by vladungureanu
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A 6WD rover controlled by a SBC(RoBoard) and 3 Arduinos. I have used hobby components, chinese connectors and other electrical parts, 30 years old used Sony and military russian components. The video camera is a dual Arecont CCD day/night, 3MPix/1.3MPix made in USA. Unfortunately it send over MJPEG compression and it uses 5-6 Mbps at 1fps/3Mpix. I have spent a few months to build and optimize the DC/DC convertors. Other 2 projects showed me that the DC/DC convertors have a crucial role in the power usage. The software is done on WinXP programmed in C# and the Arduino IDE. The robot is controlled by a webpage, it is working on every device which has on it JavaScript. On the robot an web-server is working and another software which handles the socket connections between the client and the main computer. I spent some good hundred hours to get the software up and running. It was very hard to correct the errors. Expect some minor bugs which will be solved very soon everything is working.

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About Me

I'm a technology addict which is currently a student at Jacobs University Bremen pursuing a BSc in Computer Science. I have chosen this domain because all my life I was passionate about how things work in a computer and how can I make software be integrated better and better in our everyday life. In my spare time I specialize myself in C/C++ for AVRs, C#, PHP and MySql. Currently I am registered in the Robotics Club, CS Club and in the IT Committee. Ares of expertise: C/C++, AVR programming - Expert C#, PHP, MySql, CAD design for PCBs - Advanced

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