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    Project for Mike L. 8 days left

    Hi Mike L., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    This scanner will read barcode data and write it into a file. Hardware + Software combined skills required.

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    Doors controller 5 days left

    We need IP door controller with web interface. this controller should receive the instructions (On/Off relays) from web interface and should also interfaced with RFID reader (Wiegand protocol),door sensor (on/off magnetic sensor) and 2 switches (one way switch). The web interface should be as follows: A. configuration - To be able to add RFID card and rename it with the user name - To add new controller with S.N.,no of enabled doors " for example if it has 4 ports but we will use only 2 doors" Authorized RFID cards to open it, and location name. - To schedule opening time automatically for any certain door to be opened only with the switch. - To add the building layout and assign the doors on the drawings, then if the door is open it should show Green LED on the drawing, and it it is closed it should show red LED. B. control. - To block any card or any door to be open or closed. - to open/close any door (RELAY) by pressing on it on the web interface then the color should be changed (Red if door is closed/ green if door is open). C. monitoring - Show the status of each door (to check the magantic sensor). - Show the history of each Door (when it was opened and closed and by which - RFID card or from the web interface). Please propose your hardware controller model, and list any question with your offer. All requirements are mentioned and the quote should be based on them, we will not add any requirements and will not reply or consider any inaccurate offers.

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    Witam, Zadaniem projektu jest stworzenie reguł iptables dla filtrowania ruchu w sieci prywatnej, uzyskać wyniki działania oraz poziom wydajności urzadzenia (Raspberry Pi 3). Firewall, iptables, raspbian/debian/Centos, Linux. Szczeguły na priv.

    $376 (Avg Bid)
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    A small audio player with a small low power storage unit. capable of playing several audio formats through a quality speaker unit. The system should expose a wifi API to enable several file management capabilities such as upload, delete and order audio files, as well as enabling wifi controlled audio command such as play, pause, back, forward, volume control, etc …. The audio player should also include wired buttons to enable the same audio commands. The audio player should rely on a small power source unit composed of a rechargeable battery similar to modern day mp3 players to enable several hours of operation

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    I need a passenger counter to be installed on a bus. A raspberry Pi 3 can be used with a Rasmpberry Pi Noir V2 8mp camera with Opencv, C # or C ++ and Raspbian. Since you will be on a bus, you must have filters so the count is not false and contains shade or other movements. It is necessary to send all this data to a web service, in json format every x minutes. In json there must be the barrier that has been crossed, and from what sense - entrance or exit. The web service I'm going to do, I just need to be sent by json by post. Example: [url removed, login to view]

    $175 (Avg Bid)
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    My Elite 440 meter has a connector port RS 485 already. I want to see the energy (units) consumption on my phone. Now, its a matter of intercepting the existing software of energy meter and connecting it to a device which starts transmitting the data. rs485 to usb converter cable + if we can connect OLD SMARTPHONE 2G sim to L&T meter, and write a code to decrypt the data + send it to a server. FYI- I DONT HAVE CURRENT SOFTWARE OF METER AS ITS LICENSED BY MANUFACTURER AND EXPENSIVE. Want to custom build one. Low cost solutions are appreciated. Project involves building software + connecting hardware to the meter to enable transmission of data. PREFERABLE LOCATION - NORTH INDIA- PUNJAB, DELHI, CHANDIGARH.

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    I am working on a proof of concept application that would use a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 with 7" touchscreen to send status updates to my existing API. The application would have a GUI interface that displays the location name and current status and 3 buttons. Each button sends an http request to the API to update the status. A background process would monitor the GPIO for switch input, which would also update the status and send an http request to the API. There would also need to be a settings page that is password protected that stores the Account and Location ID and possibly several other fields in the future. This data would be stored in a settings file and loaded and validated through the API at startup. The application should be written using Visual Studio VB.net, but C# would be acceptable. I will need all raw code and files. You will need to have a RPi 2 or 3 with GPIO connector and Windows IoT for testing. I will deploy the application on my device upon completion.

