Compilation Of A Webshop II

I've already posted a job at vWorker (Compilation of a Webshop). Due to my lack of experience the project desciption was not accurate enough. So I bring the overworked description up again. I want to encourage all the service providers who have placed a bid on my last post to do so again and of course everybody else too.

The exact same priject description in a better readable way can be found here:

[url removed, login to view]


Project Description

An online store is to be created based on Magento (Community Edition, [url removed, login to view]), in which paintings and drawings will be offered to the buyer. Buyers have the opportunity to choose images from a database or to upload them through a form. The price is calculated from the user defined size of the painting.

In a second step, also frames in a size according to the painting and standardized products (eg, lights, care products, etc.) are included in the offer.

There is already an online shop based on Joomla ([url removed, login to view]) in combination with Virtuemart (1.1.4). The existing version is used as the basis for the new layout. The content will largely be transfered to the new site. The online shop can be reached at [url removed, login to view], but currently is offline. I'll provide the credentials on request.

## Deliverables


client = CREATOC = Daniel Huber

buyer = customer who buys at the CREATOC online store

service provider = company or person who wins the bid and builds the online store

images = an image file which can be chosen from a database or be uploaded (e.g. jpg, tif)

painting = a handmade painting or drawing which will produced by the client

motif vs. style template = a motif is an image which will be painted or drawn, a style template is an image which will be used to paint or draw the image in certain style

theme = magento sometimes uses the word theme and sometimes the word design for the surface of an online shop. More information about building themes can be found here: [url removed, login to view]

Why Magento?

Magento is modular, can be expanded via extensions, and provides the opportunity to be upgraded to a paid version with professional support. The integrated shopping cart and checkout solution works perfectly and does not create any unnecessary obstacles that lead to purchase termination.

Why Magento can not be used without modifications?

- Product price depends on the paintings diagonal

Products usually are offered at a fixed price in Magento. In the online shop to be created, the price is calculated from the size of the paintings and frames based on a formula that depends on the diagonal.

- Image Upload / uploaded image used as product image

Magento provides no way to upload images. There are extensions available that allow an image upload, but the uploaded image is also to be used as product image in the cart and in the following processing (confirmation e-mail, accounting, etc.).

- Motif database / aspect ratio

Images can be uploaded but they can also be selected from a database. This requires the size and aspect ratio for each image to be stored, along with other data. The buyer can specify either the length or width. The other dimension is determined by the aspect ratio. The price is calculated from these dimensions.

- Kleinunternehmerregelung / German law

The online shop must be adaptable for a "small business" according to German law (no VAT will be collected). At all points where the VAT is mentioned the following line shall appear: "Alle angegebenen Preise sind Endpreise zzgl. Versandkosten. Gem?? ?19 UStG erheben wir keine Umsatzsteuer und weisen diese folglich auch nicht aus (Kleinunternehmerstatus)".

In Germany there are strict legal rules governing the B2C market. In Magento-Connect several extensions are available to help in complying with these rules. The installation and adjustment of such an extension is necessary.


In order to meet the needs of the client, some changes in Magento need to made, from layout to functionality. A list of necessary adjustments can be found later in this document.

Magento consists of PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript elements. The additionally inserted (programmed) elements should not use other languages, particularly none that request additional requirements from the browser (e.g. Flash).

The use of already existing (and tested) modules from the Magento Connect marketplace in accordance with the client is desired ([url removed, login to view]).

The use of libraries, e.g. jQuery is desired ([url removed, login to view]).

The use of a version control software such as git ([url removed, login to view]) is desired.

Magento provides periodic updates. All new functionalities added by the service provider must be conserved and be available after the update!

Therefore it is necessary to write all changes in [url removed, login to view] magento core files must not be changed. Furter information on Magento's model-view-controller are available here ([url removed, login to view])


Requirements in detail

Some of the requirements already fulfilled by Magento have to be adjusted.

- German-language front end

--- already fulfilled by Magento

- German-language backend

--- already fulfilled by Magento

- User role and permission management

--- already fulfilled by Magento

- Creation of a theme for the front end (browser compatibility: Firefox V10, Internet Explorer V8, Safari V5, Chrome V18, Opera V11, Width: 1000 px, integration of Google web fonts)

--- not yet fulfilled by Magento

- Switch for incompatible browsers (no JavaScript, no cookies, too low resolution

--- already fulfilled by Magento (browsers with very low resolution shall be redirected to a theme for mobile access; the building of this mobile theme is not subject to these specification)

- Second theme for mobile use. Existing theme iphone theme is to be customized (in future)

--- not yet fulfilled by Magento; is not required at the moment and is not subject to this specification

- Add layout and content from the previous online store to the new one. The layout will be partially modified by the client. The layout will be provided as jpg images.

