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    I need some one who experts in spatail analysis R ( kernal density )

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    need to create Interactive Map should be on Premises NOT cloud-based with following features: Create incident or heat map layers (accident etc.) Adding data layers: data feeds or 3rd party integrations (Video Mgmt., Weathers, and Points of Interest, KML/KMZ Import, XLS/CSV Import, ArcGIS integration and Traffic etc.) Archiving data at least 7 days Adding APIs access Tracking and controlling the Security patrolling Enable any number of add/delete Points of Interest. Adding distance measurement tools to the map. Displaying coordinates on the map. Adding and sharing (snapshot/screenshot) via different channels such as e-mail, file or even send it to patrol Drawing on the map with color changing and thickness. Feature of creating (New Project) so we can open it later for editing. Changing map style and using multiple maps. Earthquake and Flights routes/Status and Geo RSS Adding Route or Direction. Print and record button/video export IoT platform such as Microsoft Azure IoT suite, ThingsWorx, IBM Waston, SAP etc. should be compatible with the interactive map.

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    We have two CSV's with a list of annotations, we need the two CSV's comparing and discrepancies returned. The CSV's are locations of items (x, y co-ords) we need them compared then estimations of the x and y should be on the compared image. I have attached the CSV's that need comparing and image representation of them. Please note, this project is comparing the CSVs and estimating the x and y locations of the missing objects. We would prefer this developed in C#, Python or JavaScript but we would like the potential developer to have an algorithm in mind or have completed similar work before. We have a C# project with Unit Tests available to ensure the correct algorithm has been developed.

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    The project is to give answer to extracting and sampling roads automatically by python algorithms. Instructions for the project in the attachment.

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    I need a shapefile that I can integrate into tableau desktop that shows the full size of Jammu/Kashmir state, i.e. integrates territories occupied by Pakistan/China as part of the state. Am sure this is somewhere on the net, but I'm stumped... The output show allow me to easily import the file into tableau and recognize and include the updated borders for Kashmir when I use state boundary map for India. See attached examples.

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    ArcGIS Python script Ending left

    I am looking for a python script for ArcGIS that will take a SQL Server table with a Geometry field, and create routes ([url removed, login to view]) within a dataset on the SDE (sql server). It will then republish an existing map service, Adding a new route event layer ( [url removed, login to view] ) to the service and publishing it. It will then export the changes to a MXD. A SQL table export can be provided to the freelancer if needed, but the freelancer must have their own arcgis and sql server.

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    ARCGIS Project Ended

    I need help on ARCGIS finding walking distance

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    I have layers in mapbox and I want to associate to them time related information (so I can implement timeline and see layers change based on time) I assume this has to do with dataset and I want a crashcourse of mapbox dataset and time bound visualization

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    The project goal is to integrate GEONODE and ODK (or some of the derived tools like ONA or KoboToolbox), and replace the Geonode viewer and toolbox, with a fresh and modern look and feel. To conduct the project It's a must having deep experience in Geonode and Geoserver. Activities of the project: Geonode - Use the latest stable version - Develop a new viewer and toolbox, with a modern and responsive look and feel, and replace the old viewer. You must consider this development should be easily reused with future releases of Geonode. - Rebrand Geonode with our Company's name and isologo. - Create a repository in github or gitlab. - Install the whole solution in a production and in a test environment. - Document installation instructions. ODK - Rebrand ODK Collect (android) and ODK Aggregate / KoboToolbox / Ona (to be defined according to the proposals) with our company's name and isologos. - Create a repository in github or gitlub. - Install the whole solution in a production and in a test environment. - Document installation instructions. Integration - Integrate ODK Aggregate / KoboToolbox / Ona with Geonode, enabling the the forms collected with ODK to be seen as layers in geonode. Initially, the geographic data of the form might be just one coordinate (a point). Please let us know if you have any questions before quoting. Proposals will be considered ONLY if you have previous experience with Geonode and Geoserver.

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    I need shapefiles with polygons outlining the school attendance boundaries defined on this website: [url removed, login to view] I do not fully understand the information on the site myself, and I need it translated to simple polygon shapefiles. Please discuss what is your understanding of this information so that we may agree on project deliverables.