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    I'm currently working on a research project that involves me travelling to different homes and connecting a single Amcrest IP camera in each home. Using the homeowners WIFI network, I get the camera online, and use an Amcrest app (Amcrest View Pro) to forward the footage via VPN to a FTP server. The app allows me to see footage live from each camera, and the FTP server allows me to save the footage recorded. The current process involves me having to travel to each home to do the installation. Ideally, I am looking to create a simple program that will allow me to remote access an IP camera and get it online without travelling to the respondents home. This would obviously involve me mailing a kit to the homeowner (most of which have no technical experience). I would instruct them to connect an access point to their router via Ethernet cable and plug in the camera. One possible solution would involve the following: 1) The person would connect a Raspberry PI to their wireless router via ethernet cable. 2) As soon as the Pi is powered on, it auto logins to a VPN and activates a wifi signal. 3) When the IP camera is turned on, it would auto detect the Pi and connect to the internet 4) From there, the camera would automatically send footage to our FTP server. I am completely open to different cameras (prefer cameras with pan/tilt features) and different types of access points. The ideal solution would involve creating a simple program to make this happen and the right hardware combination to create reliable connections in different homes. I would love to eliminate as many steps as possible, so that camera installations can be done remotely alongside the homeowner. I strongly prefer hiring someone with relevant shareable experience in this space. Security is also a very important part of this project. Even if there isn't a perfect solution, I am open to all project proposals.

    $4059 (Avg Bid)
    $4059 Avg Bid
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    I already have a working code in Python for Raspberry, but I'm having some issues detecting the Raspberries over a LAN (only sometimes). I would like for someone to take a look at the code and see if you can come up with a fix.

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    We need to hire a programmer to help us with a small project to develop a software for a microcontroller to comunicate with a Raspberry Pi. The Microcontroller shall performe some simple action to activate a Solenoid, led and a sensor. *** Scope overview *** 1. C/C++ programming for a STM32F030F4 Microcontroller (Slave). 2. Python programming for a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (Master). *** Application description *** 1. The Master communicates with multiple Slaves thru RS485 protocol. 2. The Master communicates with a web API on Internet. *** Experience needed *** 1. Experience in IoT development and embedded programming (RS485, DIP switch, LED, Solenoid). 2. Experience in Raspberry Pi (RS485, WebAPI, WebServer). 3. Be able to read and understand electrical schematic. *** Deliverables *** 1. STM32F030F4 Microcontroller: C/C++ source code along with compiled .bin file 2. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B: Python source code 3. Installation manual (readme, dependencies, etc) 4. Source code should be well documented with comments in code *** Existing documentation *** 1. Overview of workflow and pseudo code 2. Electrical schematics, see attachment for the PCB with Microcontroller (slave). *** Work estimation *** 1. Writing C/C++ code for Microcontroller: 5-15h (depends on your skill level) 2. Writing Python code for Raspberry Pi: 5-15h (depends on your skill level)

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    BES controller 3 days left

    BES Controller(Real time): I have my mobile APP to control Fans and relays, and i need a hardware controller using ESP8266 to be interfaced with the mobile APP via the API (15 API)that i will provide to show how app send commands to the controller and the hardware developer should provide me also with the API's to show how controller will request the or send the data to the mobile APP. The controller should execute the following: 1. receive the data and time by the APP to be sync. 2. receive the configuration from app with the Pin number, type (input or output) and pin name. 3. read LDR and temp. sensor - input analog. 4. read PIR and switch input - TTL. 5. the output will be Relays and PWM. 6. the app will also send the PWM duration and duty cycle. 7. each command will be sent by app will include the pin number,input or output, execution date,execution time, execution duration, command "is it ON or OFF or to read sensor". 8. the controller should receive all commands any time and save them to be executed according to the execution data and time. 9. the app will send the commands to read sensors and to control outputs (Relays and PWM). 10. The controller should send the MAC address and password at the beginning, to start communication 11. the controller should be prepared by sending emails with certain errors to the registered emails that should be received by the APP. 12. there should be "acknowledgement" for example when controller send any reading to the app, the APP will send "OKAY" and if controller didn't receive it, it should repeat 5 times then send email with that error and vice versa. If you have any question please list all to reply to you. This project will have another part which will be web interface and the one who will complete the controller part will continue with other related parts. the code should be well written with all labels and comments. The testing will be by sending video showing all functions and to explain how to load the code on the ESP8266. The handing over should be partially and the requirements should be scheduled and done according to that and to be discussed one by one to avoid any misunderstanding or any delay. The budget for this part is 45$

