. Important - you have to make sketch by viewing the person live on webcam or video call. You dont have to make sketch from photos. It will be original person sitting in front of you on webcam. And you have to make sketch of him or her. We need this on regular basis.

    $22 (Avg Bid)
    $22 Avg Bid
    14 bids
    Sketch Character Portraits 2 days left

    I need someone to come up with 3 fantasy characters and sketch them. The character classes are: - Warrior - Tanker - Healer I will provide references of characters from other games, and give description of what I like most to ease up the design

    $377 (Avg Bid)
    $377 Avg Bid
    31 bids

    Hello, There! The logo that needs to be created is of a skin care product ( moisturizer anti-aging cream and few others) . IF the products works well for me than I can also continue to use the name for a future Spa. The product has a inspiration from the ancient recipe of Ayurveda ( Science of Life) this is practiced in India. "EARTH RADIANCE" is the name to this biz that I want a logo to be created. The color schemes is Crisp/fresh Green and Blue color wit a hint of Gold. The product is 100% natural and organic in nature. Lets see the creative ideas you guys have to offer. Looking forward too. Thank you, Shweta

    $72 (Avg Bid)
    $72 Avg Bid
    32 bids

    I need someone to do 3 hand sketch design of landscape for me Ideally sketching the landscape and atmosphere from my guideline , 3 a4 pictures size. 1 bird eye view picture 1 river side picture 1 inside building picture hand sketch with color picture , heritage asian style.

    $126 (Avg Bid)
    $126 Avg Bid
    30 bids

    We're looking for a Concept Artist / Illustrator to take our ideas/inspiration and make original sketches or illustrations in front/side/back views. These sketches/illustrations will be used as references for our 3d mesh modeling work. This project will be for Gladiator/Viking inspired armor design. Opportunity for more projects based off performance on this one.

    $102 (Avg Bid)
    $102 Avg Bid
    70 bids
    i need artist 1 day left

    i need a drawing with color of a person face on martin luther king body with a a canada landscape for background preaching with a background will email attachment for more details

    $55 (Avg Bid)
    $55 Avg Bid
    11 bids
    Trophy icon Turn Baby into Baby Bunny 2 days left

    Hi, this picture of a baby in the pea pod submitted needs to be turned into a bunny face and ears in the same pea pod. It is for the cover of a book so it needs to match the rest of the artwork on the cover.(submitted) I need a high resolution pdf returned of baby bunny in AI/ pdf. I would like the baby bunny to be looking at you when you are looking at it. Baby Bunny pictures (submitted below): I like the white one with black ears and a gray nose. [url removed, login to view];_ylt=AwrTcYEeylNaH0YAlPOInIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTIzcHRsc3IwBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZAMwZDdiYzMzNTlhNmU4YzY1MzU3OGE4YTZhM2Q4NGMxYwRncG9zAzI0BGl0A2Jpbmc-?.origin=&back=https%3A%2F%[url removed, login to view]%2Fsearch%2Fimages%3Fp%3Dbaby%2Bbunny%26fr%3Diphone%26tab%3Dorganic%26ri%3D24&w=730&h=912&imgurl=[url removed, login to view]%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2015%2F09%2Fcutest-bunny-rabbits-14.jpg&rurl=http%3A%2F%[url removed, login to view]%2Fcutest-bunny-rabbits%2F&size=109.9KB&name=35+Of+The+Cutest+%3Cb%3EBunny%3C%2Fb%3E+%3Cb%3ERabbits%3C%2Fb%3E&p=baby+bunny&oid=0d7bc3359a6e8c653578a8a6a3d84c1c&fr2=&fr=iphone&tt=35+Of+The+Cutest+%3Cb%3EBunny%3C%2Fb%3E+%3Cb%3ERabbits%3C%2Fb%3E&b=0&ni=21&no=24&ts=&tab=organic&sigr=11d3erhkq&sigb=12ms756da&sigi=1273gsi5f&sigt=11c3557nm&sign=11c3557nm&.crumb=JKMZHuboKPq&fr=iphone

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    Writing a major biography of a chaplain during the Korean War. Need maps of all his movements with the 1st Cavalry Division from July 1950 until his death in a POW camp in May of 1951. Will use some standard military denotations and symbols but also need it readable for the average layperson that just wants to see the locations described in the text. Maps will show the entire peninsula from Pusan in the south, all the way up to the Yalu River border of China in North Korea. Lots of close up maps of battles and events along the way during the war. These maps need to be very clean and professional as they will have the opportunity to be included in a book to be published by a major publishers and the potential to be a bestseller. Pay to be determined. I will have to have a sample/prototype approved before hiring. Looking to have about 20 maps made by about the end of the summer. All are to be actual maps for a non-fiction biography following all major battles in the first year of the Korean War - June 1950 - summer 1951 mostly.

    $3883 (Avg Bid)
    $3883 Avg Bid
    9 bids

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