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    Project Dashboard for the City Energy Analyst Toolbox (CEA). ([url removed, login to view]) Background The CEA is a COLLECTION OF TOOLS of energy demand in buildings at the city scale. The software is open source and entirely built in python. The inputs of the software are a series of shapefiles (.shp), tif files (.tif) and dBAse (.dbf) The outputs of CEA are time-series data with intervals as small as one hour and as big as one year. The outputs of CEA can be delivered for a single building or aggregated for the entire neighbourhood. Scope The scope of this project is to improve the current interface of CEA. Probably by creating a new one. The interface should integrate also a dashboard showing the outputs of the tool. Previous work We have experimented with Plotly, Dash and Htmlpy. We have created interactive plots about the outputs of CEA and have also created an interface with Htmlpy. We have also created a command line interface to the CEA, which allows to call different files easily. All previous work is open source and is present in our repository. We will describe this work in the requirements section (see the attachment) REQUIREMENTS TO APPLY> _ you/your company should have experience on creating html based dashboards or similar. - Please provide a link to your portfolio when applying.

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    I have a list of addresses (less than 500) that need to be geo-coded into a map. ArcGIS doesnt give a free trial anymore, so I can't do it myself. It should take no more than an hour to do. I need to update this map.

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    [**Bid around $40-$50 Max. Work will take us about 8-10 hours to complete in-house.**] This is a small job, we do have more work on similar projects, we hope to find someone that can work about 20 hours per week on long term basis This job is about 'simplifying' a shapefile made up of lines. currently there are TOO many lines and we want to use an attribute to hide some of the lines when we dont want to look at so much details, unfortunately there is no way to do that without manually updating an attribute in the shp called "MAIN" to = '1'. there is not an EXACT way to do this and will require you to make assumptions and interpretations of the data. the best way to explain it is to show it. see attached images and look at these videos of the work been done. [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view]

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    queremos pasar una base de datos de inmuebles y gereferenciarla en qgis.

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    I need shapefiles with polygons outlining the school attendance boundaries defined on this website: [url removed, login to view] I do not fully understand the information on the site myself, and I need it translated to simple polygon shapefiles. Please discuss what is your understanding of this information so that we may agree on project deliverables.

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    Hello We need an expert in Remote sensing Yours

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    Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation model to create visualization with graphics engine such as ggplot to draw 3D contour. create text tagging based on topic analyzed from LDA.

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    Hi Eduardo J., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I work with GIS softwares (not GRASS GIS) and will like someone who can teach me how to do a 3D griding (vertical interpolation) in GRASS GIS. I will need this delivered as a video clip or something of this nature.

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    AutoCAD on Bing Maps Ended

    Superimpose interactive property lines from AutoCAD files onto Bing Maps (2D). IMPORTANT: BING Maps NOT Google Maps Issues and Limitations ------------------------------------------------ - UNSYNCHRONIZED: Plans, property lines, structures are unsynchronized with Bing Maps. - STANDARDS: Multiple files, different standards. - 200 FILES: 200 AutoCAD DWG Files to upload, correct, offset, convert, etc. Requirements: ------------------------------------------------ - PROPERTY LINES: AutoCAD plans need to synchronize with Bing Mapping. Should be able to view bing map with properly demarcated property lines, within a very limited margin of error. - OFFSET: Provide dynamic approach to compensate for map offset and coordinates - METRICS: Store and Display metrics, included in AutoCAD plan, such as parcel number - GENERATE METRICS: Store and Display metrics, that can be generated by Bing, such as plot area, perimeter and any other metric deemed useful. - LAYERS: Create and separate layers, differentiating plots from structures, and display a number of optional layers to show, including metrics. - DATABASE: Store all variables, metrics, AutoCAD and geo-related mapping info into database (mySQL preferred, but geo optimized DB required if performance drops). Web Design: ------------------------------------------------ - MAP PAGE: Provide a simple html Page to view superimposed results. Variables should include: a- City (200 Uploaded Maps) DropdownBox b- GPS coordinates TextBox c- Parcel # Textbox d- Search Button (search by GPS coordinates, or by City + Parcel #) e- Display CheckBoxes: Property Lines, Parcel Number, Surface Area f- Metric(m2) or US(ft2) OptionButton Freelancer should have solid Mapping and AutoCAD experience. Please provide a sample. Ideally, a city viewed in Bing Maps, with PROPERTY LINES SUPERIMPOSED. Or, demonstrate your capabilities with the attached AutoCAD Map , city is located here: [url removed, login to view]

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