--- not yet fulfilled by Magento

- Several landing pages can be created and edited

--- already fulfilled by Magento

Product descriptions can be created and edited

--- already fulfilled by Magento

- Additional pages can be created and edited (contact, FAQs, etc.)

--- already fulfilled by Magento

- General Terms and Conditions, Return Policy, etc. can be created and edited and can be displayed during checkout; ([url removed, login to view]

Attention! With this extension the German language pack will be installed)

--- not yet fulfilled by Magento, an extension is available

- Buyers can upload images (formats: jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, gif, png, bmp, psd, pdf; max. file size: 15 MB; buyers need to get feedback about the estimated duration of the file upload (e.g., progress bar, percentage; good example: [url removed, login to view])

--- not yet fulfilled by Magento

- After the upload a preview will be displayed in which the image can be rotated and cropped. The size and aspect ratio specified by the customer on this page corresponds to the image (if the image is cropped, the size changes; if the size input changes, the image preview changes too). The current price is calculated immediately and displayed on the same page (price calculation: see below).

Example: [url removed, login to view];

In contrast to the example, the customer can also enter the image size freely, or only define a dimension e.g. length - the other dimension, e.g. width is calculated from cropped image section.

jQuery tip: [url removed, login to view]

--- not yet fulfilled by Magento

- Multiple images can be uploaded per order. One of the images is to be defined as motif, several others are to be defined as style templates.

--- not yet fulfilled by Magento

- The image defined as motif will be allocated to the product and used as a product image (in the shopping cart, in the bill, in the confirmation e-mail, etc.) The image must not be distorted

--- not yet fulfilled by Magento

- The image size will be displayed in the shopping cart, the confirmation e-mail, the invoice etc. (variable)

--- not yet fulfilled by Magento

- The product prices for paintings and frames are calculated from the diagonal of the picture (given formula)

--- not yet fulfilled by Magento

- Products with a fixed (area independent) price are still possible

--- already fulfilled by Magento

- Magento's product catalog can be used as a motif database

--- already fulfilled by Magento

- Magento's product catalog can be searched by artist, year of origin, material, etc

--- already fulfilled by Magento

- Size entry is possible through a text field and several radio buttons (previously CREATOC Assistent, see [url removed, login to view])

--- not yet fulfilled by Magento

- The product (drawing / painting) can be changed while size entry and picture upload / crop (previously CREATOC Assistant, see [url removed, login to view])

--- not yet fulfilled by Magento

- If an item is added to the cart, the buyer will be redirected to the cart

--- already fulfilled by Magento

- Picture frames are provided as cross-selling products or bundle products in the same size as the image selected before. The price is also calculated by the diagonal

--- not yet fulfilled by Magento

- Product weight depends on the product's size and needs to be calculated (different factors for different frames and paintings)

--- not yet fulfilled by Magento

- Shipping costs are depending on the recipients country and the product

--- not yet fulfilled by Magento

- Shipping costs are added to the shopping cart, invoice, confirmation e-mail, etc.

--- already fulfilled by Magento

- Only one shipping method is available. Shipping method can not be selected by the customer

--- not yet fulfilled by Magento

- Hide "estimated shipping costs" from the cart

--- not yet fulfilled by Magento

- Included payment options: PayPal, PayPalExpressCheckout, Checkout with Amazon, credit card (Visa, Mastercard), bank transfer, invoice, Sofort?berweisung, American Express

--- already fulfilled by Magento; need to be set up; accounts will be provided by the client

- Buyers and seller (client) will be informed about sales and state changes through automated e-mails

--- already fulfilled by Magento

- Content of the automated e-mails can be edited

--- already fulfilled by Magento

- Editing of HTML e-mails

--- not yet fulfilled by Magento; is done by the client; is not subject of this specification

- Change theme of packing slips, invoices, etc.

--- not yet fulfilled by Magento; is done by the client; is not subject of this specification

- Buyers can enter and edit their contact information

--- already fulfilled by Magento

- All! form fields are checked and validated before being written into the database, by content (e.g. valid e-mail address) and safety (e.g., code injection)

--- already fulfilled by Magento, for integrated form fields / not yet fulfilled by Magento, for newly created form fields

- Flexible VAT tax rates (0%, 7%, 19%)

--- already fulfilled by Magento

- Kleinunternehmerregelung: Remove all references to the VAT. Reference to ? 19 in the shopping cart, invoice, confirmation mail etc.

