OCR means Optical Character Recognition. It is used for digitizing scanned images and then recognizing the letters therein for further processing. If your business needs help with OCR you can use the services of our freelancers. Post a project today in order to get bids from freelancers. Hire OCR Developers


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    Universal Photo ID parser 5 days left

    Hi, I have a website where a user will go to a form and enter his first name , last name, and then an email address, at one point we ask for a photo id, which is any generic photo ID , could be passport, state ID, I need an engine that can be deployed on AWS, that will take the image, the first name, the last name as text, and do some image parsing recognition, in the following way : - The system should accept all photos, The system should try to find out nationality of user. - It should parse the english language section ( ie : saudi arabian passport has arabic and english) and makes sure the information the user entered about his first and last name match the passport image photo ( ie : Ali Ali is spelled exactly Ali ali in the passport photo), if that is correct it returns a message saying its ok, and then saves the image in an S3 Bucket ( or some DB on AWS). - This should only work for english language, so if an image doesn't have english language information it should not work but just save the image in the DB on AWS. - After it gets first and last name it would use an API from OFAC [url removed, login to view] and save the result in the DB. - The DB should have basic information ( or columns ) like first name, last name, Photo ID, OFAC response. - The DB has to run on AWS. - The entire system needs to be running secure ( so recommend TLS, or Https or any procedure to make it safe). I have looked at Python and tesserect but doesn;t look very promising, I am interested in this being an engine and no external API call. Your deliverable will be : - All work deployed on AWS. - A sample HTML page with a simple button that says "Upload photo", when clicking on it you get an option to upload your photo. - That HTML will pass the photo to the engine you are building, which will process the data, if can extract a name use the OFAC api to get data, and then save that in the DB on AWS. Please make sure you read the project description fully and respond with the word " OCR" in your bid so I know you read it fully.

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    $1211 Avg Bid
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    image processing tesseract ocr

    $20 (Avg Bid)
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    I require an individual iOS developer to work with me to develop new features for my exisiting image to text processing app on the app store. The application utilises leading OCR tech to transcribe written text into usable information. I am seeking an individual developer with experience in OCR, Obj-C and Adsense to create a freemium and subscription based model for the application. I am looking forward to working as a team to develop with interesting ideas with a number of premium features slated. Regards, Tim

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    I am looking for an expert in Artificial Intelligence / machine learning to create a poker bot for an existing platform. Please bid if you have experience.

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    I'm looking for face recognition module for an already existing app. Multiple face recognition should be there. And should not get bypassed with any image or video of a person.

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    I would like to be able to process images of Restaurant menus and pull out structured data that will be used in a database. I understand the system will need to use OCR technology and this may be done using cloud services like Google, AWS or Microsoft etc. Each menu is often very different but I would like this to work for as many menus as possible. I understand it cannot do every menu. From each menu I would like to retrieve: *Menu sections *Item/Dish names *Item Prices *Item desciptions (if available) *Item dietary attributes such as Gluten Free, vegan, vegetarian etc. I would like this built in PHP, Python or Javascript so our developers can further work on it once delivered.

