Object Oriented Programmer

by leonidasfengos
Object Oriented Programmer

Hello, every one, my name is Leonidas Fengos. I have worked in two software companies. In the first company, i made reports in Visual Studio with SQL Server. Also i did customization in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 and 2011. The reports and the customization were on Microsoft Technology. In the second company i was trained in Delphi 7 and wrote code in Object Pascal. I was optimizing code and developing projects (with help). Also i was training in Structure Analysis and learning on that with Delphi 7. Specialties For ten years i write code, but the last seven years i write code in object oriented programming in .NET Framework. My academic works were based in programming in C,C++,C# for academic computer programs. My first final academic work was in C# in .NET Framework 3.5. My second final academic work was in C# in .NET Framework 4.0. This period i develop software in .NET Framework.

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