Note: VAT must be turned on again later

[url removed, login to view] / magento-small entrepreneur / (German)

--- not yet fulfilled by Magento, the client can provide assistance

- Phone number is not a required field, state will not be asked for, fax will not be asked for; [url removed, login to view] address-fields [url removed, login to view]

--- not yet fulfilled by Magento, free extension available

- SSL encryption for the shopping cart, the user area, the back end and all areas where personal data is treated (certificate available)

--- already fulfilled by Magento, must be set up

- Integration of google analytics

--- already fulfilled by Magento

- Buyers can review current and past orders

--- already fulfilled by Magento

- Cross selling

--- already fulfilled by Magento

- Customer feedback

--- already fulfilled by Magento

- Customer feedback is monitored prior publishing by administrator

--- already fulfilled by Magento

- Option on multilingualism (future expansion)

--- already fulfilled by Magento

- Option to manage multiple currencies

--- already fulfilled by Magento

- Display of expected delivery time

--- already fulfilled by Magento

- Measures to improve performance (cache, etc. )

--- already fulfilled by Magento, need to be adapted to server

- Security measures against attacks

--- already fulfilled by Magento, as long as the Magento code has not been changed

- The programming suits the Google Webmaster Guidelines ([url removed, login to view])

--- not yet fulfilled by Magento

- All items on Magento's Pre-Launch System Configuration Checklist are double checked

--- not yet fulfilled by Magento

- Links are displayed search engine friendly

--- not yet fulfilled by Magento

- The online shop will be installed on the client's server under the domains [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view]

--- not yet fulfilled by Magento, server is available

- Backup: The online store can be copied from one server to another (inluding database) [url removed, login to view]


--- already fulfilled by Magento

- After the completion of the online shop a working copy will be created to test future changes (sandbox)

--- not yet fulfilled by Magento


Central point for the success of the online store

While creating the online store, special attention must be paid to the customer experience. There must be no unnecessary reasons for the buyer to abort the visit of the online store. In particular, the design of the shopping cart / checkout process, including the integrated payment options and the design of the picture size input options including file upload is important to the success of the project.


All changes carried out by the service provider must be documented, especially the installation of extensions. The documentation should be done in a separate file. The building of the theme can be documented in the code itself (inline).

Project schedule and date of delivery

The service provider (programmer) sets, together with the client, a schedule with several milestones (MS). A deadline will be set for each MS. The service provider has to inform the customer if a milestone is reached. If the requirements defined in the MS are met, the client approves the work, otherwise the service provider has to re-work until the requirements are met.

This approach should avoid, that the service provider invests a lot of work, which does not result in the desired outcome. Also negative surprises for the client are avoided.

Proposal of a milestone plan

This milestone plan is just a suggestion. At the beginning of the project the service provider will define, together with the client, a binding milestone plan.

The milestone plan is only for coordination of the project. For the final approval of the project, the table "requirements in detail" (see above) is binding.

MS 1

End date: [url removed, login to view]

installation of the magento shop system

establishing of a browser switch for mobile devices

basic configuration and installation of the required extensions, such as Google Analytics, customer feedback, currency, taxes, improvement of perfomance (e.g. cache), SEO (e.g. search engine friendly URLs), safety (e.g. .htaccess), version control (e.g. git), data transfer between client's server and the service providers servers

MS 2

End date: [url removed, login to view]

creation of a rough theme, including all navigation elements, buttons, etc.


End date: [url removed, login to view]

creating a module to upload images, including image editing (crop, rotate, etc.) and embedding the image in the further process from the cart up to the billing e-mail

setup of static items (motif database)

query to define whether an image is to be used as a motif or an example

option to enter the picture sizes (different options)

calculation of the prices and embedding of the prices to the following steps from the cart up to the billing e-mail


End date: [url removed, login to view]

completion of a module for calculation of product weight and shipping costs

installation of the payment options

set up of a home page

set up of product pages (transfer of data from the existing site) and creation of product pages for the motiv database (3 pages as an example)

set up of a cross-selling product "picture frame", taking over the size of the picture put in the cart before


End date: [url removed, login to view]

completion of the theme in its final version


End date: [url removed, login to view]


set up of the general terms and conditions, of the return policy and other changes to meet German law

set the language to German

changes in the tax module for the small business regulation (Kleinunternehmerregelung)

adapting the processes during the sale (e.g. required fields)


End date: [url removed, login to view]

the new online store moves to the client's server, including set up of encryption (https)

review of the "magento pre launch checklist"

review of the "google webmaster guidelines"

technical inspection (e.g. ability to update, code injection, etc.)

set up of backups, and the sandbox

delivery of the documentation

Installation of the German language pack

If the service provider is not German speaking, the online store will be set up in English. Before the final approval, it must be switched to German.

Date of delivery

The entire online store is to be completed and published as quickly as possible, but no later than the end of September 2012 (Christmas sales). The exact date of delivery is given by the offer of the service provider.


The payment will be made via the platform vWorker after the entire project is complete and approved by the client. If the specified date of delivery is not met, the payable amount shall be reduced by 10% of the original sum for every week exceeded.


All rights to the newly created online store, including all source code and documentation are transferred to the client at the moment of payment (excluding the magento store software itself).

Skills: Amazon Web Services, CSS

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