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    下面有中文翻译 Hello everyone, My name is Dries and I'm working for the Belgian embassy in China. First I'll shortly explain about the services we offer at the embassy before going on to the project I would like to build with you. So, our service process is really simple: for example, a Belgian marries in China, so we will need to register his marriage in Belgium as well. Therefore we need an official translation of his/her marriage certificate. The married person takes the Chinese marriage certificate to a Chinese notary and they will provide an official translation which we can then use at the embassy. Often these notaries work together with people who don't have the necessary command of the language, so translations are low quality, but still expensive! About 90% of the text on these documents is always exactly the same, only name, age, sex, ... will be different, so here's what I would like to do with you: Build a website or program that recognizes which kind of document needs to be translated, so then it can just use the translation provided by myself to put the standard text into a file. The information that is variable (name, age, sex,...) will have to be recognized by the program so that it can also put this into the file. Don't worry about the translation part as this will be provided by myself. I don't know if I explained this clearly so if you have any questions please contact me. Thanks! Dries 大家好 , 我叫Dries。我是比利时驻华大使馆的员工。首先我给你介绍一下我们大使馆提供的服务,再解释清楚想和你做哪样的项目。 大使馆的服务过程很简单:例如,一位比利时人在中国结过婚,所以我们得把他的婚姻也在比利时登记。因此,比利时大使馆需要中国当地的公证处提供的正式翻译。因为公证处往往和当地的学生合作(不和以荷兰文或法文为母语的人合作 ),所以公文的翻译也相当不准确,不过还是很贵! 这些公文90%的信息基本上每次都一样,只有名字、年龄、性别等等会变得,所以我想和你设计一个识别公文的种类的软件。如此,软件用的是我提供的准确翻译再加上软件识别出来的可变信息(名字、年龄、性别等等),然后把所有的信息放在文档里面。这件文档就算是翻译好的公文。翻译部分都是我负责,请放心。 不知道我这样解释得清楚,有疑问的话随时联系我。 谢谢 Dries

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    Proiect de design Ended

    Modifică niște imagini -Scanare 250 pagini alb Negru pagini portative - prelucrari de baza in Photoshop - indreptare, contrast - OCR Limba Româna versuri suplimentare

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    I am looking for someone to convert scanned copy of Hindi Books to Text by Manual Typing. The text should be same to the source file in terms of formatting & punctuation and should be error-free. Total Volume : 1000 Pages of Same Size as Sample. Quote me the Rate Per Page and Expected Daily Output. If you've read my project well, I expect you to quote the rates accordingly. The content should be Unicode UTF-8. You may use Google Online Transliteration tool for typing. Bidders must submit a sample of atleast 1 page. Sample Attached !

    $4 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $4 / hr Avg Bid
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    I have Some PDF File With Different Page Structure I want one utility Which take Batch of pdf file as input & Detect Layout & OCR TEXT & dump all data & layout on Excel Sheet Pagewise Result.... PFA Sample input pdf & Output xls

    $386 (Avg Bid)
    $386 Avg Bid
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    I need an Android app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built. I have to capture document using Android device and get the data from that file using OCR/OMR with accuracy. Each document having diferant pattern.

    $154 (Avg Bid)
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    *** THIS IS NOT A PROJECT TO BUILD AN APP. IT IS FOR AN API WHICH MY APP WILL USE *** ** if you have no experience in OCR/Image detection or capturing image meta data via the camera, please don't bid. I can do this easily for a QR code because AV framework has it built in. I need someone who can write some code to read a custom data matrix ** I need code writing in Objective C to read a custom "bar code" which is a 5 x 5 block matrix. the code should be able to read the blocks in 4 different orientations to give 4 different options. The code will be A5 to A4 width in size square and it must be able to accurately read 30 codes in 10 seconds at distance ranging between 1m and 10m. To be clear again, I don't need a finished app. I will be taking this code and integrating it into my app. You will need to provide a simple UI to show that each code has been read and its number and orientation. You must include "I understand how to write code for OCR and image detection in your bid." Please feel free to start a chat to get more information.

    $582 (Avg Bid)
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    I Have to capture Images using Android Device or upload from Gallery page like OMR sheet. Need an OCR/OMR that can translate this into text with high [url removed, login to view] Paper come with different Pattern and Number of Rows and Columns. First column should be processed followed by second column.

    $169 (Avg Bid)
    $169 Avg Bid
    12 bids

    Have PDFs with hindi and english text. Need an OCR that can translate this into text with high quality. Sample document of 5 pages attached. Each page contains two columns. First column should be processed followed by second column. This process should be repeated for all the pages. Headers, footers, page numbers must be ignored.

