3D game written in Java using OpenGL and LWJGL

by jadam12
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I've started as a personal interest this project on a sidetrack and so far I'm working on optimization to increase the rendering speed. It is a cube-based 3D game, I plan to include exploration, fighting, crafting, maybe factions, quests and such but so far it is in a very initial stage. The map in this stage is flat, the sky is simple too, there is no collision-detection implemented yet but moving in 3D world works well. Optimisation-wise only cubes the player is facing rendered within a defined rendering distance to increase efficiency but it is not yet enough. I want to achieve a stable 35+ FPS on a normal configuration of our days in any environment the player might be to make it enjoyable. I am working on making the software design as modular as possible to make it very well unit-testable.

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About Me

I'm an independent, objective oriented, quality focused person. I live my life consciously and try to make things the proper way. I'm a good team-player but can also work on my own without much hand-holding when needed. I learn fast and on my own, I got most of my knowledge and experience until know this way. I respect others and expect the same, I believe that is the foundation of any fruitful collaboration. I'm honest and take my responsibilities with due care and try to carry out my duties the best possible way. Started as a developer, recently been into some leadership (scrum master, team leader) and architecture (component guardian, test framework architect, reviewer) focus to enhance my abilities and perspectives when it comes to solve new challenges.

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