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How freelancing can help in hard times

The world of work has dramatically changed, and freelancing is the solution for workers and employers alike
May 1, 2020 • 3 minute read
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Now is the time to take hold of the opportunity presented by freelancing

Mandatory lockdown, due to COVID-19, has affected peoples’ jobs and unemployment is a pressing concern for everybody. However, freelancing has proven to be a great opportunity for employers and freelancers to start working from home and to continue receiving an income these days.
Some of us may never have considered hiring a freelancer or working as one, but it can be the beginning of a great experience to get that project done and for freelancers to showcase their skills.
So, let’s take advantage of the technological resources we all have at home and give yourself the chance to start working remotely. From virtual assistants to software developers, every kind of professional is just waiting to be hired.

There are no limits in telecommuting

You might be wondering what kind of work you'll be able to perform, but the answer is easier than you might think. For instance, if you enjoy writing and transcribing texts, you could find employers looking for customers who want their article edited or need a ghostwriter to help them write a book or short stories.
Besides, everybody needs help and sometimes employers don't have the time to transcribe a large amount of text in a short time. So, they'll post projects looking for someone who likes typing and has great typing speed. What about being good at typing and with Excel? Well, the opportunity of finding a freelance job as a transcriber and a data entry clerk is wide open.

Find all the possibilities with Freelancer

Another possibility is that you are considering being an entrepreneur. You want to start your own company and need a logo and a slogan, as well as a website for your company. Well, stop thinking where and how, because at you will find graphic and web designers just waiting to be hired for your project.
Although, people may think they do not have what it takes to be a freelancer or to be part of, the truth is that you just need to start being part of this community and show how skillful you are in that field you like, including in those you never thought working on.
For instance, when I was doing my masters thesis in teaching foreign languages, I found out that I like transcribing audio and video contents, so I decided to give myself a chance in that field.
I started by offering my services as a video content transcriber. The results were very interesting and the content to transcribe not only brought work to do but new things to learn during the process. We never know what benefit this product and kind of service can bring to employers. They may need these texts to have scripts for a website or subtitles for the same videos, the options are endless and you will be part of a great experience.

Open up to an alternative resource

Undoubtedly, the first thing we might be tempted to think when going through a rough situation is that there are no good outcomes, but the evolution of technology and the worldwide web offers us an incredible opportunity. So, start asking yourself these questions: Could I expand my job worldwide? Do I have work to be done and need to find a skilled professional for the job? What do I enjoy doing apart from my job? Could I make that activity profitable? I would say that the answer for these questions is, definitely, yes.
Therefore, I want to invite you to browse and sign up at; explore the endless possibilities, enjoy your time at home getting help for that project you haven not completed or working in those activities you are good at to help others. Start working from home and make it profitable.
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