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
    0 bids

    I want to build one project in c# which trains the OCR from my provided captcha images and than generate c# code for the same so that I can incorporate it in my existing c# applications to solve captchas. The captchas are alpha numerical and may also contains all special characters. The captchas may come with and without background and also came in different background color like white, black, red, green, grey etc.

    $287 (Avg Bid)
    $287 Avg Bid
    23 bids

    I need to convert scanned pdf files to searchable pdf file. Requirements: >>This program needs to be written in Java; >> It needs use tesseract;

    $149 (Avg Bid)
    $149 Avg Bid
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    Hi, We are looking for a team or developer that can create a Optical Character Recognition (OCR) application for ios and android. This Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is an app where u can translate pictures and text for people that travel. Here si the functions and features: o Translating a text in real-time o Option: to press and mark a specific area you want translated o 100+ Languages o Offline mode translation o Identify language o Voice control commands o Voice reading output o Freeze option when real-time translation´s done o Option: to click and save a photo before it´s translated o Option: to save an already translated text o Signing in with Facebook or email o Clients Oogle app mapp of where it´s been used in the world o See & follow your Facebook friends Oogle app maps o Oogle mascot helping you around And here is some other apps that has made the same kind of functions we are looking for: - Playstore o [url removed, login to view] o [url removed, login to view] o [url removed, login to view] o [url removed, login to view] o [url removed, login to view] o [url removed, login to view] o - Appstore o [url removed, login to view] o [url removed, login to view] o [url removed, login to view] o [url removed, login to view] IF U HAVENT DONE THIS KIND OF APP DEVELOPMENT THEN DONT APPLY FOR THIS PROJECT! Send me your portfolio if your interested! //Thanks

    $19257 (Avg Bid)
    $19257 Avg Bid
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    Hi there I have a project to map 200 different financial statements using Abbyy Flexilayout studio. Each Statement has a different layout so approx 200 templates will be required. As part of each template I want to do validation to confirm that all lines in the statement have been captured. I am looking to get a high level of accuracy from this OCR process. The process will be used to capture data from approximately 8000 Documents per month.

    $4467 (Avg Bid)
    $4467 Avg Bid
    12 bids

    Task 1: Image Extraction • From Manuscript source: doc/docx/ppt/pptx/xlx/xlsx • Identify type (Raster, Vector) and Colorspace (Grayscale/Color) of the images • Standalone images: Raster (jpg, png, gif etc.), Vector(eps, ai, svg etc.) Task 2: Machine Learning Based Classification algorithms for OCR (standard text font ) • Produce mark-up (text enclosed by rectangles) for verification by user • Text Enhancement • Identify level of blur • Identify font size • Perform presets (Gaussian blurring/un-sharp mask/threshold/level) Task 3: Image Sizing & Colorspace Mapping • Use a set of rules on the input image resolution and identified text to interpolate and produce high resolution images • Output the images in RGB/Grayscale/CMYK based on rules provided NOTE: Image Processing Libraries like OpenCV &/or other OCR libraries can be used to accomplish these tasks Detailed requirements will be shared with selected vendors.

    $30 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $30 / hr Avg Bid
    15 bids

    2 parts to this project, can be in a single script or 3 separate scripts. Scripts must run on Ubuntu server as a service (daemon) 1. A piece of equipment produces a pdf file and xml file and transfers them to a specific folder on the server. The xml file needs to be parsed for data such as name, id number, dob. Script then needs to rename the file according to the XML data and move it to a separate folder. The new folder will need to be created if it does not exist. 2. Documents are scanned as pdfs to a specific folder on the server. OCR will nee to read data from the first document. The document will need to be renamed and moved to a separate folder which will need to be created if it does not exist. 3. Documents are scanned to a specific folder on the server and renamed with an id number by a user. The id number will match a separate folder on the, the file will need to be renamed and moved to that folder 4. there will need to be an error folder for file not matched.

    $151 (Avg Bid)
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    8 bids

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