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Your complete guide to hiring a programmer 15 of the best software development tools for 2019

The best tools for code source control

If you don't have complete control over your code, things can get pretty ugly fast. Here are some of the best source control tools on the market.
Jun 28, 2019 • 4 minute read
Updated on Jan 23, 2020 by Adam S.
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Version control is particularly important if you have multiple software developers on a project

Version control or source code control is essential to track the changes made to code. This is especially useful when problems pop up when there is more than one developer working on or changing source coding. Using version control allows developers to track back through the changes and revert to a previous version.
Source code management allows multiple developers working on a project to separate their work using branches that shows who makes what changes. You can view work history, use and manage code and revert to previous versions.
Software used to control versions saves changes in one place so if you make a mistake you can undo it or track back to find where another developer has made a mistake to resolve it.
There are many software version control tools available and you should choose the one that works best for you and your company.
Here are some of the best tools on the market.

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Git takes a different approach than CVS or SVN and is a distributed version control system that is fast and efficient. It is open source software that is free and has an easy to use interface. 
Designed to operate on the Linus kernel, it does not have a central server so may not suit individual developers or small teams if using a non-repository computer. There are workarounds for this but it may slow you down.
Benefits of GIT include:
supports multiple workflowshas cheap local branchingconvenient staging areasdata assurancefull history tree available when working offlineis a distributed, peer-to-peer model.


GitHub was specifically built for developers to control code versions and is a web-based Git repository. It is open source software you can use in the cloud or on a private server, and improves team collaboration
It has Git’s functionality for source code management and distributed revision control but GitHub has a different set of features and functionalities.
GitHub benefits include:
built in code review toolsprotected branchestrack changes to codetask managementmultiple workflowslocal branchingmobile integrationfeature requestssigned commitsaccess authentication and granular permissions using SAML/SSO an LDAPlimit access to only team members who need itconvenient staging areaschanges and new code have high visibility as they are highlighted to make it easy to compare versions side-by-sidewikis for hosting documentation for your repository, which makes it simple for other developers to access to contribute to the project. 


GitLab “is a single application developed for the entire DevOps lifecycle from project planning and source code management up to CI/CD monitoring.” It has a lot of useful features such as a project website and you can use it either on the cloud or on your own server.
Benefits of GitLab include:
it reduces manual workautomatically links stages and silos when you make changesaudit managementsand continuous deliveryrepository mirroring for access to repositories on a different serverunit testingsource code managementcycle analyticscode review for line-by-line evaluationallows teams of developers to work together from remote locationsdeploys more often for better-quality code that is more predictable and is easier to troubleshoot.


Beanstalk is browser or cloud-based which makes it ideal for developers working remotely. It allows developers to write; review; commit; and deploy code using a web browser. You can also add files, edit and create branches.
It is customizable and has deployments in many environments so you can move code to individual or multiple servers at the same time.
Benefits of Beanstalk include:
it supports Git and SVNbuilt-in analyticsbranch level permissions for teams and individual developersuses two-level encryption for securitybuilt-in integrationsuses releases to let team members know what changes are made and whenintegrates with messaging platforms and email.

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Concurrent Versions Systems
Concurrent Versions Systems (CVS) is open source software first developed in 1986 and distributed under a GNU licence. It is one of the oldest, most mature source code management systems available. What sets CVS apart from other version control systems is its ability to run scripts when logging in. CVS run scripts allows developers working remotely to work as an integrated team and can also enforce site policies.
CVS benefits include:
keeps a snapshot of historical dataruns scriptsclient server repository modelhas cross-platform supportmultiple developers can work on a project at the same timea modules database that uses symbolic name mappingteams can merge code changeskeep copies updated with an Update commandanonymous read accessdelta compression for efficient storagemultiple branches.
Apache Subversion
Apache Subversion or SVN is an open source version control system originally created 20 years ago and distributed under an Apache licence. It is an alternative to CVS but remains compatible with it.
Benefits of SVN include:
history trackinginventory managementworkflow managementatomic operations to prevent database corruptioncheap local branchingaccess controls for userssecurity managementdedicated server approachmultiple team members can work on a project simultaneouslysimple to usea huge range of plug-ins for IDEs.


Bitbucket is a code source management system for professional developers. You can deploy it on the cloud or a local server. Created by Atlassian you can use it free for up to five users so you can try before buying. It is a single platform for teams to plan, collaborate, test, and deploy code when working on a project.
Benefits of Bitbucket include:
integrated with Trello and Jirastreamlines writing, testing and deploying code through integrated built-in continuous deliveryunlimited free private repositories for teams with fewer than five membersfast feedback loopspull requestsin-line commenting and discussions in code reviewIP whitelistingtwo-step verification for user accessaccess control for usersintegrated CI/CDpermissions for branches.


These are among the best source control management systems for developers. But you have to choose the one that will work best for you. Consider use, purpose and affordability when making the best decision for your team.
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