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    To call Python Mibian Library function in Excelfor calculation

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    Hello, I made file in excel lets say it consists of Name Price ex1 current_price(updated from data web source every 1 min) Please visit here [url removed, login to view]@tomshwom/excel-portfolio-how-to-get-live-prices-and-stats Anyone can teach me how to do this in excel ? please show one example made by you

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    1. I have already Schneider Electric custom reports in MS Reports Builder. Under Production Reports, Trend Log Comparison needs to be modified to list the Date and Times and Temperature Values instead of Date and Time and Average Temperature. Now by the Time there is a Plus Sign for expanding the Average Temperature to have a detail listing. When manual done, the listing is shown. in Temperature values. However, we need to have the reports generated automatically and eliminate having to manually expand the Plus Sign.

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    Need a project Excel VBA for the people....

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    I would like to design an excel dashboard of key financial information to be reported to the board of a real estate agency.

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    I would like to design an excel dashboard of key financial information to be reported to the board of a real estate agency.

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    I need someone who knows how to use Google Data Scraper! The website I am trying to scrape is: [url removed, login to view]*&filters[2]=sstart_date|[2015-03-12T00:00:00Z%20TO%202018-03-12T23:59:59Z]%20#&filter=type/LOT+location/milan+period/Past I dont want it scraping but want to know how I do Auto scroll, or element scroll. Step by step illustration would be good..... This is the script Ive got but its not working..... {"_id":"sotheby","startUrl":["[url removed, login to view]*&filters[2]=sstart_date|[2015-03-12T00:00:00Z%20TO%202018-03-12T23:59:59Z]%20#&filter=type/LOT+location/milan+period/Past"],"selectors":[{"id":"element","type":"SelectorElementScroll","selector":"div.search-results-text, article.search-lot-grid-item:nth-of-type(3) div.search-results-name","parentSelectors":["_root"],"multiple":true,"delay":0},{"id":"links","type":"SelectorLink","selector":"div.search-results-name a","parentSelectors":["element"],"multiple":true,"delay":"2000"},{"id":"dob","type":"SelectorText","selector":"div.lotdetail-artist-dates","parentSelectors":["links"],"multiple":false,"regex":"","delay":0},{"id":"Information","type":"SelectorText","selector":"div.lotdetail-description-text","parentSelectors":["links"],"multiple":false,"regex":"","delay":"2000"},{"id":"Prov","type":"SelectorText","selector":"div.readmore-content:nth-of-type(6)","parentSelectors":["links"],"multiple":false,"regex":"","delay":"2000"}]}

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    Find occurences 3 days left

    I have an excel spreadsheet with a set of data in 2 sheets. For each row, check in the DATABASE sheet's each row how many occurrences 2,3,4 numbers come up. I made an example on the "To Filter" sheet.

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    Modify a VBA script I already have that works just like this, but works for another website. ([url removed, login to view]). With a modified VBA Macro script then I can execute to do data mining of this website: [url removed, login to view] That I will run by pin value in a column on the spreadsheet: Example... PINS, 01-06-300-041-0000=[url removed, login to view] 02-12-410-056-1029=[url removed, login to view] 02-16-409-007-0000=[url removed, login to view] 02-17-102-002-0000=[url removed, login to view] 02-27-414-148-0000=[url removed, login to view] 02-34-105-014-0000=[url removed, login to view] and scrape all of the data on these pages. I already have a vba macro like this for another site [url removed, login to view]) that I need to modify it for this site.

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    API for ITM Platform 2 days left

    We have purchases licences on ITM PLATFORM ([url removed, login to view]). When seeking to integrate our excel accounting software to the platform, API seems our only option ([url removed, login to view]). The documentation say: "All of our APIs have been built using the REST architecture, so if you are familiar with REST APIs, you should be up and running quickly. Responses are all returned in JSON and potential errors include the HTTP error codes." We wish that the API works by sheets, adding information to add to the platform to the excel seehts according to the API structure and then adding the information. Additional we would like to delete and modify some information uploaded to the platform. In summary, we would like a group of excel sheets that through vba interact with JSON commands to integrate with the API of itmplatform.

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    I need an Excel VBA subject matter expert to design and program a "Weekly Activities" workbook that can search data from a different worksheet and auto populate to a different worksheet. I also need a worksheet designed to look like a form template, but stores historical data. Below are the key features of the Excel project: - Search box from a different worksheet and auto populate data to form template - Design and Create a worksheet that looks like a form template - Design a worksheet to store and save historical data - Drop down boxes - Add 2018 Calendar - Have a reset or clear button to erase and save all current week's activities (historical data) entered on the form template worksheet - Add a unique identifier to show when previously entered data (+15 days) has been changed or updated; or do not allow data changes after 15 days of entry - Add an save, convert to PDF, and send to e-mail button to the form template so after weekly activity form is completed, it can be sent to the person requesting the report with 1 click (button). - Create and design an analytical worksheet using historical data Only truly experienced and trained Microsoft Excel VBA expert apply please. This project is available immediately ----so please let me know if you're interested ASAP and I'll send you more details about the project. Thanks.

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    VBA expert required to scrap some data from website. data is very less but bit complicated, only apply if you can do it with VBA as I will also need you to provide VBA code

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    برنامج لمتابعة اداء مهام الموظفين عبر الاكسل اضافة اقسام اضافة موظفين تحت كل قسم اضافة مهام لكل موظف يقوم اليوزر بوضع علامة صح اسفل كل مهمة انجزت من قبل الموظف في اليوم الفلاني وبامكانه اسفل خانة (مهام أخرى) كتابة نص عرض يومي وشهري وسنوي لكل موظف

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    Two Excel files compile of Stocks and and inventors of 8 sheets each. Must compile them together and should be easy to find categories wise.

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    I want to scrape this website. [url removed, login to view] The part of the URL after the date is variable and not predictable

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    I would like to design an excel dashboard of key financial information to be reported to the board of a real estate agency.

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    VBA expert required to scrap some data from website. data is very less but bit complicated, only apply if you can do it with VBA as I will also need you to provide VBA code

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    Get website data into an excel file. I would like to get the price of bitcoin into my spreadsheet. It needs to update every 1 minute.

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    Somos Smart trade, una compañía especializada en bussines intelligence para compañías de Retail y consumo masivo, nos encontramos desarrollando una herramienta de captura de información en anaqueles de supermercados y requerimos el apoyo para desarrollar una macro o plugin del programa IMAGEJ que nos permita analizar el porcentaje de participación de cada marca en los anaqueles del supermercado. con imageJ podemos analizar y medir las areas que ocupan cada marca, normalmente estas estan organizadas en bloques y necesitamos determinar el porcentaje de participación. el resultado debe ser un archivo de texto con cada una de las marcas, la medida del área y el porcentaje de participación sobre el total.

    $1083 (Avg Bid)
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