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    Se trata de programar un software a semejanza de: [url removed, login to view] Se requiere que esté programado en Python, que funcione con cámaras reflex dslr y con la propia cámara de raspberry, así como con una impresora de sublimación fotográfica a través de CUPS. Todo el hardware (raspberry, monitor, espejo, funcionalidad táctil, cámara reflex, impresora, etc) corre de nuestra cuenta. Sólo necesitamos el software. El software debe ser entregado con todas sus fuentes, con panel de control configurable para poder añadir más templates y animaciones, así como con un manual de uso en español. También debe estar preparado para instalación en nuevos equipos de una manera sencilla e intuitiva, ya que se pretende crear más de un sistema. Debe admitir el uso a través de la pantalla táctil al igual que 'Magic me mirror'. En el contrato que se firme se aplicará una clausula de confidencialidad y cesión de derechos sobre el software, así como el establecimiento de 1 año de soporte técnico por mal funcionamiento del mismo. Asímismo se establecerá prioridad del programador en la creación de nuevas funcionalidades durante ese periodo, para lo cual se establecerá la oportuna remuneración sobre estos nuevos trabajos. Se pretende una relación contractual a largo plazo. Forma de pago: se acordará con el postulante en el momento de formalización del contrato. Abstenerse candiddatos sin los conocimientos necesarios. Se valorará muy positivamente freelances con experiencia en programación de aplicaciones para Raspberry Pi. [Removed by Freelancer.com Admin for offsiting - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions]

    $768 (Avg Bid)
    $768 Avg Bid
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    video detection code

    $4102 (Avg Bid)
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    GSM module: A6 Raspberry Pi Model: Raspberry Pi Zero Objective is to integrate GSM with RPi Zero and make sure it is able to continue performing the tasks it was normally. Tasks include: uploading data in csv form, json requests and http requests. If there is another module available that is better than A6 and less than $6-8 please suggest that. Open to other suggestions as well. Look forward to the discussion. Thanks!

    $116 (Avg Bid)
    $116 Avg Bid
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    We are in need of an experienced developer to help us modify existing drivers based on Java to communicate with a FPGA based Bill validator from a Raspberry pi over USB. We previously modified existing java files to communicate with a bill validator that we later found out was using an old PSD based chip, whereas the new devices are based on FPGA chips. Our old code does not communicate with these newer devices and we need help modifying the drivers to enable them to communicate. We are using a raspberry pi (raspian) to control the device. Existing Java drivers for RedHat exist and may be useful to modify for the raspberry. I have included the below files that may be useful in completing this project. Linux [url removed, login to view]: These are the existing ReHat drivers [url removed, login to view]: Install guide for redhat drivers Linux Virtual COM Port (VCP) Driver [url removed, login to view]: Guide to modify drivers for virtual com port. 002850046_Series 2000 Interface Manual: Interface manual for bill validator. [url removed, login to view]: This is a folder including Javadocs, API, Demo, and source code as well as support files. [url removed, login to view]: Similar files to the [url removed, login to view] with some differences. My expertise does not allow me to verify which is newer or more useful so I included both. [url removed, login to view]: These are the files used to develop the Java doc that controlled the older bill validator. These may be useful in understanding what the end product may look like. Connection to the device will most likely need to be done over SSH as I have the devices connected to the raspberry pi running the OS that we will be using. I will make myself avialable as often as possible to help wit testing and troubleshooting the physical hardware. Please contact me with any question as there may be details that I have left out that could be useful. thank you in advance for your help.

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    Mining rig monitoring 22h left

    Need a coder who is familiar with mining rig monitoring. Need a script similar to one of these: [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] Most of these are all open-source. Requirements: - Add / remove rigs (using either NiceHash or ETH) - For each rig monitor: -- GPU online/offline -- Hash rates -- GPU temps -- GPU fan speeds -- Power consumption using Wemo plugs ([url removed, login to view]) - Ability to set update times (probably using crontab), by default update every minute - Ability to send alerts by email if one of the monitor variables goes over a certain threshold I need to be able to add this to my Github account with a guide to install this on raspberry pi 3. Does not have to be as complicated as any of the monitors I linked to but it has to be simple and easy to use. If you have no feedback on freelancer don't bother bidding. DO NOT post a huge resume, simply state experience, previous script if you have one, and price. Thanks!

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    Cerco utenti che possano effettuare una valutazione di fattibilità e una stima stima dei componenti e dei costi. Le caratteristiche del progetto devono essere similari a quelle dei progetti qui sotto linkati. [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] Il lavoro è rivolto a chiunque, utente di qualsiasi nazionalità purchè si possa comunicare in italiano I am looking for users who verify a feasibility assessment and an estimate of components and costs. The characteristics of the project must be similar to those of the link projects [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] The work is aimed at anyone, user of any nationality enough that you speak in Italian. Ok Google Translate

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    The Script: [url removed, login to view] Replace the serial printer with a usb printer Dymo LabelWriter 450 Dymo LabelWriter 450 is ready: [url removed, login to view] Job via TeamViewer

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